My WonderFul Experience Part II

Hi its me raaj again. The incident of mine and preeti’s was about 2 yrs we are real hot friends. The chance of having your girlfriend As a family friend is just fabulous. Now let me tell you what happened Just 2 weeks back.
We are a group of 4 people namely me raaj, preeti , manoj & akansha. All of us were at preeti’s hous and our parents had gone out shopping. No one knew about mine and preeti’s friendship. We were just playing Darts. But blind folded and hand cuffed at the back . We had to use our Mouths to hold the darts. Suddenly akansha and manoj got reminded of Their most important t.v program and wanted to watch it. But preeti Did not get that particular channel in the house . So they ran off to Their houses to watch it. Me and preeti were left all alone. I thought This was the chance. But preeti said “let’s continue”. So i was Blindfolded and handcuffed and she gave me the dart. She started giving Me directions. She asked me to go left right back …. Everywhere Finally she said straight. I went straight and tripped over some thing And fell. I think it was the bed. Preeti was laughing her head off. She Took off my blindfolds and said “now sit there” i asked “what about my Cuffs”. She said “you’ll know” . She went a little far from me to switch On some soft music. She pulled her t-shirt up a little to reveal her Navel . It was so gorgeous ,so firm so flat…….so sexy. I got turned On like hell . I wanted to fuck her .

But i was cuffed . Ah no wonder . Then she slowly took the t-shirt Off. She had worn a black bra . Then she unbuckled her skirt and took Them off. She had matching black panties. She came and stood near me , I tried to move and …. No use i was all tied up. She took my pants Off then my under pants . She gave me the old 300 per sec strokes. I Couldn’t bare it i was going to cum . Just then she stopped. After some Time she started again and then stopped. This process made me tired .

She turned me over and uncuffed me and said ” rape me if you can “. She Got up and ran outside the room . I gathered all my energy and ran after Her with the hand cuffs right in to the bathroom. She got near the Showers and i quickly opened it she got all wet. I caught her firmly And handcuffed her to the top of the shower . I opened the shower to The max. She was trapped right under the shower . Is ” if its a rape you Want its a rape you’ll get ” i sqeezed her breasts through the bra.

She moaned. I unbuckled them and lifted them up . I started sucking on Them. Then i knelt down and took off her panties and started sucking And licking on her cunt navel everywhere. She kept screaming and Moaning. She got really tired . I uncuffed her and carried her back to The bed and dropped her on it. She had droplets of water everywhere on her body.

She Looked so so sexy. She was trying to crawl off the bed . I caught and Lifted her and made her sit on my rock hard dick. She screemed loudly. I turned her face towards me and kissed her deeply. I kept sucking and Licking her tongue and every part of her face. She kept moaning. I Carried and again dropped her on my dick . Suddenly she tightned her Cunt on my dick so much that it almost hurt . I dropped down on the bed And she fucked me . Once again i gathered all my energy pulled her of Me {she is pretty light}. Put her on the bed .held her hands got on top Of her and sucked her pussie till she came like a fountain. I had Finished her but she was not finished she got up cuffed my hands when i Was turning back . She pushed me on to the bed and gripped my cock and Took it in her mouth and sucked and sucked and stopped then she gave me A long time kiss. She kissed my tongue dry. Then she took my dick and Pushed it up her cunt and fucked me . I came like a rocket inside her. She had also Cum. Sitting on me she smiled and fell on me with her boobs right on my

Mouth . I kept sucking on it for a while . She was not finished. She Wanted to drink cum . She took my dick in her mouth and licked and Licked and sucked till i came . She drank every drop of my cum. Just Then i noticed that my cuffs had come off. So i grabbed her took her on Me such that both of us faced the ceiling. I spread her thighs and Rammed my tool into her hole and . I had a good grip on her. Once again I came all over her. We lay there totally tired she on top of me. She Told me ” you are a damn good raper “. And we kissed.


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