Railgardi Main Chudai

At 5.50 p.m. on a hot May evening Railgardi Main Chudai I was sitting on the lower berth of a coupe compartment in the first class air conditioned coach of a train scheduled to depart in ten minutes time. I was undertaking this over night journey to attend a business meeting. Who am I? Yes I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sahebji, this is not my given name but everyone including my parents calls me by it. Anyway what is in a name. I am 6 feet tall slim and quite handsome and by profession a freelance commercial artist.

The incident I am about to narrate took place many years back. The upper berth was still empty. I was wondering who would be my travel companion when the conductor arrived with a lady and pointed to the upper berth and said “Madam this is the only berth not occupied if you want I can allot it to you, this gentleman is also traveling to your destination”. The lady looked around the compartment and seeing me she hesitated but said “Oh I must get there by morning. Okay I will take it” and left with the conductor. Soon she was back carrying her vanity case and accompanied by a coolie, who stowed away her luggage. The train started to move as she settled down.

I was sitting next to the window and she sat down on the other end of the berth and took out a bestseller and started to read. I must tell you about her. She was about 24 years old, beautiful, tall, slim, very fair with long hair tastefully done up in a bun behind her head. She wore a sky blue chiffon sari with matching blouse, matching bindi and sandals. Her sari was wrapped tightly round her body showing all her curves to their best advantage, the pallu (the upper end of the sari) was pulled tightly across her firm boobs. Her boobs were not very large but the right size for her physique.

From the sindoor in her hair it was evident that she was married. She had a double pearl string around her neck, which enhanced the beauty of her swan like neck, pearl tops and a diamond ring on her fingers. She looked educated and seemed to belong to upper middle class and moving in good society. To me she seemed like Miss World and Miss Universe both rolled in one. Seeing her beautiful face I wondered how beautiful her choot would be and I got an instant hard on. I introduced my self and we talked on many subjects. Our conversation was in English. She was easy to talk to and was quite at ease during the whole time. During our conversation I found out that her name was Kiran, she was married for four years, had no children, her husband had gone abroad for two months training and she had spent this time visiting with her parents. Her husband was to return at 2 a.m. tonight and she was returning to her husband’s home to be with him. She could not get a berth on yesterday’s train therefore had to travel today. (This apparently was the reason she had agreed to share a coupe with a male fellow passenger).

While we were talking the coach attendant came to make the beds. We went out in the corridor. She stood near me and I could smell the perfume, which she had used, in the right measure. This did not do any good to my hard on. After the attendant had finished making the beds he took our order for dinner and told us that he will serve it at around 9 p.m. in the compartment. We said okay and he left. We returned to our seats. I sat down as before near the window but Kiran instead of sitting at the far end of the berth sat down near the middle and we continued or conversation.

At about 7 p.m. I opened my ‘travel bar’. I offered her a drink apologizing that apart from scotch and cognac I could not offer her anything else. She said it was all right and she would love to join me and opted for scotch. I poured out the drinks and we settled back to enjoy them. While I had finished half a glass, Kiran had emptied her glass. When I started to refresh her drink she took the bottle from my hand and made herself a stiff drink, which she started to gulp. Not wanting to be stuck with an intoxicated woman all night I advised her to drink slowly. She said don’t worry I will not embarrass you as I am quite used to drinking at parties. When the attendant brought dinner she had had four drinks to mine two. She had been right the scotch had no visible effect on her. We ate our dinner. After dinner we sipped some cognac.

When the attendant came to collect the dishes he asked when would we like the morning tea to be served. I asked him at what time would we reach our destination. He said at 7.30 a.m. Would tea at 7 a.m. be all right or would you prefer it earlier? I asked Kiran. She said 7 O’clock was fine with her. At 10 p.m. I told her it was time to go to bed. I further suggested that I will go out to smoke a cigarette and in the meanwhile she could change into her nightclothes if she so desired. After 15 minutes I returned to the compartment. Except for a small glow of the night lamp the compartment was in darkness.

I thought that Kiran had gone to sleep and I softy opened the door and entered. I was surprised to see Kiran lying flat on her back with legs slightly apart and her arm across her face on the lower berth. Dear Readers you can imagine what was the effect on my cock seeing her in this posture. You are right I again got a hard on. I called out her name softly but she did not reply. I touched her on the arm and said “Kiran tumhara berth uper wala hai tum wahan leto (Kiran the upper berth is yours, you lie there)”. Without removing her arm she said “Uun tum uper let jao (Uun you lie on the top)”. This remark of hers gave me the opening I was looking for all evening. I quickly lay down on top of her with my standing cock pushing between her parted legs and started to make fucking motions. She did not protest or raise an alarm but opened her legs a little more making it easier for my lund to reach her choot.

Opening her eyes and removing her arm she said softly ” Aap yeh kya kar rahe hain? (What are you doing?)”. “Jo tumne kaha tha wahi kar raha hoon uper let gaya hoon (I am doing what you said I am lying on top)”. Now confident of fucking her I started squeezing her tits and kissing her. At first she did not respond but after a few kisses she started kissing me back and soft moans of pleasure escaped her. I whispered “Kiran aise mazaa nahin aayega hum apne kapre uttar lain (Kiran we will not enjoy this way let us take off our clothes)”. “Please batti band kar do mujhe sharam aati hai (Please switch off the light I feel embarrassed)”. I switched off the night-light and quickly undressed and watched her taking her clothes off in the little light that filtered through the door curtain and the window. When I saw that she had pulled off her panties, I suddenly switched on the main light of the compartment.

With a small squeak she jumped into my arms and said “Batti kyon jaladi? (Why did you switch on the light?)”. I said “Tera khoobsoorat badan dekhne ko (To see your beautiful body)”. Kissing her I slowly led her to the berth and laid her down. As expected her body was very pretty without any blemish of any sort. Her choot looked freshly shaved and had a glow to it. In order not attract undue attention I switched off the main compartment light leaving the reading light on and lay down next to her and placed her hand on my standing cock. “Aapka lund tau bahut bara hai mere mard ka iss se kafi chota hai (Your cock is very large my husbands is much smaller)”. I kissed her and took her now erect clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and pressed it. She said a loud Oh and bucked her bottoms against my hand. I continued to press it and slowly moved my fingers into her wet choot and started to finger fuck her. When I drew my finger outwards she raised her choot to keep the finger from withdrawing. She continued to moan with pleasure and started to pull me by my cock on top of her. I mounted her but did not attempt to enter her choot instead I rubbed my lund up and down in her wet slit, from her clit to her fuck hole and back. She kept moaning and groaning with pleasure and muttering “Oh Sahebji oh Sahebji”.

“Sahebji mujhe iss tereh kyon sata rahe ho please apna lund meri choot main dal kar mujhe chodo (Sahebji why are you teasing me like this please put your cock in my cunt and fuck me)”. I started to insert my cock into her dripping choot “Oh oh jara dhire dhire lag raha hai (Oh oh little slowly it is hurting) she requested. When I was fully in her I found her choot to be quite tight for a woman who had been married for four years and used to regular fucking. Apparently her statement that the cock of her husband was smaller than mine was correct. I slowly moved in and out. After a few strokes she let out a loud sigh and released her cuntal juices wetting my prodder. I maintained my slow rhythm and soon her hips were moving with my strokes. Her breath was coming in gasps and her back arched pressing her choot to my body. It was not long before she came again. Without missing a stroke I continued till I felt my seed rising and my strokes became faster and harder. She started saying “Haan aise hee chodo, haan jor se, thora aur jor haan haan oh ohhhh (Yes fuck me like this, yes harder, yes still harder oh ohhhh)” and came yet again and fell back exhausted. At this moment I also spurted my cum in her fuck hole. When my lund lost its stiffness I withdrew and lay down next to her.

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked. Oh it was heavenly she said adding that she was glad that her prayers had been answered. Not understanding what she meant I asked her to clarify. She took my cock in her hand and manipulating it said you already know that I had been without a cock for two months and was looking forward to being fucked by my husband tonight. I had also shaved my choot that morning, as my husband does not like hair on it.

Therefore I was feeling very horny. While conversing with you I saw your perpetual hard on and my choot started to drip. I therefore decided not to wait till tomorrow but to get fucked by you tonight. I did not, however know how to go about it. I thought you would make a pass at me but you did not. When you offered me a drink I immediately accepted hoping to drown my inhibitions in alcohol and be able to give some suggestive hints. But this also did not help, as I could not overcome my maidenly shyness. When you suggested that it was time to go to bed I was very disappointed.

That is why I was lying the way I was when you came back. Then you asked me to shift to my berth without thinking and out of frustration I made that remark. I actually meant for you to take the upper berth but thank god you misread my meaning and lay down on top of me. Rest you know. I was very happy that you had taken the initiative and as I said my prayers had been answered. I told her that I had wanted to fuck her from the moment I had laid my eyes on her.

Your freshly shaved pussy was very pretty and then confided in her that I love deflowering young hairless virgin choots and her choot was tight like a recently fucked virgin. She said I should be careful while plucking the cherry of young hairless virgin choots as I could kill them with my big laura. Your lund is not a lund but a weapon. I laughed and said until now my laura had cherries of many hairless virgins to its name and none had died but all had enjoyed themselves. The conversation and Kirans handling of my lund had made it stiff again. I mounted her again and we enjoyed a long slow satisfying fuck. Then we lay back to rest and fell asleep. When I got up the train was standing at a station. I looked at my watch and saw that I had not slept more than 20 minutes. I slowly removed her arm, which was holding me round my chest and pushed her flat on her back. Kiran was fast asleep.

I got down on my knees and put my mouth on her cunt and commenced to lick it and suck her clit. She got up with a start and not knowing what was happening she gave a small scream. Realizing it was me she said “Rukna nahin bahut achha lag raha hai aur chaato aur chooso meri choot ko (Don’t stop it is lovely continue to lick and suck my cunt)”. I had no intention of stopping and continued to lick and suck her choot with new vigor. She pressed her choot to my mouth and placed her hands on the back of my head guiding me to her sensuous spots. She was coming non-stop like a waterfall. After some time she cried “Sahebji ab ruk jao mujhse aur saha nahin jata main mar jauingi please stop (Sahebji please stop I can’t bear it any more I will die please stop)”.

I however continued till I saw she was exhausted from cumming. I realeased her clit from my mouth and lay down next to her. Sahebji that was fantastic she said I did not know that there was so much pleasure to be experienced from pussy eating. No one has ever licked my cunt before this is my first time. My husband only kisses me and sometimes sucks my boobs and fucks me in the missionary position. “Jaan abhi tau kayi aur cheezain seekhni hain tumne (Darling you have to learn many more new things)”. I replied. She looked at me with questioning eyes. I said “Jaan abhi tau tumne mere laure ko choos kar isska amrit peena hai aur mere lund ki apni gaand se moolakat karani hai (Darling you have yet to suck my cock and drink its elixir and to introduce my cock to your ass hole)”. “Yeh karna zaroori hai (Is it necessary to these)” She asked. “Karna tau hai (You have to)” I insisted.

“How can I refuse you and your lund anything after the pleasures you both have given me” she said. “Bolo jaan pahele mera lund choosogi ya pahele gaand marwaogi aur phir lund choosogi (Tell me darling will you first suck my cock or shall I fuck your gaand first and then you like to suck my cock)” I asked. She thought for a second and decided to suck my cock first. She must have thought that to suck a cock freshly out of her choot was a much better bargain than a cock freshly out of her ass hole. I asked her to kneel in front of me and start sucking. At first her teeth hurt me but I instructed her and soon she got the hang of it and sucked my cock like an experienced cocksucker. Soon I told her I was about to release my load and holding her head warned her to swallow each and every drop of it without spilling any. Soon I started spurting my-cum in her mouth. She tried to remove her head but my firm grip on it prevented it and she had to per force swallow or choke, she naturally swallowed. After I had finished cumming and my cock lost its hardness without a word she got up and lay down on the berth. “Achha laga? (Did you like it?)” I inquired. She said it was her first time but I suppose I will get used to it.

We lay quietly for some time. I then reminded her that it was time to fuck her in the ass. Do you really want to do it? She asked. I nodded. “Bahut dard hogi kya? (Will it pain a lot?)”. She asked. “Teri paheli bar hai dard tau hogi lakin tere paas cream ya Vaseline ho tau dard kum hogi (It is your first time it will pain but if you have some cream or Vaseline then it will reduce the pain)” I replied. She said she had some Vaseline in her vanity case but did not make any move to fetch it. I waited for ten minutes or so then said softly jaan the Vaseline please. She got up in a huff and took out the Vaseline and placed it in my hand and said “Yeh rahi Vaseline aur yeh rahi meri gaand phard dalo iss ko (Here is the Vaseline here is my ass hole do as you like)”.

I took the Vaseline and placed Kiran in the ass fucking position with her bottoms sticking upwards. I first applied Vaseline on my cock then taking some of it by my fingers I rubbed it on her ass hole. Inserting my finger in the hole I applied the Vaseline inside the ass hole and moved my finger in rotary motion. She said this is nice. “Abhi tau mera lund baki hai (My cock is still to come)”. I replied. Placing my lund on the hole I applied little pressure. She opened her mouth to scream. I told her to bite on the pillow to avoid her screaming. I slowly pushed my cock in after initial resistance it entered and I started to fuck her in the ass hole. During this period she lay there groaning with pain and pleasure. After I had finished I lay down next to her and asked “Mazaa aaya? (Did you enjoy it?). “Pahele tau bahut dard hui phir thoda achha laga (First it hurt a lot then I liked it a little)” She replied.

I told her not worry she will get used to it and then she will really enjoy herself. She did not say anything. I had a feeling that all is not well. I asked her if she was all right. She said yes in a small voice. Do you know why I fucked you in the ass and made you suck my cock and drink my-cum? She said no. For many reasons one of them is I love doing it. They add variety there is no fun in just lying flat and fucking. Sure one enjoys it but there is no fun. Variety is the spice of love life. Another important reason is that if you suck the cock of your husband and let him fuck your ass then he will be your slave for life he will suck your cunt and do or buy anything you desire. She did not say anything but after some time she said you are right our sex life is quite monotonous. I must get my husband to do these things you have taught me. How will you manage it without revealing too much? Don’t worry I will manage it she said with a smile. Dear Reader a man is but a child before the guile of a woman. We fucked through the night in different positions with short rests in between to recharge our batteries. We also fucked on the upper berth to give it a ‘slept in look’. At 6.30 in the morning we called it a day or better said a night and she sucked my lund clean lovingly and got dressed.

The coach attendant brought our morning tea at 7 o’clock we sat sipping it. I gave her names of few books to read which would add spice to her sex life. She made a mental note of them. When we reached our destination she gathered her luggage and giving me a peck on my cheek and said goodbye and I hope you have made me pregnant I would love to have your child and she was gone. There was nothing left for me but to collect my belongings and leave carrying with me the memories of a pleasant train journey.


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