Pretty Chanda – Desi Sex Stories

I am 19 years old from Pakistan.I ‘ll tell you how I first
fucked a girl.I always love girls since i was a child. I love to see
their breasts and touch their asses. But I have no girlfriend to play
with.I was always very anxious of seeing a girl fully naked in front of
me.Once when I was in college I met a friend named Sajid and he told me
about heera mandi. I was aroused by what all he said to me. And was very
much impatient to go there..

Atlast the day came. I had enough money to go there with
my head held high. I heard it was too expensive for good I
arranged a good amount of money. I went to a house and asked to do
programme. their was one aunty she too had pretty huge breasts and
ass.She called out the girls ranging from 15-19.(that’s what i asked).
All the girls were pretty good but I was much interested on the smallest
one. She was 15. Her name was chanda.we both went to room and she locked
the room.And hugged me so hard that i felt on the bed nearby. I enjoyed
the hug.when her breasts were touching me.and i touched her ass from
behind.Then the real programme started….

After a little talk and smoke we both got up and chanda removed my
pant.I had my dick’s upper part shaved.. she touched it all around.I
liked it.. Then I took her kameez and pulled it up.she was wearing a
small bra underneathe. It was lookin cool.I simply grabbed it up and
kissed it.Then next I removed my shirt and she too removed her shalwar.
The first pussy I ever saw live in front of me I was like very much over
excited.I grabbed her up and fell on the bed and started kissing her
body from top to bottom offcourse halting at pussy. Then I held her in
my arms and took her up.and sat on sofa. There again I started the
french kiss.She too became excited and gave me full response. By the
time my dick was as hard as rock and became huge. I never saw my dick so
huge.. She grabbed it and pulled me to bed by it. and said put it in.
Then i pushed my dick in her pussy but it was’nt going. Then she said me
too spit on your dick or my pussy.I said her to spit on my dick she
spitted on her hand and grabbed my dick.I asked her to lick it but she
refused.(all in vain) .Anyhow then my dick ws pretty slippery to get in
her pussy.I brought my dick close to her pussy and slipped it in. It
went in in no time.. Like it was too hungry for that. Then I pressed a
little and it went in completly. Chanda made a little noise of ah ah but
then she was settled. Maybe she was hurting that moment.That moment my
mind was recaling all those scenes of movies which I had seen before and
was urging to do such steps.Then with my dick in her pussy I picked her
up (she was very light) and stood up and moved her front and back.

My hands were in her ass. I pushed my finger in her ass and went very far
then she pulled it out.Then again we went back on bed and the she sat on
me and move up and down that step was also nice I had to just lay and
kiss her breast evertime they come down…(not tiring atleast).. After
that the final time came I tried it alot not to come but who can stop it
..I pulled my dick out and asked her to shake.. she grabbed it and
shaked while she was also singing song. In no second I shooted all over
her hand.She did’nt lick it instead just cleaned it with a cloth.Then I
kissed her slowly by the time aunty called out and I asked aunty to have
bath with chanda. She asked for some more money and there I went for
bath too with her. We both were under one shower naked. I soaped her up
and she soaped me up.It went very soapy.Then I pissed out in front of
her and she kept looking. I asked her to drink it but no response.
Anyhow after bath we kissed each other vigouosly and came out. I good
byed her and went back to home..

At home I kept thinking of her and masturbated on bed. After
that now I have fucked around 14-15 times. Once in a month……


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