My Unfinished Fantasy – Desi Sex Stories

This is a story that will make one and all to yearn to have sex like nobody has. I am narrating this episode as a fantasy of mine, which will happen either today or tomorrow. I hail from the land of the Kama Sutra and it is only natural to have instincts well within to explore the best possible. I hail from South India (the Silicon Valley of India) and am a 24-year-old guy, 5′ 8 ” well built with a good educational background. I have studied my graduation in a hostel, but never felt like venturing to have sex with my fellow girlfriends. But, after my degree I have come across a lot of girls and that has prompted me to have a wild imagination. I will describe to you my fantasies about a girl named Anita who stays near my place. This girl is a helluva bitch. Words have no match for her beauty. Shez around 2-3 years younger than me. Shez got a beautiful body with her contours describi g her hidden well-shaped body. I knew she was a badminton player in her college days, so the great shape. She is 5′ 6″ tall with a fuckin sexy body to go with. Guys she’ll blow you off your feet, had you seen her. It so happened on one day that I was waiting at the bus stop and this honey of mine was standing at the other end of the stand. I mustered some courage to go and talk to her. We got self-introduced and were busy chatting away to glory. In the meantime our bus arrived and we were on our journey to our destination. We alighted at the same stop, and were just about to leave the bus stop that it started to slightly drizzle. I knew her house was nearer to the bus stop. We were walking along together and suddenly a loud thunder was heard upon which she was startled and knowingly or unknowingly she grasped my hand in panic and that was enuf cause for a chill to run down by spine. I was extremely aroused by that spontaneous touch. I didn’t mind it at all. We were walking as fast as we could, and almost on n earing her house it began to downpour heavily.

She then invited me to her house to take shelter till the rain was gone. I agreed to it. Once at the doorstep, she was in for a shock! The door was locked. Repeatedly she pressed the brown button of the calling bell, but to no avail. Upon hearing this here neighbour, came down running from upstairs of the next building to hand over the keys, as her parents had gone off to a relative’s house and were expected only at night, the time now being around 5 PM. She told me to be seated as she went in to get me a towel to dry up. She got me one and went inside. I followed her slowly inside to find her slowly undressing in the so-called privacy of her room. I watched patiently as she slowly removed the duppatta of her churidhar, that sight was mind blowing as she was completely soaked and thru the material of her churidhar I could see her massive boobs straining to jut out. I said wow! man, you have made your day. I was seeing thoroughly when slowly she turned around to pick up some warm clothing, when she caught a glimpse of me watching her. At first I thought she’d chase me out, but no! Our lady was horny enuf as I was becoz I had removed my T-shirt to reveal my well-built body with a dense tuft of chest hair. She fell for me so did I. She willingly gestured to me and there I was in the proximity of one of the Sexiest Babes ever seen by me. I slowly moved towards her to take her in my arms. We embraced each other to ignite our wet bodies to flames. We passionately kissed each other like two hungry vultures. Our both tongues were entwined inside each other’s mouths and we were feeling very gratified to having kissed like that. Then slowly I started to unhook her churidhar to which she completely agreed and indeed pulled it off in one go. The sight I saw made my eyes pop. I have seen Manisha’s knocks on screen, but not something like that in front of my very own eyes. I slowly bent forward to untie the knot of her pyjama to remove it. It fell off to reveal my honey in only a two piece suit. That was n vitation enuf for her to explore my body, she kissed my chest, neck and down to my nipples which she expertly used her tongue to finger it with concentric circles which made tingling effects in my body. She then unzipped my jeans to let it drop down to make me feel like a man standing only in undies. I was relishing the sight of her ample fair BOOBS jutting out of the bra material; they were perfect D-sized cup breasts. I could no more hold my tension; I immediately unhooked the bra to reveal a pair of melons with brown button shaped nipples. I leaned forward to suck on them with constant circular excitation of her nipple region, which sent her to ecstatic heights. I nudged her knocks to send her into spasms. I could make out that her cunt was twitching for my ever-growing dick, which was 5½” long with a large base dia. She was sooo fuckin soft that I pinched and bit her tits and boobs untill they had become slightly reddish in colour.

Now I was in top gear, I lifted her to her bed and in one swift action removed her panties to reveal a dense bushy pussy, which has been untouched by the razor. She too was quick enuf now. She ventured to rip my undies to reveal a clean- dick area, which was quite unexpected by her. I normally like it that way. She bent below to slowly retract my foreskin to reveal a shiny dick head glistening with pre-cum. I slowly asked her to lift her legs so that I could enter her. She did comply. I now moved my tongue into her cunt and fiddled with her labia. She moaned in pleasure. I kept on sucking her cunt juices, which tasted like nectar to me at that moment. I aroused her clitoris by constantly sucking and nudging it. Man, now she was very excited and was uncontrollable. She wanted to suck my cock, but I dissuaded her and allowed her to only lick my dick head. After that I fuckin glided my hot rod into her hot tunnel to start a reciprocating action which meant “jumping and pumping almost all nig t”. I was so exhausted by this that I kept doing it for about 10-15 min. and did not take the risk of off loading my precious cum into her love box, so I shot the whole thing on her knocks and both of us kneaded the melons and she tasted a few drops of it to realise its experience. As it was all over for the first time, I promised to meet her as frequently as possible to make more explorations of her body. So, guys and gals that was a journey to my fantasy world, I still have a lot to do on her, but words don’t permit me do so in this letter, will do so in future, if and only if I can find that elusive “Anita” thru this letter. She can contact me at I am always available and waiting for that girl who would want to be part of my fantasy. You can expect more from me in reality.


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