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My wife Neeta planned a weekend trip with two of her friends and their husbands to a resort out of Bangalore. My Wife Cheats I had met her friends Neha 28, a very sexy girl with a good figure and sunita slightly plump but still very sexy. Neeta my wife is 5?3? with a figure of 34-26-36, B cup breasts with almost no sag she is definitely very sexy. I did not know either of the husbands Sunil ?nehas husband nor Amit sunitas husband. Dinner was boring, Neeta and her friends chatted to me and the other husbands but somehow I felt out of it.

I noticed Sunil paying more attention to my wife than I was comfortable with. Even flirting with Neeta and dancing with her more than with his own wife, and they seemed to dance over the far side of the floor, past the crush of bodies swaying and writhing to the music, where I couldn’t see them. While talking always his hand would rest just above her knee on the inside of her thigh. Neeta seemed not to notice so I said nothing. He was also drinking from Neetas glass from time to time, always making sure it was from where she had left a lipstick ring on the rim, and occasionally he would pick her cigarette up from the astray and smoke it. Sometime later I went to the men’s room, and could hear Sunil and Amit talking, ? Neeta’s looking hot, I wish l could fuck her tonight, ?. Amit said ? She’s married and with her husband around? ? Sunil laughed, ? who says you cant fuck a married woman, haven?t you fucked my wife and I yours ?. I was shocked, frightened, I had to get Neeta out of here. She would have no idea about any of what he had heard.

When I asked Neeta to come out she said ?Don’t be ridiculous Sanjay, I’m enjoying myself, go and have some rest if you’re not feeling well ? I couldn’t tell her what I had heard in the men’s room; the last thing I wanted was to cause a scene with so many people around. I decided to go to our room and lie down, decide what to do. I ordered a bottle of scotch from room service, deciding to get hammered, just worrying and waiting. Of course nothing would happen, if the man tried, Neeta would slap his face, she wasn’t like that, she had never been unfaithful in all our 4 years of marriage. I took my drink onto the room?s balcony and sat looking out at the cities lights, sitting in the chair deciding to wait for an hour or so and rejoin the party and must have dozed off because I heard voices outside of the door, it was Neeta and a mans voice, I jumped up and for some unexplainable reason decided to hide.

I closed the balcony door leaving the curtain slightly open so that I could see inside the room, just then the bedroom door opened. Neeta came in followed by Sunil. ?He’s not here ?she said, ?Thanks for coming to look for him with me, that was sweet of you Sunil.? ?Happy to help ? Sunil replied. Neeta went and stood in front of the dressing table mirror and to my horror I saw Sunil lock the door. Neeta, looking in the mirror, slid her lipstick across her lips. She lit a cigarette and turned to face Sunil Sunil was standing very close, a smile on his face. ?That was nice what you did in the elevator Neeta ? ?You mean this? she replied, and pecked him on his lips. ?Well that and the other thing too? ?Do it again for me? Neeta smiled at him and holding her dress raised it until I could see her stocking tops.

Sunil looked down between her legs, then leaned to his right and slid his hand onto her stockinged thigh. Neetas face looked mesmerized as she allowed Sunil to slide his hand all the way up her thigh. ?Lift it higher Neeta,? he said. She did, I could now clearly see her thong, so could Sunil, I watched as my wife closed her eyes and Sunil cupped her pussy with his hand. She moaned loudly as I saw Sunil?s arm moving in and out, I imagined the man had his fingers inside her pussy and was fingering her in and out. With his other hand he undid the strap holding her dress on her right shoulder, the dress fell down exposing Neeta?s right breast and nipple, which was clearly aroused. His fingers pulled and twisted her nipple sending tremors through her body. She was moving her hips in time to his fingers, pushing back at him. ?We should go Sunil, the others?, ? Its ok, my wife must be getting fucked by Amit with sunita watching ?. ? What!? said Neeta shocked? ? Its ok Neeta we have been fucking each others wives for some time, its only you who was not included ?. Saying this he roughly kissed her. my wife opened her crimson lips, accepting Sunil’s tongue to lick and slide inside. His hand left her breast and started to undo his belt and pants.

His pants fell to the floor along with his boxers exposing the longest cock I had ever seen. It wasn?t fully erect yet but was already longer and thicker than mine. I was horrified, my wife was going to be fucked with that monster, it would hurt her, he was sure. Sunil began to slide Neetas panties down her thighs, ?take them off,? he said and she obediently removed them to expose her wet pussy to both of us. I watched, fascinated, my beautiful little wife was going to be fucked by the monsters huge cock. Sunil?s hand returned to her now very wet pussy, his fingers immediately slipping inside her making her moan loudly. Neeta spread her legs wider and squatted slightly to allow her lover better access to her cunt. Sunil took her head in his hands he kissed her again, moving forward to let the tip of his un circumcised cock stroke across her thigh. Still kissing her, Sunil took his cock in his hand and slid it across her pussy lips, Neeta moaned into his mouth, I could see her slide her tongue past her crimson lips and search for her lovers tongue. She held his arm as if to urge him to touch her again. ?I?m going to fuck you? he grunted at her, ?I?m going to fuck you and cum in you? I was surprisingly very hot and hard and my hand was stroking along the length of my cock, which was out of my trousers, I would cum soon, I was sure. Sunil pulled his foreskin back exposing the large purple mushroom head and positioned it at the entrance of my wife?s tight but very wet cunt. I saw him push forward; the head forced itself in, folding my wife?s pussy lips in with it.

He pulled out again and rubbed it along her lips again. ?Oh Christ Sunil, that?s fucking wonderful when you do that? I had never heard my wife use language like that before. Sunil pushed again, this time with a hand on Neetas bottom to hold her in place. I could practically hear a pop as the mans huge cock opened my wife?s cunt, I saw with excitement the cock head disappear inside my wife?s body. Neeta was looking down between her legs, looking where they were joined; she had a strange look on her face, a very dirty grin. She slid her hands onto Sunil?s bottom and lifted her right leg, hooking it on his hip. This made her open a bit more and as Sunil pushed, more of his cock slid into her. She was kissing him again, he started to fuck into her, short stabs, pulling out and pushing further in. She was kissing his neck now; Sunil?s only intention was impaling this little slut on his cock. He sucked her tongue, licked her lips, anything to make her wetter and open up for him. Loud moans were coming from deep within her, Sunil was grunting every time he pushed into her. ?AAAhhhhhhhhhh? he grunted,?Im all the fucking way in you now? ?Christ you?re sooo fucking tight? Sunil was cursing now with every thrust, Neeta could only hang on as her body was pushed up against the table from the fucking she was getting from this man. She lifted her other leg and wrapped it round his waist, she started humping her hips sliding herself up and down this beautiful cock that was very soon going to bring on her first orgasm. Watching my wife getting fucked by another man was making me hot and my own cum was now covering my hand, as my wife?s high heel shoes crossed behind Sunil?s waist. He was now holding her tight to him, his huge strong arms completely wrapped round her.

Her bare breast jumped up and down at every thrust, Sunil leaned down and started to love bite her breast, she screamed with the pain as he bit and sucked. Sunil was close now, Neeta grunted ?OOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ?as her orgasm washed through her, her lips on his, kissing, tonguing him, giving herself to him. All the time the hard cock fucking her, they kissed through her orgasm. Sunil gripped her tighter, he grunted an animal growl from deep within himself, I saw his buttock clench, the muscles contracting as the sperm flowed out of the end of his hard cock deep into my wife?s tight wet cunt. Sunil thrust inside her three more times, short stabs, making sure all his semen was gushing into her. Then held her tight, his cock still buried deep. I could see where their pubic hair was matted together with their combined cum. I watched as my wife?s lovers cum started to leak out past the base of the softening cock. They kissed deeply, passionately, like lovers. They stayed locked together for what seemed like hours, kissing, Sunil making slow fucking movements in and out of her, more and more of his cum leaking out and dripping onto the carpet.

The cum was running down her leg onto her stocking top, she looked down as Sunil wiped the sticky end of his cock on her pubic hair. Neeta cupped her hand between her legs and went into the bathroom. Sunil dressed himself and waited for her, she sat at the dresser and fixed her make up and I watched them kiss one last time and leave. I couldn?t believe what had just happened, he had just watched another man fuck my wife and he did nothing. He washed himself and went down to join the others. I walked down to the hall where they sat chatting and drinking and Neeta was smoking. Sunil sat close to her. As she saw me, ?Here you are darling,? she said, kissing my lips. ?Drink my friend?? Sunil handed Me a large scotch. ?Where were you ?? asked Neeta. ? I just went for a walk around the place .? Neeta smiled and glanced over at Sunil. As the music was still on I asked Sunil?s wife Neha for a dance, luckily it was a slow dance and I held her in my arms and as her boobs touched my chest I had an instant hard on. Neha was wearing a short skirt and a top without a bra as her nipples could be seen poking out from her T-shirt. I was dancing right in front of Sunil and my wife, I held neha close to me pushing my hardon to her pussy and kissing her cheek, I whispered to neha ? Do you know that your husband has just fucked my wife? She didn?t seem surprised ? Wow, he?s been waiting to fuck her for quite some time, but how did you know ?.

I watched him fuck her, I hid in the balcony of my room while he fucked her ?, this seemed to give her more pleasure and she rubbed her pussy to my cock. I looked towards Sunil and Neeta. My wife had an amused smile and Sunil also seemed to enjoy me rubbing his wife’s pussy. ?Neha, I have two choices, either to fuck you or confront my wife and your husband ?. I said. Neha turned and gave me a hard sloppy kiss pushing her tongue right into my mouth and said ? Lets go and fuck right now?. With this I held her and walked away to her room with my wife and her lover watching to give Sunil?s wife a great fuck. We spent the next few hours fucking, we then got dressed and moved to my room as we entered we saw Amit fucking my wife and sunil fucking Amits wife. Seeing my wife getting fucked by another guy made me hard again and I decided to join in, as I stripped sunita called me to her to suck me off. Neha also stripped and shockingly my wife called her ? Neha can I lick my husbands cum from your pussy ?. Neha was excited and sat on my wifes face spreading her cum filled pussy.

We continued our orgy for the next two days during which all of us fucked each other. This opened our marriage such that any of us within our closed group can fuck each others wife. Yesterday while returning home I dropped into Amits house for a drink, as I was having a drink sunita pulled my trouser, licked my cock and then lifted her skirt pulled down her thong and lowered her wet pussy on to my cock, fucking me right in front of her husband. As I entered my house I found my wife naked getting fucked by sunil while his wifes cunt was being licked by my wife. I invite comments and suggestions from readers particularly horny wifes.

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