Rough Sex Rider

Hi there everyone! I am a 21 year old Pakistani girl born and bred in the UK. I have an asian boyfriend he is Rough Sex Rider and 7 years older than me. He took my virginity and taught me everything I know about sex. I never realised I had such a high sex drive (especially for the kinky shit) before I met him.

My vital statistics are 34-26-34, I have long brown hair down to my ass, brown eyes and I love to wear figure hugging clothes. My boyfriend and I are complete opposites, my family is rich and very well respected, he is a complete gangster. I’d never tried drugs until he gave them to me.

I was only 18 at the time of the incident. The day I lost my virginity started like any other. We were just chilling out, smoked a few joints… I think he’d had enough of waiting for me to be ready for sex. He started kissing me really hard and rubbing his hands all over my body, so I backed off being quite surprised as he’d never been like this with me before. Then suddenly he just said, “Take your clothes off.” I just looked at him and said, “I don’t think so.” Then looking quite angry he said, “Take your fuckin clothes off you bitch.” I didn’t move and I didn’t say anything. Then he came forward and started pulling at my clothes. By now I was getting quite worried that it didn’t look like he was about to give up. Then he threw me on the bed on my stomach and lay on top of me so that I couldn’t move. A the same time he was pulling my trousers down and I couldn’t do anything to stop him because I’m very petite and he’s much bigger than I am.

My trousers were down and suddenly I could feel him pushing from behind, I wasn’t sure what was happening. Then he turned me over and started shoving his big cock in me from the front. I was in so much pain because it was my first time, I was telling him, “You’re hurting me,” but he ignored me and just carried on anyway. Then he pushed really hard and his whole cock was inside me, my hymen was torn and the pain was excruciating and almost unbearable. He pushed my top and bra up in a very rough manner and started to rub, pinch and massage my tits. Then he bent over and started sucking them, he bit my nipples making me scream a little. While he was sucking on one nipple he was pinching the other one. He got up again and this time put his fingers in my mouth and said, “Let me see you suck ’em you bitch.” He was shoving his fingers so far down my throat I was almost choking. Then while his fingers were still in my mouth he leant over and started to kiss me shoving his tongue in my mouth aswell.

He was riding me really hard, taking his cock all the way out and then pushing it all the way back in. It was almost as though I could feel his cock in my stomach. Suddenly he picked me up, turned me over and bent me over a table and started banging me from behind. He grabbed my hair and was pulling it with one hand, while the other hand was rubbing my tits and all the time he was swearing at me, saying, “Fuckin bitch, you like that don’t you? You’re a fuckin bitch… what are you…? A fuckin’ bitch.” Thnbspe lifted my hips up so that my feet weren’t even touching the ground and started fucking me really hard. By now even I was enjoying the roughness of it all. Then suddenly he said, “I’m gonna cum…” and nbsp I felt his body tense up and tnbsp last few strokes he gave me were like heaven. They were fast, hard and filled up the whole of my insides.

He came inside me and then took his cock out, turned me around and the rest of his cum went all over my tits and stomach.

Ever since my first experience, if it ain’t rough I don’t like it or want it. I love dressing up for him in high heels and stockings. Now I can ride him even harder than he rides me and as time goes on it just gets better and better..

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