My Young Private Teacher – Sex Story In English

I am going to tell you the story of my first sex in life with my young private teacher.

Two years ago when I am studying in the 12th. Standard ; I joined the private tution of a teacher in our college. She ask me to come to her home for the tution in the afternoon from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

She is so sexy and young. When she teaches me my eyes are always looking at her big boobs. I always try to see through her blowse. Her body is beautiful and she wears salwar kurta at home.

One day she ask me to come for tution at evening at 7 p.m. because her husband is going on tour that day so she is going to airport in afternoon.

When I reached to her house in evening she was wearing a nighty, I can see through her nighty at her bra and panty,She also know that I am watching her desparately. We sat on floor in her bedroom and she began to teach me but I become very excited,even my cock is become hard and straight. Suddenly she throw away my note book and kiss me in my mouth very deep.

Now I start to squeze her boobs and kiss her on her neck and mouth.She ask me to take her to bed. I unhook her nighty and take her to bed.Now she is only with bra and panty. I take off my cloths and free my hard cock she was very excited to see my hard 7 inch cock and said to me ” ohh! Its very big than my husband’s I wanna suck that” and she suddenly take my cock in her mouth and began to suck it. It became harder and harder now I unhook her bra and take look at her big boobs. Those are beautiful now I layed her down on bed and began to suck her boobs one by one.She become horny, then I take off her panty and see oh what a triangle I said. Her pussy is very cute and small hairs are their I put take mouth their and began to kiss her their.

After some time her pussy was overflow with her juice, she ask me to fulk her now and I put my hard dick in her wet pussy and began to hit it hardly she began to scream but she feels it great and I also. After I cum in her I take it out and give it in her mouth she smiles and began to suck my cock Now she said me ” What u doing its not over take that oil and fulk me very hard in my ass, got it ” I said ok madam. And take the oil and rub it on my cock she take the position on the edge of the bed (the doggie position) I put my cock on her asshole and hit hard their it smoothly goes in it because of oil.

Then I start to hit slowly she also screaming loudly in pleasure after 5 minutes my cum fill her asshole. I take it out. We were very tired and sleep for the half hour.

After that day we do it always once in week in her house till today. I have great pleasure to have sex with my teacher.

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