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If you are reading this story it means that you are one of us who lust SAKSHI like most of the people. Some may have such feeling and will not express and some will express through a different identity, In the end what we all do is fantasizing her. She deserves such following not only because of her status but for lustiness in her which makes us drain our cum. As she is not an actresses to get more sexy pics daily, In that case we used to fapp for her old pics again and again. This story is just another way that we can fapp for her with a new feeling. I hope you guys will love this one. all credit goes to writer

Sakshi Fucked by hardick on her Birthday

(This story is inspired by her birthday party in 2018)

Note: It’s just a fantasy story, please feel it in that way only.

Don’t mind if any sentence or word hurts anyone.

It’s Sakshi Birthday, she turns 30. As age is just a number, her body is in great shape since she gives important to her physical fitness. She is maintaining a perfect figure and her body measurements are 34-30-36 Inches. Bra Size 34B, Hip Size 36 Inches, Waist Size 30 Inches.

On the occasion of her birthday She brought in the big day by throwing a lavish party for her close friends from the sports and entertainment industry, which was hosted by her husband doni at a five star hotel. And hardick is the only cricketer in that.

Sakshi’s appearance at that party is an eye feast to all the men out there that night. She is wearing a purple color tight dress where we can see her shapes clearly. She is looking like a pure slut. Her Ass is in great shape than it is in the past and she even exposed a glimpse of her boobs just to tease her friends and it is like a return gift from her to friends.

As we know hardick is a playboy as he might have fucked many girls and had crush on Sakshi as well from many days. He never miss an opportunity to touch her and feel her body heat. He did it many times carefully without getting caught. By the time he enters the party that night his eyes are on Sakshi only. He is starring at her all the time. She looks more than sexy ever before. He is getting hard by seeing Sakshi in that dress and can’t able to resist. He went to Mahi first and then to Sakshi. He stands in front of her and just constantly looking at her face without talking anything. Then Sakshi greets him first.

Sakshi: Hello, hardick. How long have you been coming? hardick still didn’t responded and still looking at her.

Sakshi: hardick!!! What happened? Why are you not talking anything? (She said with bit loud voice)

hardick: Hey I am sorry!! I am just thinking something I didn’t hear your words. Sakshi: It’s ok hardick. How long have you been coming?

hardick: It’s just few minutes. I went to Mahi and came to you now. Oh I forget to say Happy Birthday Sakshi!

Sakshi: Thank you hardick. I missed you soo much. It’s been a while since we catch up each other.

hardick: Yeah Sakshi and I missed you too. I just getting realized what I missed. Sakshi: Aah, what you realized?

hardick: Nothing I missed those funny moments I had with you and Mahi.

Sakshi: Hah. Ok hardick enjoys the party I will be back soon. There are some more guests to receive.

hardick: It’s ok carry-on Sakshi.

While she is going he called her back and asks for a selfie. Sakshi smiles and came back, hardick takes a selfie with Sakshi and she went. hardick zoomed that pic and looks at her boobs. His dick rises once again seeing her cleavage. hardick madly in love with Sakshi and wants to fuck her at any cost.

Party started and Sakshi was enjoying with her closest friends during the party, their came a time when her girl gang broke out with dance in the middle of the floor. hardick stays at a corner and enjoying her dance moves and thinking how to trap her. Sakshi saw hardick standing alone and call her to join with them. hardick feels happy and went to her and they start dancing. hardick intentionally touching Sakshi body, he grabs her waist while dancing and touch her hip. It’s feel soo good for him now. After the dance they started singing and place his hand on her bare shoulder and feeling her body directly. Sakshi is in party mood and not at all noticing anything. Later on they had the cake cutting and again hardick stands behind Sakshi just to have a nice view of her butt. Later on they had dinner and drinks all the time hardick moving around Sakshi and whenever he gets a chance he is getting closer to her by making a random conversation.

Everyone at the party is having drinks even Sakshi had couple. doni also started to have a drink then hardick joined him and made him consumed more than his limit. With the time passes one by one are leaving the party and almost everyone left other than few close friends. Sakshi is too tired and want to take rest so her friends also planning to go somewhere to hangout. she wants to stay back at the hotel to take some rest. When she came in doni is fully intoxicated and unsteady on his feet, hardick helping him to stand at the party hall. By seeing that Sakshi also helps him and thanked hardick and requested him to help her carry Mahi to their hotel room. (I know doni don’t drunk in real life, it’s just for story sake). They carried him to the hotel room and put him on his bed in his bedroom and they came out and sat on the sofa in the living area. hardick feels this as his life time opportunity to have Sakshi.

From now on narrating from Sakshi point of view

hardick started talking about my dress and said that I wore very nice cloths today and is looking so nice and gives extra charming to my personality which has already extra grace full. I

felt shy for a while and then said thanks to him. Then he said how Mahi is lucky that he has found so nice, beautiful, gorgeous and so sexy wife. I found myself once again in an embarrassing position and told him “hardick what are you talking today, you have never talked like this before.” Then he said you mean that I should have talked it before. No I don’t mean like this but I consider you as my brother, and hardick you have so nice and beautiful girl friend. “But not like you”-he replied. Then he turned the conversation towards his personal life saying that “I do have many girl friends and I do had sex with many of them but when I seen you for the first time I lost my mind. You know you are such a gorgeous lady Sakshi”. I was surprised that how hardick is talking today? He proceed his conversation and told me that he wants to talked with me on this topic from long but he had not get chance for it.

I was now fully confused and want to leave. So told him that I should go now I was so tired and want to take rest but he request me not to leave him alone and I stayed there I don’t know why? He started saying about his sexual life and I started to feel nervous as hardick was talking about sex and I was feeling lightheaded. I felt for the first time that something might happen. Suddenly he moved near to me as we seated on a sofa, and I became astonished when he grabbed me from my waist and put his mouth on mine. My whole body tensed as hardick warm lips touched mine. As I started to turn around hardick grabbed me in a powerful way. I was trying to escape from his grip but truly not from my heart. He was kissing my lips passionately and his hands were on my breast rubbing them gently. I was really in double minded at that time, that what should I do? I was feeling this rush of sexual tension like I never felt in my life but at the same time I knew it was wrong. At first I resisted but it was surprisingly feeling good. I tried to pull back but his power made it impossible, As hardick lips were pressed tight against mine, I started to feel a hot sensation deep within.

I responded him unintentionally. He warmly licked my mouth as I was fighting for some sort of control. I didn’t kissing back but I was not stopping him either. He was passionately sucking and licking inside my mouth as I was losing control. I always liked hardick, whenever I seen him during matches or when we met outside I liked his presence and even when he touches me I feel some sensations and maybe there was this passion. I was feeling nice. When our tongues met it sent a shock wave shivering through my body. I was beginning to lose control of my power. I passionately licked his tongue back as we started to deeply kiss each other and I forgot all about Mahi or anything else as I was so turned on by this incredible sensation. Nothing else was on my mind but this powerful kiss. As he pulled his tongue from my lips I muttered that I’m married and shouldn’t do this. But he was not hearing me. I wanted to stop him but couldn’t and he re-entered his tongue into my mouth as we started to kiss wildly again. After some time he made his way down my neck. I again told hardick to stop.

hardick magically licked my neck and ears. His hands were on my breasts and he was rubbing and massaging them. Now this was out of my control.

I again tried to pull myself from this but by this time he had moved his hand in my dress and touching my boobs directly as I’m not having any bra, I asked him once again that hardick this is sufficient, and we should stop it. Later he started undressing me. He pushed my dress down and released my tight tits. He kneel down and took one of my erected nipples into his mouth and sucking them hard. hardick lifted me off the ground and held me as he continued to suck my tits. He laid me on couch. He took off my dress totally. My mind is totally blank when I am thinking about what is happening and what is going to happen. But the feel of being nude  in front of another guy other than Mahi giving some positive vibes in the body.

hardick parted my legs and started licking my pussy. I could not believe I was letting hardick to lick my pussy. I again whispered that I couldn’t do this I cannot cheat on Mahi. He didn’t replied and licking me deeply as my pussy was on fire. It was too incredible, and pleasurable, which I had never felt like this before in all my sexual life. Now it was not in my control and my tight little cunt and whole body was burning and I grabbed hardick head and was burying his face into my wet cave and I started moaning. Would I let another man’s rock hard cock enter my cunt where I have never imagined letting any other man cock? But hardick was sending my body into a sexual frenzy as his face was buried into my pussy. hardick experienced as he knew exactly what a woman wanted. I felt nervous excitement as I knew exactly where this was leading and I realized I was losing the battle.

Later hardick came up and puts his dick on my head and wanted me to suck it but I refused. Still he forces me to do it. hardick was fully erected and he had the biggest dick I could ever imagine. It was 8 inches long and thick bigger than Mahi. After some argument I agreed. I kissed and licked his cock for a while and then I opened my mouth as far as I could and took it in. hardick moaned in delight as I was fulfilling his desire. I moved my head front and back trying to mouth fuck this man. I hadn’t had much experience in this area. As I continued to slide his huge cock in and out of my mouth hardick continued to tell me to suck his dick. I was sucking his dick which was now so excited and pleasurable experience for me and my hand went to my pussy which was begging for more. I knew now that I was going to get fucked by hardick it was really totally a new experience for me as I had never sucked Mahi’s cock as he never asked for it.

hardick sensed my urgency and pulled his monstrous from my mouth. And I fell back and eagerly spread my legs. He was rubbing his cock against my pussy lips. I knew what he was doing. He was not giving it to me unless I begged. I had a fire inside my cunt that only a long, hard cock could give. He knew that well. So I started to beg and cry for his cock. I took his cock and put it on my pussy hole saying stop it and insert this in me. hardick inserted his cock head in my cunt as it was too wet but due to his bigger cock I felt little pain. Aaaaa aahhhh…big and loud noises poured out of my lips but as Mahi is in deep sleep so no problem. hardick then grabbed my legs and held them up as he slid his dick further in my cunt. He had to pull back and push forward a couple of times to stretch my tight cunt. I was screaming with pain as hardick vibrating eight inches cock easily deeper into my hole. My legs were straight up in the air and my fingernails dug into hardick’s hips. As he pumping all of his 8 inches rock hard into my cunt hole. He was slowly pulling his dick front and back.

He was fucking me strongly and I was feeling his hard rock cock in my depth of my cunt. I also start having pleasure and started jumping under him. hardick reopened my cunt with his rock solid 8-inch cock. He pumped me fast and hard. hardick fucked for a long time and was now looking tired, so he could not control my legs anymore. As we were doing all this in the couch so my feet were planted on the ground. I was now in full control of him so he asked me to ride on him now. And this was the last desire of mine that I want ride on him. He pulled out his cock from my pussy and lay on his back and I climbed on top of him. By now my shyness and loyalty to Mahi was gone. I caught his 8-inch cock in my hand and guided it on my pussy hole. My proud pussy took in his 8-inch pole in one stroke. I bounced so hard I thought this thick rod was going to tear me in half. I was jumping on him; I took him in even farther than when he was on top on me. I couldn’t keep up anymore the massive size of his cock was getting the best of me and I was slowing down. hardick put his hands on my butt and started to pull me down deep onto his dick. That was very nice and I was crying for deep and hard fuck from hardick. My breasts were jumping up and down which he caught by his hand and squeezed them.

That was my thrust for fuck as I have been not fuck like this from long. Then he asked me to turn and he came just behind me and put his dick in my wet pussy he inserted his cock in my pussy from my ass side. Now he was fucking me from behind with his full power and I was bearing his all-powerful stroke very happily as he was really giving me the greatest pleasure of my life. Now we both were too exhausted and I asked him to finish it. And he increased his rhythm of stroking. After few minutes he and I both came together. He filled my pussy with his heavy load. We lay there for a while and were kissing each other. This time I was kissing him with lot of love because he gave me lot of pleasure the pleasure that Mahi had nerved give me in my whole life. After some time I asked him to leave now. I was hardly able to move due to hard fuck. When he was leaving he hugged me tight and kissed me.

wait for part 2

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