My True Story – Desi Sex Stories

Here is one that is true and I would like to share:
It was when I was 22 and had just started working for a big company. I
had bought a scooter and used to drive to work everyday. On my way to
work I used to cross a bus stop, and one day I noticed a beautiful
woman, of about 20, standing there, obviously waiting for the bus. We
looked at each other for a brief moment. I wanted to stop and offer
her a ride, but I was scared that she might raise a commotion, and I
had no intentions of getting beaten up by a crowd for trying to act
smart. I therefore continued on. The next day, again I saw her at the
same place and the same time. Again I looked at her, and this time I
smiled. I thought that if she smiled back, that would mean that I
could make further advances with little risk. Sure enough, she smiled
back! With my heart pounding, I stopped my scooter a little way down
the road, and looking back nodded at her to come and get on the

My scooter engine was running and it was in gear, and I was
ready to take flight at the slightest indication of her trying to make
any noise. Though horny, and eager for sex as all are at that age, I
was a well respected young man. But nothing untoward happened and she
demurely walked down and got on the pillion seat. I drove off and then
started talking to her. After getting to know her name, which was
Sushmita, I asked her where she wanted to be dropped. I was not one
who was looking for a long term relationship, and so I was in a hurry
to make the best in the shortest possible time. The fact that she had
not minded taking a ride with a stranger, increased my boldness. While
on the scooter itself, I caught her arm which was around my waist, and
pressed it lower in such a way that her palm was on my crotch. She
made no move to take it away and I then pressed her hand gently onto
my crotch, while driving all the time. My tool inside was straining.

Then I realised that she was gently rubbing my crotch without my
trying to help her! That felt better, and also helped me because now I
could use both hands to drive! Soon, we reached her destination, and
she got off. She was teacher and said that she would get off in the
afternoon. I asked her what she was doing after that, and when she
said that she was free, I suggested that I pick her up and then we
could go home for a cup of tea. She agreed, and that afternoon I
picked her up at the appointed time. I was not married then. I had an
apartment where I lived with a servant who did the errands and cooked.
When I got home, I sent the boy packing on some pretext.

We were now alone! I asked Sushmita, that was her name, to sit down
beside me. We got talking! Then I asked her whether she would like
some tea or something better, like a cocktail! She said that she had
never had alcohol before and she was afraid. I told her that she
should try it out and there was no need to be afraid at all! She
agreed and both of us had a few drinks while we chatted. During this
time, I had started moving closer to where she was sitting and my
thighs were touching hers. I was trying my best to wear the image of a
gentleman and at the same time playing to get what I wanted – her

After a while I realised that the drinks were having an effect on her,
because the ‘palloo’of her saree had slipped, exposing her beautifully
rounded and straining breasts, but she made no attempt at covering
them. I slid closer and put my hands on her breasts, and gently
squeezed them, and at the same time started kissing her. She squirmed
a litle, but not much, and I sucked her warm lips, biting and nibbling
them. I felt for her tongue with mine, feeling her warm breath and
kissed her long and deep. While kissing her, I unbuttoned her blouse
and felt her soft breasts over her bra. My cock was hard and straining
against my pants, wanting to be released. I picked her up and carried
her to the bed, where I slowly disrobed her,taking off her saree.

I left the petticoat on, beacause I have this thing, to fuck a woman
with her pettioat on but raised to expose her cunt and ass. Looks sexy
and turns me on sort of! I also like a woman adorned with ornaments,
but naked, when I fuck her. After taking off her blouse, bra and the
saree,I stood by the side of the bed and took of my clothes as she
watched me with intoxicated eyes and a sexy smile. When I pulled down
my underwear, my huge fat cock sprang out in full erection. I watched
her as her eyes grew wide at its size and width. She caught my cock in
her hand lovingly and said “Bahoot bara aur mota hai! Mein to mur
jaoongi!” She lovingly fondled my penis as I stood over her. Then I
sat down on the bed and admired her beautiful white sculptured body! I
put my hand over her nipples and rubbed them and squeezed them between
my fingers. I played with her breasts and slowly let my hand wander
down to her pussy, which was hidden in a light growth of her satin
smooth pubic hair. I could feel the warmth of her cunt, and it was all
wet and hot as I slid my finger in her vagina. I started sucking her
nipples and then kissed her on her stomach and then licked her on the
belly button, all the while my finger exploring the depths of her
lovely wet cunt! She was moaning and her eyes were half closed, as she
held my cock and rubbed it and played and squeezed my balls! We
continued this foreplay, I rubbing my hairy chest aginst her breasts,
slapping and squeezing her ass, rubbing my knee against her cunt,
feeling her whole body against mine. After a little while, she started
panting and said,”Haai, ab rooka nahi jata!” But I was a slow player,
and knew that the slower and longer the better it is! Her thighs
readily separated when I licked her thighs, and buried my face in her
pubic hair, my tongue frantically searching for her cunt! It smelled
sexy and heavenly as I licked her love juices and drove my tongue
deeper into her vagina, sucking and licking! I could feel and taste
the soft, warm, wet walls of her cunt. Squirming in pleasure, she
tightened her thighs over my head, and pushed my mouth deeper into her
pussy. She was writhing, as she grabbed my penis and took it in her
mouth, as were in the 69 position. She eagerly sucked my cock and then
took my balls into her warm mouth and sucked and licked them! I then
got up and faced her as she sat up, and held my shaft and took it in
her mouth upto her throat and started sucking on it, in and out of her
mouth. I felt her tongue as it licked my cock widly. My penis was
bursting, and it wanted her cunt. I lay her down and she opened her
legs. I sat between them and with my hand rubbed the bulging end of my
penis against her wet cunt, up and down feling her clit with my tool.

She moaned,” Ab daal do andar raja, ab aur mut tarpao!!” I put the end
of my 9″ long and more than two inches wide piece of engorged meat on
the tip of her cunt and gave a slight push, and I watched it slide in
slowly, her cunt lips opening and yielding to the intruder, enveloping
it in warmth as it entered. I rotated it slowly for a little while,
drawing it back, teasing her a little, as her hips raised themselves
invitingly, wanting my cock. Love juices were dripping from her cunt
and I could feel the heat of her pussy. She looked at me with begged
me not to torture her further, saying that I was driving her crazy.

Then, with one mighty push, I drove my cock all the way in! She gasped
in pain and pleasure as my mighty tool went tearing, deep inside ”
Aaaaah! Phat gayee meri choot”, she said! I could feel the enveloping
warmth of her pussy as my penis went in. Then I started to fuck her,
slowly at first, kissing and biting her nipples while driving my tool
in and out. She was heaving under me, raising her hips and cunt to
meet my strokes. The room reverbarated with the sounds of meat
striking aginst wet meat, as I rammed my cock into her wet cunt again
and again, my balls dancing wildly and slapping her ass with every
stroke. Fuck…Fuck…!She started panting, and writhing in pleasure,
as she shook her head from side to side, and heaved under me. I
continued to fuck her,deeper and harder, licking and sucking her
breasts and nipples from time to time. I could sense her pleasure
rising as she moaned and groaned. I got off and asked her if she would
like to fuck me. She grabbed my cock and held on to it as if she was
afraid that it would go missing if she let it go. She pushed me down
on the bed and straddled me on my hips. She then bent down and sucked
my cock and took her mouth down under to suck my balls. I could feel
her flicking tongue as she licked my balls and then she started
licking my ass. Oh what a pleasant sensation that was, as she ran her
tongue over my ass. Then, she got on top of me and raising herself,
positioned her cunt over my throbbing penis. She slid sown taking in
the whole length of my massive dick. She started pumping, up and down!
She was bent over me and her beautiful teats swayed in front of my
face as she fucked me. I pulled and played with her breasts, slapped
her ass and rubbed her clit as she pumped me, enjoying the fuck. Soon
she started going faster, and I could feel that she was about to
climax, as she held me closer and panted and heaved her hips. Suddenly
she trembled and let out a deep moan, and held me tightly, her nails
digging into my back, her legs clasped around me, and I knew that she
had climaxed! I reversed positions, so that she was under me now and
started fucking her. Very soon she started climbing again, as kept up
the strokes! ” Haai, kyaa chodtey ho raja!!”, she said as she looked
at me riding her! With every stroke, her entire body under me would be
pushed up as my hips slapped against her ass driving my penis deep
into her cunt. Her knees and legs were spread wide, and she had her
hands on my hips to pull me deeper when I went in with every push. A
sound of ‘Seee…seeee..’ came from her mouth as I fucked her.

After a while, I took my penis out and bought it up to her breasts, all wet
with her cum. I slapped and rubbed her nipples with the end of my
shaft and said” Ab isko tumharee gaand chaheeye!” She looked at me
first in bewilderment, and then smiled in anticipation! I turned her
around and grabbing her by the hips I pulled her up so that her
beautiful ass was in front of me. It was the typical dog-fuck
position, something that I enjoy very much! I slowly rubbed my stiff
penis on her asshole and with my hand rubbed her wet cunt. I brought
some of the juice of her cunt and spread it over her asshole. I then
spat on my hand and rubbed it up and down on my penis. It was
glistening in her juices and my saliva, as I positioned myself
standing on the floor and she bent over on the bed, so that the head
of my penis rested on her asshole. She was bending down with her hair
hanging about her face and she tried to turn her face to look at me. I
held my cock and putting it at the mouth of her asshole, pushed it in.
Her ass was really tight and only with more force could I manage to
slide in about an inch. She was in some pain as was evident from
sounds that she was making and the way her asshole was pulsating! I
told her that she just has to relax and bear it for a while and then
it would be nice. Slowly I drove my whole cock into her ass until it
was fully in and the root of my tool was against her ass cheeks. She
was sobbing in pain! I then started to fuck her very slowly at first,
pulling my cock out and sliding it back in slowly! Soon she stopped
the crying and started moaning in pleasure, as I drove in and out of
her ass. “Ah…Ah…Ah..” she went with every stroke, as her breasts
lolled below her and swung wildly with every push of mine. She got
into the rythm and started to heave her ass to meet my driving strokes
as I drove deeper, harder and faster into her ass. She started to pant
and her head flailed wildly as she screamed and moaned in pleasure. I
could see my huge penis, glistening as it came out and disappeared
into her asshole again and again! Fuck…Fuck…Fuck..! We went on!
After a while I, took out my penis and just by changing the angle
slightly, rammmed it into her cunt which was dripping juice.

She let out a cry as I entered her from behind and continued to fuck her. She
moved and thrust her hips faster and faster, and made sounds of
“Oh….ah…ah….oh…” as I fucked her. My balls danced wildly, and
that sound of fucking, the “Fuchh…Fuchh” sound of meat against meat,
was heavenly as our pleasure went rocketing. I could feel the juices
in me rising now and my cock became harder! I could feel the stirring
in my loins as the cum welled up, and my excitement started rising
exponentially! My strokes became faster and harder as I fucked her
deeper with every shove.

I was pulling her hips with every stroke and
driving my penis deep into her, tearing away at her cunt, as her love
juices soaked my balls. I knew that I was about to cum,and a deep
groan started in throat. I took my cock out and in the same motion
turned her around so that once again she was facing me. I was standing
on the floor, my engorged, pulsating cock was in my hands as I started
stroking it, up and down. She sat up and grabbed my cock and started
to stroke it, and sucking it with her mouth and licking it with her

My cum was rising in me fast as I saw her head bobbing up and
down on my penis, taking it deep into her throat. As I was about to
cum I grabbed my cock and gave the final few strokes myself and then
it exploded, the cum shooting out of my penis, in strong spurts and
falling on her face, again and again, my cock pulsating as it shot out
the hot load, my hands jerking my penis. My thick milky cum fell on
her face and she licked it as it dripped down on to her mouth and
breasts. She took my throbbing ejaculating cock in her mouth, a deep
groan escaping my throat as the load continued to erupt out of my cock
in reponse to her sucking tongue, my penis filling her mouth with cum.

I caught her head, grabbing her by the hair, and pulled her mouth into
my crotch, shoving my penis deeper into her mouth, the cum continuing
to come. While she sucked and swallowed my seed, I fondled and rubbed
her cheeks, spreading my sticky cum over her lovely face as she looked
up at me and squeezed my balls. She drew my cock out of her mouth
after she had sucked and swallowed the last drop of my cum.

I was exhausted, and flopped down on the bed, panting and enjoying the
calmness at the end of the climactic pleasure as she fondled my hair
and cradled my head in her breasts.

That, my friends, was one of the best fucks I have ever had. I
continued to fuck her for a long time, and she enjoyed it because she
often told me ” Tum bahoot maahir chuddakar ho! Aur tumhara

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