Patient and the Junior Doctor

Well I hope you will all grant me as this is my first time plz grant me for the mistakes I made. Patient and the Junior Doctor Well hope you all enjoying your life. Well my name is ahsan.i am 25 years old living in Karachi Pakistan. I was a virgin before this incident. well I am a student of medical. 6 months ago this incident happened. It was my house job , I some times have to stay at the hospital, for a day or two as in house job you have to do it.

One night I was with a patient in her room. she was lying on the bed. I checked her(b.p and cholesterol).though she was alright but she said that she is having pain in her right breast. as the nurse was not in the room I told the patient (her) that I’ll send the nurse. she said with a low voice “baass thora sa dard hai aap massage kar doo”i said kai I’ll send the nurse for that but she insisted. though I start rubbing her breast (right one) from above the cloths, she said in a moaning voice “haath andaar daal kai daabbaoo, mujhay aur aaraam milay ga”i said that I have to go but she said “kai raat kai 2 bajay kahan jaoo gaay, kia kisi larki kai paass jaanna hai”.I was amused to hear such words from her. well my right hand still massaging her right breast (my cock was in full bulge inside my pants and the doctors coat. Then she sat on the bed and took of her patients shirt and took my hands to her breasts and said “abb dabaoo”.she was wearing a black bra and the size of the bra was 36 d, which I read on the tag of the bra.

I started massaging her breasts and my dick was in full bulge and was semi Cumming. she said pointing my pants “yeh tumhari pant ko kia ho gaya hai?yeh aagay sai kion uuth gayey hai?”.Then she told me to lock the door on the room and unlock her bra, which I did in a flash. her nipples were dark brown and were the ideal pair of tits I have ever seen .this was the first time I was seeing a girls breasts so closely. she told me “apnay kapray to uttar doo?”I was in full erection.

I told her too took them off for yourself. she did it in a flash and I was naked only with my underwear on. Then she laid on the bed and slided her patients shalwar and kept it on the chair. she was not wearing an underwear. her pubes were cuted in such a good way that it appeared as the French beard. her pussy was pinkish in color. she only had few pubes on her pelvis which were cutted brilliantly. her pussy was neat and clean. then she said to me “abb intizar kis cheez ka hai”as I was starring her continuously, at her perfect body. she was almost abt 26 her height was 5.7 niches approximately. a thin body and a flat tummy and her round cupped hips.

I went on her and started squeezing her boobs and her tits became fully erected. she said “meeray mammoon ko chooso iss ka saraa rass pee jaoo”.I started sucking her tits first the right one and then the left one. well as I was a new player for this game, so I was on her guidance. Then she pulled down my under wear and looked at my dick and said “yeh to bohat bara hai, lagta hai kai kisi larki nai nahi lia ya kabhi iss sai muuth bhi maari hai”I replied “no ,ajj tak nahi maarri muth main nai”.then she squeezed my dick and started moving her hand up and down my dick.i was feeling that I was in heaven. then she took my dick in her mouth ans said “kia tum meeri phuddi ko chooso”.well all of this she was doing has previously sawn in a blue print (b.p).but I was feeling much embraced. we moved to a 69 position ,my dick was in her mouth , I started fingering her pussy and pressing her clit with my thumb. she was damn wet her pre cum was all out. then I tasted her pussy juice which was tasty: for that I decided to suck her pussy and I closed my eyes and started to suck her pussy.i felt it very tasty. I inserted my tongue b/w her pussy lips. she was moaning with pleasure and me too well she was abt to cum and she was moaning “aahhha oohh ehh ahh hooooo” and she said kai “meeri muth nikal raheey hai plz iss koo pee jaooo”.then she cummed heavily and moaning with pleasure. I first tasted her cum and it was tasty so I drank allot of it till the last drop. then after 3 to 5 minutes I was also abt to come and I told her shwe sid”kai apni munney meeray mouun main chooro plz” and I cummed in her mouth and she dranked all of it till the last drop. then she got over me and started massaging my dick suddenly got erected and she said “mujhay ranndioon ki tarahan choodo plz”.

Then she sated on my dick and moved too and fro. after 2 minutes she took my dick into her pussy and started moving (that was the first time I was fucking a girl). as she was moving she put her lips on mine and started French kissing. that was also the first time I was kissing a girl and that too a French kiss>.well the French kiss was terrible we both were moaning with pleasure and she stopped and said kai meeri tangoon main dard ho raha we changed our positions to the desu position . I was on top of her.i started fucking her slowly she said “zoor sai choodo” I increased my speed but she was continuously abusing me and I was enjoying it. then I hold her 1 leg and then fucked her fast and she cammed. then we changed our positions to the doggy position and I fucked her and she cammed again and I was also abt to cum.she said “kai meeray moun main muth choorna plz”so I stopped moving and inserted my dick on her mouth and then again started moving and then I came with a lot of pressure.

She said laughingly “hai itni muth to kabhi ghoray kkiii bhi nahi nikal thi”she sucked my cock and my cock was again ready that night I fucked her three times and once I fucked her ass to as she said. her ass was too tight and I cummed in her ass hole. we fucked till 5:30 am (morning).I was tired and she slept and I left her. and went straightly to my home as my duty was off at 2:30 am I slept till the afternoon .after a gap of a day I had my duty again in the hospital .I went to the hospital 1 hour early from the time of my duty when I suddenly opened the door of the room I was shocked too my surprise there was an old woman lying on the bed abt 75 years of age. I cried on my fortune and went straightly to the reception and asked abt her (<well I didn’t even asked her name>),I asked for her phone number and I got it. I called her from my mobile phone but the number was not in use of any one.

Well that’s my fortune any girls from any where can mail me ,you can be my friend too if you want ::mail me on: and you can add me to your msn messenger as well bye love for all ahsan any unsatisfied woman or girls can contact me I’ll reply all of you out there and if any one knows abt any medicines for which I can seduce a girl: then mail me pl. bye well I have only fucked that girl until now and I am thirsty to do it .but now I regularly masturbate. any girls contact me:

take care
kiss on the lips.

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