Nymphomaniac Aunty – Hot Sex Story

I m sharing my recent experience that happened few month ago. First I introduce myself me farhan 24 years old resident of Hyderabad Pakistan. Working in a private organization. I m not so very good looking so so but I m very horny guy and bulk of sexual desires and very eager to have sex with girl but due to the lacking of confidence I always missed the opportunity to have sex.

But two month back I break my virginity. now I m going to narrate the story in English and Urdu that happen with a nymphomaniac aunty . She was about 32 years of age white complexion slightly heavy. Having superb physics. And very horny. I used to have cyber sex with her she was married with 2 children her husband was impotent and she was looking for a guy who could satisfy her and luckily I got the chance . main usko erotic messages bhega karta or who aksar discharge bhi hogaya karti thi . ek din usnay mujhay apnay ghar anay ko kaha kyukay uskay huband us waqt office kay kaam kay silsalay main karachi gayee hoye they I reached her home about 6 pm.n o one was there uskay buchhay tution perhnay gaye they.. Who mujhay apnay bed rooom main lay gayee mujhay bohat ajeeb sa lag raha tha kyunkay main nay iss say pehlay kabhi sex nahi kiya tha or thori der baad tea or kuch refreshment kay liye lay kar ayee.

And sit besides me. Usany black color ka shalwar qameez pehna hua tha or bohat khobsoorat lag rahi thi. Main nay kaha aunty you are looking gorgeous. Usnay meri taraf dekha or kaha now what are ur intention.who mere bilkul nazdeek beth gayee usnay mujh say poocha tumhari koi girl friend nahi hay. Main nay kaha nahi . phir usnay poocha did u ever sex with any girl still now I denied again. Now her left boobs is touching my shoulder. I become very horny and my dick was erect like a scud missile. Usnay apnay balooon ko khool liya tha or merey nazdeek aa kar kaha kia kuch karnay ka irada nahi hay. Or apnay hontoon ko merey hoontoon per rakh diyae we were kissing passionately. Woh meri zaban ko choss rahi thi or merey dick per bhi haath rub kar rahi thi.or apna control kho chukki thi 10 minute tuk hum nain khub kiss ki our touges were entangled with each other . Phir aunty nay mujhay bed per let janay ko kaha or put off my shirt and kissing all over my chest like a cat. she unzipped my pant and underwear and was amazed to see my 8 inch dick and said yeh tu bohat bara hay or mota bhi hay.

Or phir apni zaban say lick karnay lagi and suck my dick deeply who bohat stylish tareeqay say choos rahi thi. She was sucking expert.mujhay bohat maza a raha tha . Phir usnay kaha ab tum merey kapray bhi uttaro. I take off her shirt her booobs was very beautiful with brown nipple. I squeezed them hard. She yell aista dabaoo na main nay aistha aistha uskay daba raha tha and also bite on her nipples. She has totally lost her control. Usnay kaha jan ab mujhay karo mujh say ab bardasht nahi hota ab tum apna dick mere andar daloo tum nahi jantay main kitnay arsay say iss kay liye taras rahi hoon.meri pyass bujhaoo. Who apna control khoo chuki tthi or keh rahi thi jaan kyon tadpatay hoo ab insert bhi kar doo. Main nay uskay andar dalna start kiya she was yelling bohat arsay baad insert kiya hay na iss kiye dard ho raha hay and moaning ahhhhhhhhahh. Mnnnnnnnnnnn.aghhhhhhhhhhh.who keh rah thi poora undar dalo ek inch bhi bahir na rehnay doo . bujhaoo meri aag who keh rahi thi poora ander daloo and fuck me hard like a bitch and moaning ahhhh hhhhhhhhhh. yeeahhhhhhhh, aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaeah yeah.

Main ussay speed main fuck kar raha tha or who bhi climax per puhanch chukki thi I take out my dick and she took it in her mouth. And eagerly swallow my cum. We then lay on me I was fondling all over and ass. We were kissing again and my tool was erect again main ab uski ass fuck karna chahta tha magar usnay mana kar dia kay bohat dard hoga but I persuade her and she agreed I gradually enter my dick but she yell who bohat teez chilayee bahir nikaloo issay but I assure the pain will be removed n u will have pleasure. Phir main main nay poora uskay andar daal dia ab usko bhi maza aa raha tha main nay taqreeban 10 minute tuk ussay ass fuck kia. Main fuck bhi kar raha tha or uskay boobs bhi daba raha tha Ab hum dono exhaust ho chukay they phir hum nay saath bath kia .or bed per hi late gaye or ek dosray ko kissing karnay lagay . mera abhi bhi uskay sath contact hay but unfortunately she is going to shift in Karachi because her husband job . please send me your comments I am waiting for your reply.

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