My Uncle’s Daughter

Hi Iam Srikanth, I have been reading stories here, since couple of weeks. I wanted to share my experience with My Uncle’s Daughter here. This is real and true story happened to me 5 yrs back when i was in 23.

This incident happened to me with my uncle’s daughter Madhuri. She was 26 at the time. Three years elder to me. I have completed my degree and she was doing her post graduation at the time. She is very good height 5 6 , fair and good looking .Her boobs are size 36 and well shaped. She is very close to me , since chidhood we play together and she tease me lot. But i never had any intention to do anything with her. I stay at different city for my studies. she came and staying at my home for her studies for her post graduation, as my uncle lives in some small town, there is no college there. We sleep in the same bed since we are kids , whenever we visit them or vice versa.

I have completed my studies and went back to my home. She is still doing her post graduation and in my home. She is using my bed room. She is very happy by seeing me and we chat a lot and discussed so many things about my college and her college. We sit in the sofa sometime and afterwards bed and chatting. While chatting she hold my hand and tapping and iam doing the same thing. Sometimes she keeps her hand on my shoulder and lap. This time i felt little bit horny and my rod slowly getting erected. I thought , shit what is happening to me , this is not good , in these years i never felt like that with her. In the night i was little bit shy to share the bed as its long time back we slept in same bed. So i said i will sleep on the floor.Looks like she is also shy and she didnt ask me to sleep in the bed. She said with low voice ok ok. But i know she dont mind if i share the same bed, rather than happy. But we both could not ask each other. I used to call her sis or sometimes madhuuu, as she is elder to me. She is my mother’s elder brother’s daughter.

In the night, i woke up for bathroom. While coming back , i saw her. She is in deep sleep. She is wearing nightie. Her nightie moved upwards a bit and showing her beautiful legs up to knees. Wowww what a beautiful legs, so healthy, nice and fair and looks very sexy. Her big round boobs are moving up and down with her breath. In the bed light i stared at her legs for some time and i am feeling like to touch it. But i did nt dare to do so. From the evening iam feeling something diffrent this time. Now my mood has changes completely and i wanted to have fun with her. I couid not sleep that night, and keep watching her for long time. In the morning she asked me, did u sleep well? after a long journey yesterday. I said ya. I slept long that day and waiting for the night, to see her. This night nothing happened and try to see her if her nightie goes up. Couple of days gone by.

One day i think about it and planned to to do something. First of all i wanted to find out weather she is having same intentions on me. Othrwise if something goes wrong, she is going to tell my parents. One night i am reading some book and laying on bed acroos she is watching some movie in TV with my parents in living room. After some time i pretended to be sleeping. At 11 o clock she came inside and saw me laying on bed. I was looking at her without knowing her, weather she is going to sleep on the floor or come to me. She thought a min and came to bed and adjusted my leges properly and slept next to me. Howw what a luck. I was very happy by this and waiting for her to sleep. Her face is oppisite to me. I am pretending as sleeping. Aftre an hour she turned side and face towards roof. Her boobs are big, and i am watching the action.

By turning her nightie came upwards up to her knees. I could not control myself and wanted to touch her. I pulled my lungi(typical south indian night dress) up to my knees and slowly and acting unknowgly put my leg on hers. Hmmm her legs are so smoothhh and very nice. Now i started slowly rubbing on her legs , my dick become hard rock, i am not wearing underware. She moved little bit, looks like she awoke. I am watching her with half opened eyes. She saw me and closed her eyes. I dont know weather she fully awoke or within the sleep. Taking some time and carasing her legs. hmmmmmmmm so smooth and she dont have any heir on her legs.

And after that i turned her side and put my hand on her boobs. Wow those are big and round smooth. From the outer of her nightie itself iam moving my hand slowly and carefully without knowing her. i could not do more than that. Then after sometime i wanted to see how she feels. So i turned facing my face on roof, still keeping my legs on her and moved my lungi downwards, my dick was rock hard and i put it outside. I stayed in that postion for some time and moved my legs up and down to wake her up. Suddenly she woke up and saw me. I was little shivering this time for her responce. She saw me in that position and looks shocked. And then she got up and went out for bathroom. She came back after 5 min, and sit next to me. Then she stared at my dick, its very hard now with 6 in and little hairy around it. Then she watched me, iam pretending. Madhuri thought iam sleeping, so she keep looking at my rod and my thighs for some time. she is enjyoing it while watching. Then madhuri laying next to me , this time very close to me and slowly she put her hand on my chest. I turned on her side and put my hand on her waist. She slowly moved her hand from my back to up to my buttocks. Hmmmm I am feeling like in heaven , she carassed with her hand on my buttocks while acting to be sleeping. Now i am fully horny and could not control myself.

I put my hand on her boob and pressed . hmmmmmm it was smooth and very nice. she is still acting. Then i put my lips on her lips and playing with my tougne. I opened her nighty buttons and wowww, she is not wearin bra. I think she removed it when, she gone for bathroom. hmmmmm now i saw her boobs naked , those are really excellent , tight and firm and smooth milky. hmmmm ohhhhhh Then i pressed her boobs for sometime , her nipples are hard now. its become more big. She did not open her eyes, i know this time she already awoke and acting to be sleep. I know this by her breath. I think she is still little shy. Thsts why she did not open eyes and no resopnce. Then i put my mouth on her boobs and sucking and with my teeth i bite on her brown nipples. sucked her nipples and wit hone hand sqeeezed her boobs and i forgot everthing and sucking one boob and sqeezing other. Now Suddenly She moaned haaa ahhaahaaahhhhaaa . Hmmmmmm haaaaaaa and She said , ‘Areyi srikanth emi chestunnu vu ra’ (re srikanth what are you doing ra). Maduri put her hand on my head and pulled towards her boobs and pressed her boobs towards my face very tightly. I sucked her boobs and hugged her tight. My hard dick touching her thighs and madhuri hugged me very tightly. ‘Srikanth , what are you doing to me raaa, where did you learn all these things? Maddhhuu sorry raa , sudden ga i got this feeling , i said. Maduri said thats okk ra raaa raa inka gattikaa pattuko ra chala bagundi(hug me tight raa common ) she pressed her boobs to chest and move my chest round. Then she said, may be my parents might know this if they are woke up. I told her they are in their room, they dont need anything here. They dont come here. dont worry.

I smooocheddd her , kiss and put my tounge in to her mouth and licked her her tounge some time. MY dick is touching her thighs, this time her nighie came almost upward up to her waist While hugging, moving and holding each other. she is wearing panty. i am touching her thighs with my hard and hot rod. She hold my rod with her thighs and placed my dick between her nice and smooth thighs.(not pussy). hey srikanth what raaa neeee madaaaa vedi ga kali pothindi emi kavalanta daniki and(your dick is very hot and burning what it needs raa). I said neeve adaga ve madhuu daniki emi kavalo anna(you ask my dick what it wants). Then madhuri hold my dick in to hands tight and carassed some time. she rubbing it for some time with her hands. hmmmmmmmm HAAAA I moaned madhuuuu u killing mee. Srikanth nneee madda ni notlo pettukovali vundi andi(maddu said i want to suck your dick) I said ok common. she then move opposite side and put my dick in her mouth and sucking. Hmmmmmmm i said ohhh its good. common do it. mean time i opened her panty and smelled her pussyy. its little hairy and wet with juices. it smells good. I put my fingers on her pussy hair and played for some time. hmmmmmmmm rubbing maduri pussy lips with my fingers. hmmmm its so great. I put my finger in to her pussy and moved around . hmmmmm it so nice and slippey with wet juices and move in and out my fingers one by one. she moaned haaaaaaaaahmmm mmmmmmm srikanth emii chesthunnavu naa pooku tho(what are u doing with my pusssy, hmmmmm hhaaaa) srikanth put your mouth on my pussyy and lick it raaa(neee tounge to kasepu naku raa naaa pookuu nee andi).

I put my tounge in to her pussy outer lips and licking it. she said put inside raa. mean time she is sucking my rod , naduri pulled down my foreskin and opened my red knob and licking it round and steadily. ohhhhh that was great. hmmmmm. I put my tounge in to her inside and licked it and pressing her ass. Lots of juices coming out from her pussy, it is so wet. after some time i licked , nadhuri said srikanth , lick on my clitories raa. i asked where is it excatly. she showed me where excatly it is and i started licking her cliroris and moving my fingers in to her pussy hole. hmmmmmmm she said haaa there there do it same , haaaa and she stopped sucking my rod and moning. she is getting over i think, maduri said , srikanth fast fast ra do it do it lick it. i licked very fast and also my fingering. suddenly she shouted ha haaaaa haaaaaa hmmmmmmmm haaaa aipothindi naku haaa haaa (it is getting over) and she shook her body huhhhuhhh and hold my thighs tightly and pressed her pussy to my face. hhaaa she said hhaaa hmmmmmm its over. she came to my side and kissed all over my face and hugged me and relaxed for sometime. My dick is still hot and burning. now i wanted to fuck her. I didnt leak mine, iam saving it for fucking immedialy. she now laying facing towards roof. So slowly i kissed madhuri on her face all over and caressing her back and moved up to ass and pressing slowly to make her prepare for fucking. i caressed her ass sometimes and came on to her put my face on one boob and slowly started sucking and with one hand pressing her another boob. chewing her one nipple and another nipple with my fingers. And i am already naked, i removed madhuri nightie completly. I made madhuri also completley naked. I never fuck anybody before, but i watched bf and read some stories. Madhuri said, srikanth fun is over ra , right its already 2 o clock, so sleep now i have to college moring early, teasingly(ink emira inka paduko , baga enjoy chesavu kada, nenu morning vellali college ki, nanu edipincha daniki, thankaki nanu ante baga istamu, so eppudu edipistu vuntundi).

Madduu i am not getting sleep raa , we play some more time. She said no no nothing go to sleep now you did everything raa what else you want? she smiling (anta enjoy chesavu kada, inka emi kavali neeku , navvuthu andi). By hearing this i little bit dissponted, thinking that , she may not like for fucking. madhduuu said hey srikanth why are quite? i said no no nothing with murmuring. She laughed at once and pulled me on to her top. WOWW hmmmm i am happy and hugged her tightly, so she she hugged me and put her hands on my ass and pinched . I shouted with pain heyy madhuuu what are you doing. She said ree srikanth why are you shy to ask for fucking me now after all these. i said i had fear to ask that, as she is elder to me. She laughed again and said buddhu, and kissed me deeply on my lips. and chewed my lips. (reee enduku ra siggu padtha vu , intha sepu nato adukoni emomo chesesi ippudu ninnu dengalani vundi ani adgadaniki, antu navvindi) Srikanth tell me , do you wanted to enjoy with me since long time? I said no no raa promise i never had that feeling. ONLY couple of days only after i coming from college i said. I asked her weather she had that feeling for long time. She said yes, she had that feeling since 5 t o6 yrs. And she said may be i thought bad if she try to do that with me, may be i dont like to do with her , thats why she kept quite without doing anything. She said she realised couple of days , iam trying to hold her hands for long time and caressiing and sometimes i put my hands on her neck from back side and try to to touch her boobs as if i am doing unknowgly. She said reee buddhu, i know everything raa you intentionally put your legs and caresiing and u put your hands also my boobs, and you opened your lungi(south indian night dress) and showed your dick. She said i realised you also want to enjoy, today night and wanted to enjoy with you, she laughed. I hugeddd her tightly and said youuuuuu, she pressed her boobs on my chest and kissed me all over my face. I presses her ass and thighs, and she rubbed all over my body with her boobs. she went down and put my dick in between her boobs and rubbed and pressed with them.

Hmmmmm HAAAhaa i moaned iand i coud not control, i said i canot control now common(inka naa valla kadu raa nee pooku lo pettesta). I reached on over her and kissed all over her body and i put my dick between her thighs and feeling her smooth thighs sometime. it so nice and smoothhhh. she moaned haaaa haaaaaaa hmmmmmmmm srikanthh and she hold my dick and put it on her pussy and said push raa put inside(lopala peta raa naaa pookuloo). I pushed slowly and it went insde little hard and she said its little pain so go slowoly. i slowly pushing inside and it all went inside. Hmmmmmmmm her pussy is already had lot of juices inside it so smoooth inside and fellinggg like somewhere. i kept my dick for sometime there and it vibrated inside her pussy with pleasure. she moaned hahhaaaaaa hmmmmmmmm abbaaaaaa hmmmm what is it raa it shaking raa inside she said. slowly move raa she siad. i started slowly, to feel her no pain. after couple of jerks it is become soft inside and and she is feeling very nice inside. meantime i am sucking her nipples and presssing with my one hand. and jerking in to her pussy with my dick. after 10 min she said fast raa fast raa do fast and moaned. i pushed hard hard hard moving my rod up and down very fast. i did a good thing before sleep, i already masuburated , so now iam able to do it more time. i fucked madhuuu for about 30 min and she said hers is getting over and pushed my rod fast and fast she lis like moaning at the end hha haaa haaa haaaaa hmmm haammmm hmmmm and i released and hmmmmmm haaaa and i layed on her sometime.

Maddhuuu kissed me all my face and said you did very great raa how did u do this much time raa, did u fuck anybody before? i said noo raa i promise , i just had mastunurated before this, thats why i could hold little long. hmmmm next day morning we smiled at each other and kissed. And i did many times sex with her and we enjoyed a lot. she likes me very much Now she is got married and very rarely we do when we got chacne to do sex. Hi any comments please mail me :

Thanks and i hope you enjoyed this story very well

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