My Wife’s Satisfaction

I am 30 year old. My name is Ram kumar. My Wife’s Satisfaction I am 5.6 feet tall. I lives in Delhi am a smart man with normal body. good looking but not extra ordinary charming. Pinky is my wife. She is 22 years old. She is very charming and beautiful, If any body saw her once. He could not control himself to fell in love with her. She is 5.4 feet tall. Her hairs are black and when she opens them, these reaches upped her knees. She has a white color and bright face. Her lips are naturally pink. Her eyes are big and bright, and when she put kajal in them, these become murderers. When she smiles, her cheeks become naturally red and shiny, and her beautiful white teethes looks like pearls. Her voice is like a sweet singing bird. Her boobs are 36x36and very firm and tight. Her waist is just 20 inches. She has standing hips. She looks like fairies when she walks.

We got married just four months back. We are very happy to our marriage life but whenever I came alone with her in our bedroom, I feel much ugly. I ever thought that why I am her husband, She must be wife of some king. Anyhow it’s my luck; she is my life partner.

One day we were sitting in our room, suddenly bell of telephone ranged. I picked up receiver and said hello, on otherside my brother in law was on line. He told me that sister of pinky is very serious at Lakhnow, so you should reach early as she is asking about Pinky again and again. I told Pinky about the telephone. She talked to him and inquired about the health of her sister. He repeated the same words to her and put the receiver. Her eyes were wet with sorrow and she was looking at me and then she put her head on my shoulder and asked me to go to see her sister at Lakhnow. I could not saw her tears so I agreed to go. At the same moment I stood up and went to railway station for booking of seats. I decided that I will get reservation of independent cabin in sleeper, where only we both are traveled, perhaps it was in my mind that no one other sees my wife. So I reached the railway station and asked the booking clerk about the reservation of cabin in sleeper. He told me that there are three seats in every cabin and if you pay for three tickets, I will reserved it for you, but being a white color man it was not possible for me to pay the full amount, so I decided to get two tickets. When I was discussing with booking clerk a man with the age of 35 years was standing besides me and was listening discussion. When I asked for two tickets than he interfered and said that if I like he can company us during traveling, because he is also going Lakhnow and is alone to go. At that time I saw over him and could not denied. I do not know why. Perhaps his personality was very impressive. This man was with the height of 6.3 feet. White and red color black moustaches, big attractive eyes. Anyhow I bought three tickets, I gave one to him, and he pays for that and went. I return back to home and told my sweet heart that I have got reserved a cabin in sleeper. She becomes happy but since I reached back I was thinking about that man. At the same moment when I was thinking about him I saw my wife and thought that she exactly matched to him. She was packing for journey and I was looking over her for sex in train with that fellow, about whom I was not aware.

For whole that night I could not sleep and only thought about him and my sweet heart. Next day when I got up, I saw that my wife was making things to eat during journey. I went to bathroom but believe me I was thinking about that man. After some time I was on dinning table for breakfast, she was infront of me but I could not speak even a single word. Suddenly she asked how much I paid for reservation, so I told her the amount of two tickets and also told that some other person will also company us during journey because that cabin is for three persons. She shocked and asked that who is he, I told her that I do not know because he met me in reservation office first time, and than I told her complete story of booking. Again for some time we were quit. After two three minutes she asked whether he is an old man or……, she could not complete her words. When I told her that no he is not an old man, but he is young with the age about 35 years and very much good looking man. For a moment her face shined but very soon she hide her expressions. Perhaps she was thinking for a good journey in the presence of that fallow, but I saw all the expressions and no response was shown by me. For whole rest of the time we spent time for packing. At about 3-o clock she asked me to bring some shampoo as it is ended. When I was going out she asked that bring some good smelly shampoo, which gives good smell during journey. I laugh and go. I purchased a perfumed shampoo; its smell was very good. She went to bathroom and I rang my sister and asked her to stay at our home in our absence.

She came out after bath and when I saw her, words floated out of my mouth that wow what a beauty, do not make you so good looking otherwise the companion of journey will die. She looked at me with poisoning smile. She wearied a pink dress and was really looking like a queen of fairies. At exact 4-o clock we left our home, as the train time was 5 o’clock to depart. One attaches one bag and a basket was our luggage for journey. We reached at railway station at about 4.30 PM. Train was on the plate form. So we state reached to our compartment and than to our cabin. There was a long seat for sitting and a birth. This seat was for three persons but it was so wide to sit. We were the first to enter in the cabin, said man was not came so far. We put our luggage under the seat and sat. I was thinking about the companion, and suddenly she asked that he has not come so far, there is very little time to depart. She was asking and at the same moment he entered the cabin. I saw over him and thought very long age he has, because we were talking about him. When he entered I stood up and shacked hand to him, he was in white dress and was looking very beautiful, for some time I felt my self very small in front of him. He was looking over Pinky and said hello to her but his expressions can be read by any body, which were showing that he is not in his senses to see her. She was also looking over him and same expressions were there. I saw both of them for a moment and felt the situation. Soon they both return their eyes back to hide their expressions. She was sitting on the corner of seat. I was in between and he was on next corner. There was much space to sit.

There were complete silence, but I broken the silence and asked him about his name. He saw at me and told that his name is Perbhaker and he is assistant manager in Indian bank. The way of his talking was also very attractive. When he was talking a beautiful Smell was coming out of his mouth; perhaps he used some mouth spray. After this I told him about my self and than I told him about pinky. When he come to know that name of my wife is pinky, he said that very beautiful name like her. I thanked him on compliments and pinky also thanked him by smiling face. When she was thanking him, he was looking at her eagerly.

After few minutes the train blooded whistle and started moving slowly. Journey was started and after some time train was in full swing left behind the city. He stood up and closed the door of cabin to save us from the eyes of travelers. He came back and sat and asked the reason of our journey to Lakhnow.I told him in detail the reason our journey. He was talking to me but indirectly he was looking at pinky. Half hour was passed when I asked pinky to serve us with tea, which was in the basket brought by her. She opened the basket and pull out the thermos of tea and three cups. I pulled out the itchy case and put bag on it and made a temporary table. She put the cups on it and poured tea in them. She offered the tea with her own hands to Perbhaker and me. When she was pouring sugar in the tea she asked “Parbhaker how much sugar you take” he told that he do not takes sugar and also told that his family members called him Harsh with love instead of Parbhaker. We all were enjoying tea, which was made by pinky with her own hands. After taking sip of tea Harsh asked Pinky that who made this tea. She told with smiling eyes that she made it, so he said that this is why it is so sweet without sugar. He was throwing complements on her and I was enjoying. Sooner the cups were empty. Pinky took the cups to wash room and washed them and put them back to basket. She took a magazine and started reading and we both started discussions on country politics. It was surprising for me to know that he was very much well aware of the country politics. How the time passed I do not know.

It was 8.30 PM when Pinky asked me for dinner. She again pulled out the basket from the seat and poured Kabobs in the plate and small chapaties were also put in a plate. Only two plates were there. So we started dinner together. Dinner was very delicious, which was also made by Pinky with her sweet hands. During dinner at one stage Harsh asked Pinky for water and when she was handing him over the glass he touched her fingers. We finished dinner and again took tea. After cleaning the pots, she put every thing on its place. For little time we both went out of cabin and walked in the passage of train to digest the meal. We walked there for about half-hour. I t was 9.o clock when we came in. During this time Pinky changed her dress and now she was in a light blue nightly. She opened her hairs and was brushing in them. Harsh saw at her but could not said anything, otherwise it was clearly readable at his face that he wants to say some thing about her. Anyhow we sat and once again discussion was started and this time pinky was also participating. We both were enjoying the comments of Pinky. After brushing her hairs, she made a little make up and now she was free. Now we all were talking like family members. It was 10.30 when I asked Harsh that if he wants to sleep he could go up and sleep on the birth. He smiled and told that he can not sleep during the journey, and he will travel by sitting. I asked Pinky to go up and sleep but she also refused to go up with the reason that she could not stair up and afraid of to fell down. So there was only me to go up and sleep, it was actually my will to do so because I was ready to give them time to talk and spent rest of the time together.

I went up and put the bag of harsh under my head as a cushion and lay. Harsh asked me to give the bag for a moment, as he wants to take nightdress from it. He opened the bag and gets the silky trouser and shirt from it. Color of dress was also same of Pinkies nightly. She saw the dress and smiled and said I think your favorite color is also blue as is mine. He replied yes and he went to bathroom, there he changed his dress. He came back puts her unwearied dress in the bag and returned it to me to use it as a cushion. He sat on the same place. No body on the birth was able to see the happenings of down seat, but luckily there was a small space between the seat and wooden wall of the cabin, from where easily the happenings of down seat can be seen. It was out of question to sleep, when my sweet wife was sitting with some other person. May be it was my love for her or my jellify. Anyhow I put my one eye on the space and become happy because every thing of bottom was clear. Pinky took magazine and started reading whereas he started reading a newspaper. Both were silent and no one was giving response to each other. Quarter hour passed when she saw up wards, stood up and went to wash room. On her return she stood with the seat and looking at me whether I am sleeping or not but she could not judge because my face was on the wall side. She imagines may be I am sleeping.

She sat on the seat but this time slightly closer to harsh. He asked her to lie if she wants to sleep. She replied that no she do not want to sleep but wants to give rest to her legs for few minutes. He asked her to spread her legs on the seat and she will feel comfortable. She did so, now she was resting with her back on the wall of train and her legs were reaching near the harsh. Harsh also put his legs upped the seat and sat by facing towards her. He was reading newspaper but from upperside he was looking at her constantly. She was playing with her hairs and some time looking to him. Once when their eye stroked with each other both of them smiled but could not talk. Her beautiful feets were near him and he was looking them and was touching with newspaper again and again. After some time she pulled her Nightly slightly up and now her calf of the leg was clearly visible. He was looking eagerly at the calf of her leg but was unable to strengthen his courage. He stood up and went to wash room. In his absence she spread her legs more down wards and there was very small space left for him to sit. He came back and sat but this time his thighs were touching with her feets. Now no newspaper was in his hands and he was looking at her directly but she was pretending to be sleep. Once he folded the newspaper and turned to put it under the seat, meanwhile she pulled her nightly upped her knees, now the lower portion of her legs was clearly visible. All the courage of her was in vain because he was not moving a step even. Switch of the room light was near the washroom, she stood up and went to wash room and on return she switched it off, for a moment it was dark in the cabin and she called Harsh in very slow voice to help her to reach the seat. He stood up and steeped towards the wash room to help her in the dark but suddenly he strucked with her, now she was in his arms and was adhere to him. He took her in her arms and brings her to seat. She pretended and asked him, why light is off. He replied that perhaps mistakenly switch is off with your hands. Wait I will check it. No leave it, its by the outer light it was slightly visible. Both were sitting nearby but unmoved, only the thighs of Pinky were touching the thighs of Harsh.In the dark both were looking each other.and their breath was streaking on their faces.

This was the first time when he collected his courage and put his hand between both of them, by this way now his thumb was touching her thigh and he was slightly rubbing. In the darkness her beautiful hand was clearly visible, which she put on his hand. she caught his hand and put her head on his shoulder. By this action he become courageous and mingled his arm around her neck. With other hand he caught her hand and started playing with her fingers. Slowly she was pulling her nightly upwards from her legs. She put her hand on her thigh, which was naked now.and when he caught her hand his hand was touching with her thigh. It was silky thigh and he was grabbing it by the backside of his hand. And by the second hand his little finger was touching her nipples, which were very hard now. This was the time when it was not possible for both of them to control. So he took her face up with thumb and brought near him and put his burning lips on her lips. The smell of his mouth makes her mad and she was sucking his lips and tongue forcely. They kissed each other for a long time and at one stage I thought that they would only kiss. He caught her boob and started grabbing, she was very hot that time when she said “ where you were before harsh, why you do not met me before, I am seeing that you are complete and powerful man, where as my husband is week and is not able to make me hot or satisfy. Four months of our marriage have passed but he could not make me satisfy even once in these days. It’s my luck you are with me now. Please make me women today will be thankful to you. Please Harsh. Her eyes were shut and she was talking and he was rubbing her boobs hardly.

Once again he took her tongue in his mouth and started sucking but this time period was short. With one hand he was grabbing her boobs and with second hand he was playing with her silky hairs. She put her hand on his dick, which was erecting in the trouser like a snack. She caught it from the upper side of trouser but it was giving quietude to her hand as silk cloth was covered it. His dick was about 7 inches long and round likes her wrist. Her fingers were hardly catching it. He was still sucking her tongue, which was very delicious. He left her mouth to listen her words, which were amusing him. As he left her tongue she asked him to become free of trouser, so he pulled out her trouser and now his dick was open and she caught it and said Harsh your dick is very big and thick, how will I bear it. Harsh whether you fucked any one before and what happened to her when you fucked. She died or I am need of your dick harsh.she was playing with it and was pulling herself down the seat. Now she was on the floor of train and he was on the seat. She sat between his legs and caught his dick and started kissing itch caught her hairs and was pulling her face towards his dick. Suddenly she opened her mouth and took the head of his dick in it. Now she was sucking it like a feeder. Again she left the dick and said Harsh you are my real husband, who is satisfying my every action, whereas the man on the birth is measles he pulled her mouth by catching her hairs towards his dick, she took that in her mouth, he started fucking to her mouth. He felt that I am awakening, so he frightened and pulled her up the seat and told her perhaps your husband is awaken. She replied than what if he is awakening, he loves me and he will do what I said, ok wait do not worry I am calling him down, now he will put your dick in my pussy with his own hands.

She stood up and pulled me and asked to come down. I stood up and pretended as I am awakening from the sleep. I asked her why darkness is there. She replied come down I would tell you. I came down but due to darkness I could not saw every thing clearly. She asked me to sit on side. She sat in between both of us. Harsh was worrying. I asked her why you awaken me, she replied that she and harsh were loving each other and were facing difficulty so I decided to call you down for help. She said that Harsh is my love and he is really a complete man and is not measles like me. She took my hand and put it on the dick of Harsh. It was really amazing. I was feeling happy to touch it. Please help me in fucking as I have accepted him my real man, she said. She again went down and sat in between the legs of Harsh and asked me to catch his dick and put it in her mouth. Harsh caught her hair tilde and I did so as she ordered. After some time she left his dick and asked me to pull my nightly and make me naked, so I did. Now she was naked and than she asked me to unwire Harsh. I started open the buttons of his shirt and soon I pulled his shirt. Now they both were naked. Harsh was pulling her hairs with full swing and was fucking her mouth. After that she stood up and sat on the seat and started kissing with harsh, because this action was amusing her much. To stop the kissing she ordered me to clean my pussy with your tongue. Now I was on the floor and was licking her pussy. She was pulling and pushing herself. Suddenly she stopped and asked me to bring cold cream from the bag. I opened the bag and brought the cream, than she ordered to put cream on my pussy. I did so and than she ordered that also put cream on the dick of Harsh, which was done by me. Than she lay down on the seat and put her legs on the rest of the seat. Now harsh was in between her legs. She asked me to catch the dick and put it on my pussy and push it slowly in. I caught the dick and put it on the pussy of my sweet wife. At this stage Harsh could not control himself. He caught her shoulders and pulled her on. In a sudden his complete dick was went in to the pussy and this time she cried loudly with pain. She asked me to open light. I stood up and went to the switch and make the light on. I saw harsh was sitting on the seat. She was in his lap. Her hairs were covering completely the face of Harsh and she was sobbing with pain and when I came on her back I saw blood was spreading on the seat. I frightened but controlled my self because it was natural. For some time they sat in same position but sooner Harsh caught her from waste and started pulling her up and down. She caught his face and put her tongue in his mouth. Suddenly she shouted at me that help harsh otherwise he will tired, pull me up and down. But harsh denied because he was standing. She put her arms around his neck and her legs were around his waist. He stood up and started walking and during walking he was stroking on her and she was looking in his hands like a doll. About one hour he fucked her in this position and than he laid her on the seat. At this time her one leg was on the seat and second leg was on the shoulder of harsh. Now her legs were making the 90-degree angle. Once again he put his huge dick on her pussy and pushed it in. This time his speed of stroking was very fast. Pinky was asking him for more power full strokes and he was doing so. After about one hour he pulled her up and made her mair. He puts her dick on her pussy and pulled it in forcedly as it was dry now.he caught her hairs like a string and pulled back and started stroking. This pose was very painful for her but she was enjoying. After some time he left her hairs and caught her hips and stroked her with the full power of him. It was four-o clock but both were very fresh for the actions. Now the daylight was spreading and only two-hour journey was left. I asked her to finish now and wear the cloth but she denied and said that they will finish it just 15 minutes before the arrival of city. She was with the mood to enjoy a lot. This time he sat on the seat and she sat on his dick. Now she was fucking him. Now only half-hour left when they separated. Both wearied their cloths in bathroom and came back and started kissing. Both of them were not ready to leave each other. I asked her whether she enjoyed the journey. She replied that this was the memorable night of her life. She asked the Harsh that where he stayed in Lakhnow. He told her that he will stay in Indra Hotel and asked her to come to see him. She saw at me for the reply so I promised him that we would come daily to see him. After some time train stopped at station. We came out and I saw that Pinky could not walk easily, because her pussy was to be puffed out and rubbing during walking was making pain. I laughed but she said very powerful my man.very powerful. After taking taxi he went to his hotel and we went to the house of Pinky’s sister. No body was at home accepting the mother in law to sashimi. Sashimi is the name of pinkies sister. Every family member was in hospital. We stayed there for half-hour at home and soon went to hospital. When we reached there we saw Sashimi was in her sense and was feeling better. Pinky was very happy to see her sister better. We sat there for one hour when the chowkidar told that the time of visitors is over. We left hospital and when we came out Pinky said Ram we should not go home, we should go to hotel, where Perbhaker stayed. I said that do not make so hurry, still you are unable to walk easily, you are feeling pain in your pussy, what will you do there. She told that you can not under stand the pleasure, which I am feeling to get fucked in this paint is very much pleasing me. So please let me take there.

So I fulfilled her wish and when we reached at hotel, parbhaker was not in his room, when we enquired from the counter, the attendant told us that he is in meeting and will come back at 8 PM, but message was there that if Pinky came she must come after 8 o clock. She was very happy to take this message because he remembered her and was waiting for her. We left hotel and went home. We were tired so we take bath and slept. It was 11 AM .

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