Nipple Aunty

This is a simple story about a few boys, Nipple Aunty who discovered something…and about that one boy in particular who kept the research going on in full swing, and finally reached seventh heaven.

I was just a small healthy boy then, i remember so clearly…how horny i used to feel just by the sight of different women wearing different clothes..i used to appreciate the goodness of every female physique that i saw…every age group…every type. But some of them carved a place in my heart forever.

Asha aunty was one such female. She was a marvadi, 22/23 yrs. old,with one little baby girl…u know, the typical maadu types which get married to some wealthy businessman at an early age. She had completed ssc. in some school in rajasthan and then she found herself married.I hated her husband so much, all he did was applied face packs, put mehndi in his hair,haldi on his face,he was a total waste.

Neways, I always went to Asha aunty’s place after school to play for some time with her kid, Asha aunty also liked me ..she thought i was a very clever boy,very studious, but little did she know about the enormous hardon i got by the short glances i used to manage while playing with her kid.Asha aunty had started trusting me a lot so she was kindof at ease when i was around and even took a nap sometimes when i was playing with the kid.One such day,while she was sleeping i crept into her bedroom and saw her sleeping straight, with her face up towards the ceiling. She was wearing some sari and her blouse had a sexy frill, her full arms were just glowing out of the blouse and she looked so radiant that it worked wonders with my thing.I was just standing there for some time, then slowly and cautiously i moved a little further,a little more and for the first time in my life i felt like i was in deep love. I was a bit scared that if i sit on the bed, it might wake her up, so i knelt dowm on the carpet and i just stared at her from a distance so less that i was almost kissing her.It sent ripples rushing through my brain and i felt so good that i just couldn’t resist moving a bit lower.I moved down her beautiful neck and her milky white waist and got very close to her….from that day onwards,i was madly in love with her, Asha aunty became my world and i was always thinking about her, in school, at home , at night …. Days went by as usual,school,studies,lots of day dreaming, exams….and finally the vacations started. My parents went out of town for 3 days to Nasik to meet our relatives, I called my friends over to party.We people have lots of fun when we get together, u know…the kind of fun school going kids have when their parents are away, crank calling, tasting a little bit of beer,seeing a blue film….and then, after all this, one friend peeped through my bedroom window to see something that got our balls on fire.Asha aunty was sitting in front of the tv, breast feeding her baby.

She was topless and was quite relaxed, she was just staring into the tv while we got a perfect side view of those lovely boobs being sucked,and those lactating nipples….we were all cramped up in my window and we were witnessing this oh so very erotic scene for about 5-6 minuites,we thought as if we were the luckiest lot of kids on earth…then suddenly, her husband appeared from no-where. He picked up the baby from her hands and kept it on the carpet. Then he kissed Asha aunty on the lips….he crushed her lips with a rough kiss while his right hand was holding her by the hair and his left hand dissappeared into her sari from behind. Then he made her lie down on the sofa and with one swift move he pulled her sari all the way up to her thighs. Asha aunty was now just lying there with her sari covering only the middle part of her body while her husband was mounting her. He was fully dressed and i dont think he even bothered to remove any of his clothes.He was ramming into Asha aunty just like some mink and we could see her arms on his back…her left leg was wrapped around his legs and her right leg was wriggling in the air as if it had a life of its own. This went on for about 10 minuites after which he rolled off and walked away. Asha aunty again picked up the baby and started feeding it.

All this had left us so surprised,we couldnt believe what we just saw in the past few minuites.One of my friends was so fascinated by Asha aunty’s nipples that he named her ‘nipple aunty’….this nipple aunty soon became the main subject of our every day discussions. After watching nipple aunty getting screwed that day, I always thought how it would feel like climbing on top of her and squeezing her with all my strength….so I increased the frequency of my visits to her place and i was almost always at nipple aunty’s place while her husband was not around.

One such day, Asha aunty was in a very happy mood…she was smiling very much and was touching me more often than usual,perhaps it was due to the new washing machine that her husband had bought for her. The washing machine had just arrived, the delivery men left and there was no one at her place except me,herself and the sleeping baby. Now we started looking around the machine. She was pretty excited about it and was more than eager to find out how it operates. So she rushed to the bathroom, got some wet clothes and put them into the machine. While doing this, she had pulled her sari up to her knees so that it dosent become wet. Then she turned to me and told me to open the owner’s manual and tell her what to do…but i think while doing this she caught me staring at her legs , as she moved a bit close to me , she pulled her sari further up and now i could see her thighs, she was bending over every now and then and pressing herself over the machine on the pretext of pressing one button or another. After some time, she got the machine working finally and she was very excited about it all and was also in a flirting mood,she then suddenly caught me by the hand and pulled me towards her bedroom…i was shocked but just followed, she was having her way with me and i completely submitted myself to her. Once in the bedroom, she kissed me full on the lips, she caught my right hand and put it deep within her blouse where it felt so warm and so soft….i pressed hard,i guess it surprised her but she liked it.That much play was more than enough to kindle my fire and i embraced her with all my might, i think i caught her off guard but i just loved it as i climbed her,crushing all that fitted under my body and in my limbs. After some wild pumping from my side,she pulled my pants down, she then pulled up her sari which was almost torn and there she was, the woman of my dreams.

She guided me to the right road and i just kept moving, she was completely wet by then and started making noises which made my senses reel. My face was burried somewhere deep inside her breasts and her legs were high up around my back and together we took a long ride till in the end both of us moved with such high speed and suddenly i felt the pressure around me increase many fold and with one big wriggle i dug deeper into her and just stayed there shivering and completely in seventh heaven. Slowly i came to my sences and we lay there, the silence between us was so golden and i felt on top of the world. Later on, I moved to another town near Bombay for my engineering studies…, Asha aunty, or the nipple aunty, has one more daughter and she always stays in my heart..whenever i think of her, i feel like i am the luckiest man on earth. People, you can e-mail me at I would really love to know if u liked it,and if it served some purpose…
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