My Temporary Secretary

Hello I am Sunil and I live in Delhi. My Temporary Secretary I am into business and earning a good amount of money, which makes me to maintain a large office. I am also a regular fan of My secretary had called in sick for three days and with a conference coming up next week I called a temporary employment agency. I wasn’t looking forward to working with someone I didn’t know, late into the night, but said to the agency, “Fine, I’ll expect Monica in the late afternoon and that she’s available to work until about 12:00 a.m. – I expect her to be qualified!” I had hung up and thought, “Shit, probably some high school kid that won’t know how to file and have a 9:00 curfew!”

I had quite a stack of papers on my desk for filing, when I happened to look down the hall and stare at a pair of long legs, in black stockings, walking toward my office. The first thing I said to myself, as I noticed her black spike heels, short black dress and sensual sway was, “Why couldn’t someone like that be the temp!” and I went back to work. I heard the employees leaving and I had only signed two contracts, when I heard a honey smooth voice say, “Mr. Sunil? I’m from the temp agency for the next three days to help you, after hours.”

I looked up into eyes that I knew I could stare into for days and held out my hand to shake hers saying, “Hello, you must be Monica, you can call me Sunil, I’m pleased to meet you.” I could feel my cock twitch in my underwear, as my hand held hers and I felt the warmth, from her palm, go through my entire body. I held her hand longer than necessary and instead of wanting to let it go, I wanted to take it and rub it on my now hard cock, as I pushed her to her knees to lick me. Instead, I let go of her hand and watched, as she started to file the papers that I pointed to on my desk. I couldn’t believe those legs that I’d stared at were now attached to this woman filing in my office.

The evening passed in cordial conversation but by 8:00 the electricity between our bodies was so strong that you could see the current flowing from my cock directly into her pussy. Glances and touches stayed too long and as much as I believe in office protocol I knew I wanted this woman and began to slowly ask her questions, “Can you work later tonight than 12 a.m.? Monica, it’s none of my business and you don’t have to answer anything personal but are you married…just for your information I’m divorced.” She crossed the office and coming around my side of the desk looked directly in my eyes, saying in that low sultry voice, “No Sunil, I’m not married… I’m glad your not married either… So, any more questions? I don’t mind answering any… for you!”

I stood up and as I moved closer to her, her hands came up and rested on my chest, as I said in a low voice, “Would you mind very much if I proceeded to kiss you, then?” That honey soft voice answered in a sultry whisper, “I’d like that very much and more!”

She lightly rubbed against me, as she slid her arms up around my neck. I pulled her body flat against mine, so I could feel her luscious tits through my shirt. My one hand slowly moved caressing her back, as I held her tight against me. My tongue slid between her soft lips claiming hers, but then I pulled back and looked into her eyes, “Monica, if you don’t want to be with me, I promise we can just work and not…”

I never got to finish my sentence as her hands ran through my hair pulling my lips back to hers. I could feel her nipples harden through her thin dress and the need to fuck her was making my cock throb. I wanted to be in her hot wet cunt.

My hands went to the zipper on her dress and when I paused she ground her cunt against the hard bulge in my slacks. She moaned slightly and I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted to sink my cock up her pussy. I slowly slid the zipper down, as my hands now moved over her bare back. Feeling her soft skin, I unhooked her bra freeing her breasts, for my hands to squeeze. I pulled back to look at her large brown nipples, while my fingers began to pinch and pull them. “I like your nipples, Monica…I want to suck on them!”

I felt her coaxing my face to her breasts, and she moaned as I began to gently bite and pull her right nipple with my teeth. I could feel her breasts swelling, as I massaged them and pushed them together. I could picture my hard cock thrusting between them…her fingers pressing on her nipples…my cock shoving in and out between them.

Sucking harder on her nipples they swelled and turned darker brown, while she moaned and pulled my mouth tighter against them. I stopped and looked into her passion filled eyes, “Do you feel it Monica, do you want me to fuck these tits, as much as I want too?

“Her answer was to unbutton my shirt, as she whispered, “Yes I want to feel you pushing between them…fucking them.”

As she unzipped my pants, and I pulled them off, my cock reached its full erection. I watched her stare at the length and thickness of it. I smiled at the look on her face and taking her hand I moved it to cup and squeeze my balls.

I cleared the papers off my desk and picked her up sliding her onto it. She looked cute on my desk blotter, as I pushed her gently back so she rested her back on my desk. Climbing over her I reached and felt the folds of her pussy. “Monica, you’re so wet, do you want me to fuck you or can I fuck these tits first?”

She licked her lips and pinched her nipples smiling up at me. I climbed over her body and she pushed her tits together so I could slide my cock between them.

Leaning my hands on my thighs I began to thrust back and forth, feeling my balls scrape lightly on her body. Looking down at her soft white skin, brown hair and graceful fingers my mind pictured many hours of pure pleasure using her body.

For hours I had wanted to feel my balls moving over her velvet smooth skin and now the contact scraping them over her made them start to tighten. “Like what you see Monica….My cock is nice and hard between your tits, fucking them!”

She was staring at my length and licking her lips as I whispered to her, “Want to feel this cock up that hot cunt of yours, Monica? Let me fuck these tits some more and then baby I’m going to ram it up your pussy!”

Her moan and arching her back was all I needed to know and I began to pump my cock harder, between those swollen breasts, watching her squeeze them on me.

Her tits were so soft rubbing up and down the length of my straining cock and with my balls being massaged by her body I knew I was going to reach that point of no return, where nothing can hold it back any longer! “Monica, turn over on your stomach!”

I quickly climbed off her, as she turned over and I pulled her by her ankles so her feet were now on the floor…she was bent over my desk. I wasted no time sliding my cock in her wet cunt. DAMN! It was nice and tight, as I began to fuck her, bent over my desk.

Thrusting deeper as she held onto the front of the desk I plunged into her honey cunt. Watching her smooth white ass shake, I fucked her cunt and felt my balls lift and tighten. I knew I had to shoot my load up her hot body, “Monica! Milk my cock baby, tighten your pussy on me!”

She moaned and I felt her velvet cunt walls start to clench and spasm as she started to buck and cum on my cock. “NOW! HERE BABY!” I fucked her hard….fast…then exploded hot cum up her pussy. I could feel my cock jerking, as it shot my load into her.

Drained, I kept her bent over my desk just enjoying watching her soft whiteass cheeks, and I knew I wanted to fuck her there at another time. She was whispering my name as I slowly slid my wet cock out of her pussy. She stayed resting there a moment, as I started to rub her back and over her nice white ass, spreading the cheeks and enjoying watching our mixed cum drip out. As I walked to my private restroom, bringing back a soft wet cloth to wash her with, I smiled at the picture of her still draped over my desk…legs spread wide. After we cleaned up and I walked naked back from the office kitchen area I grinned, “Here let’s have a snack but don’t get dressed. No one comes to work until 10:00 in the morning….

Sitting on the soft carpet we ate and chatted about working. I could not take my eyes off her nipples and with each bite into the sandwich I wanted to beeating her pussy. I kept my concentration on our conversation, but each time she bit into her sandwich and licked her lips, I could picture my hot load spurting on them and her licking it off. I love to cum on a woman, watching my hot load shoot over her tits and face. I finally smiled at her, “Monica, my thoughts are getting rather sexual again, we better get to work or I will flip you on your knees right now!”

She giggled and it sounded happy and refreshing. We both laughed while she said, “NO! I have filing to get done and you have those papers to look over…SO Mr. Sunil, stop looking at my tits and go read!” With that she got up and walked to the files, proceeding to file and ignore me.

I watched her file for about an hour and felt my cock starting to get hard again. I had put on my blue shirt and while reading a contract, started to stroke my cock. I was watching her naked ass high in the air, as she was kneeling filing in the lowest drawer, “Monica, come here honey, guess what I have under my desk?”

She smiled and when she walked over to me, I reached between those soft thighs running my fingers lightly over her soft pubic curls, “Wider Monica, open your thighs for me.” She spread her legs wider and I slid my fingers over her wetness, moving between her pussy lips to touch her clit. She moaned softly and opened her legs wider and I knew she wanted me to put my fingers up her honey cunt. I liked how she moved forward, causing my fingers to slide up her heat and I let her finger fuck for a few minutes. Watching her cunt thrust on my fingers made my cock rock hard and I moved everything off my desk with my arm.

“Monica get on the desk on your back, baby!” Helping her on her back I held her legs wide open, to look at her soft brown pubic hair, covering her pussy. I could see she was dripping and as I held her legs wider I told her, “Let me see you play with that pussy honey, spread your lips for me!” She immediately opened her pussy and moved her fingers in and out of her heat. She was moaning and fucking her fingers and my cock was erect…throbbing…I was ready to fuck this bitch again. Pulling her legs over my arms I moved my cock to her wet, hot opening whispering, “Now baby, feel it going up your pretty pussy. Let me fuck you like this for a while…but when you cum I want you to be on top, so I can shove this up your cunt. Any female interested in good and exciting fun may please contact me at from and around Delhi only.

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