Nisha and I

Hi, zoneforsex friends. I am a regular zoneforsex browser & a lover of desi erotic stories Nisha and I. I have read a lot of these stories on this web & very eager to share a real erotic story of my life. It was my first ever experience about sex. First I want say about my self. My name is Tubai. I am boy of aged 20 having a slim body with a 7” long strong rod under my pant, which is quite capable to fuck any one convincingly.

This story begins with my tour with some other young boys & girls of my locality on last April (2002). We were four boys & two girls on that tour of “Digha”(city on the east cost of West Bengal). Starting the journey on early morning we reached our destination at around 11am of morning. Checking in the hotel, I take bath & went for our lunch. Now main story begins after that lunch. Four of us were very keen to see the place at that time. I refused to go with them, because I was very tired & wanted to stay at hotel till the sunset. Hearing this Nisha (my dream girl, who has a body of 36-26-36 shape with two large boobs, whom I call as “PAIR OF GLOBES”) also refused to go. Both of us went our separate rooms as the other went out. After 10 min. or so Nisha knocked my door. I open it & found my dream girl standing in front of me with a black T-shirt & a half pant with bare feet. She wanted to say something to me & that’s why she ignored to go with the others. She holding my hands in both of her hands told me that she was very eager to say that she loves me. I was just stunt with her wards at that moment thinking that I wanted to say to her she told me that before me. Now there was no barrier between us & so I kissed on her lips for the first time. She closed her eyes. I lost control and started rubbing my dick against her thigh violently. Then I kissed her on her cheeks and as I moved towards her lips, she resisted for a moment, but then gave in. Her beautiful navel was exposed and I swooped down to kiss it, at the same time fiddling with her T-shirt buttons. As her T-shirt came off, her lovely huge breasts were nearly exposed. It was the first time I was seeing breasts and I nearly came in my clothes just seeing them. I turned her over and released the clasp of the bra. When I turned her over, I saw the most beautiful sight in the whole world. Her lovely breasts with gorgeous nipples. I just started sucking at them naturally as I must have done as a baby, but this was in a totally different setting. As I sucked away, I could feel her breathing getting heavier and I knew that she was getting aroused. I now proceeded to take off her pant. As her “thunder thighs” got exposed, I kissed her legs from the feet upwards towards the centre of her existence…

There was only one flimsy piece of cloth between her feminity and me. I asked her to take it off herself. She refused and told me that since it is you who wants this, it will be you who will have to break the final barrier of shame. I turned over her and slowly pulled down the panties. I slid it off her ankles. I started to kiss every inch of her back and came down to her large buttocks and started to lick them. I could see her twitching and squirming in arousement as my tongue drew lines down and between her buttocks. I took off all my clothes and I then slowly turned her over. As I did this, she covered her face in shame. And there it was! That supreme spot of feminity, which every chaste woman covers zealously for her entire life, to be revealed only to her husband. It was now there in all its glory and the very sight of it made me come. I just couldn’t control the torrents that came out of me and it spilled all over the bed and some of it fell on her face. This aroused her and she gave up her guard for the first time. She tenderly pulled me towards her and kissed me on my lips. At the same time, she reached out for my penis and completed the act for me…

She then smiled and asked me if I would like to see and enter that passage. I simply thrust my lusty tongue towards her vagina and started licking, kissing and sucking for all I was worth. She was already wet and this was obviously the first time someone did this to her. She had an orgasm in less than a minute. She then told me to lick her butt hole. I hated the thought for a moment but then as she turned over and revealed her beautiful backside to me all my apprehensions was gone. I licked her and rubbed her feminity with my fingers. She came a second time in minutes. Now I begged her, “Nisha can I please make love to you?” She said, “Yes but only my backside. I willingly started to shove my penis inside her tight passage; I was squeezing her lovely breasts at the same time with a animalistic intensity. I soon came and now I wanted her totally, with no restriction imposed by this world. I turned her around and begged her, Nisha, I want you, please don’t disappoint me. She agreed and parted her legs so That I could enter her. At that moment, I paused for a second; this was definitely the last barrier of shame, the greatest sin ever. But the sight of her willing angelic face smashed my guilt and I once again entered that deep passage. My head went into a spin as she squeezed me closer and started panting. This was the first time she was doing this and she wasn’t about to lose anything on this experience. Soon all the life force that I had was concentrated in my testicles and I felt that they were going to explode in pleasure. I screamed Nisha, I am coming, Nisha, be mine, forever! In response, Nisha said, I love you Tubai, I am yours from today! At that, my testicles and penis literally exploded with a gush of love smashing thru the narrow, tender passage of her orgasming feminity and we were one at last! I was thrusting into her for at least 6 to 10 minutes and I felt like I would never stop coming. But it came to an end after what felt like an eternity. I lay inside her for several minutes as she held me tightly…

We lay naked with each other for several hours and we just touched each other tenderly with frequent kisses. Nisha now asked me if I was satisfied and teasingly asked me if I would now leave her alone. That was a question to which both of actually knew the answer will be a big “NO”. This was the first period of love of us.

In the evening I arranged a little party in my room due to celebrate our day of love. After that party Nisha & I went to my room where we were to stay at that night. I locked the door assuring that no one could enter the room during our loving moments. Then I slowly turned her face up and kissed her, but she was shivering and dint give any response in kissing, but I dint give up, I started kissing more wildly and parted her lips and inserted my tong in her mouth, she started enjoying and gave some response. I put her on the bed and tore the her cloths, now she was in her bra and panty, then I started rubbing her boobs she had nice round sexy boobs, then I sucked the nipples, and she give a sound like SSSSssssssss!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I unhooked the bra and removed the panty and there she was lying fully naked in front of me, then I removed my cloths and my rod came out of prison it was erect and hard, I kissed her belly and boobs once again and then I came on top of her, I slowly guided my cock to her pussy, as I tried to put it in she cried of pain and said Noooo!!!!!! pleaaaaaase no!!!! Don’t do this it hurts, I said its going to be all alright, and pushed further, was feeling it difficult too because the tight pussy was hurting me, then I applied more force and entered my half cock in her and she screamed ssssssSSSSSSSsssssss!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! OhhhhhOhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! And with that she bleed when she saw blood she started crying and I told her that it happens for the first time only and I continued stroking her in and out and after some time she was relax and she put her arms around my back and pressed them, then I loaded her with my juice and stood there for quite some time after that I helped her in changing clothes and during that I again fucked her. This was the second period of love of us.

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