My Teacher’s Wife

This sexciting incident happened to me when I was 18 yrs of age. My Teacher’s Wife I used to go to a tuition to a lecturer. he used to teach me physics. I used to go regularly to the tuition without bunking even a day. the reason was I was very crazy about his wife. she was so sexy with very very big boobs and a svelte waist. while the foolish teacher taught me physics, my looks were always on his sexy wife. I was also very jealous as he was gifted with such a bewitching wife. I wanted to fuck her till my thirst parched but dint get any chance for many days.

she also exhibited her navel as she wore the sari below it. one day, I went for the tuition as usual. but the master wasn’t at home. his wife opened the door and giving a sexy smile, she asked me to come in. she told that her husband (teacher) hasn’t come yet and asked me to study till he comes. then she went to bathe. I observed before that there was a hole to the bath room. I slowly went to the bathroom and peeped in. she slowly stripped off her sari and also removed her blouse. she was really a goddess. now, her boobs were in haste to come out of her white bra. she unhooked her bra now her milky boobs with hazel nipples made my dick aggrandize. then she removed her petticoat and white panties. my god! I saw her was very red. now, she is completely nude with gorgeous body. she now opened the shower and took bath by washing her hairy armpits, breasts, cunt and buttocks thoroughly and rubbed them with the towel. and now its time for me to rush to the drawing room and pretend to study and did so. she wore a red sari and red blouse which tripled her beauty.

she said – sir ab tak nahin aaye? aaj der se aayenge shayad u come tomorrow at the same time. then I smiled and received a sexy smile and I had been plotting on how to fuck her. I dint get any chance for many days. then one day I went to the teacher’s house. but his wife said “sir important kaam par mumbai gaye. then I bluffed that my parents were not at home and I also forgot to take the keys of my house and I said that they will return at 9:30pm.then she asked me to sit in the drawing room and study .but my intention was to fuck her like anything and luckily that fool (teacher) was not at home. she wore a green sleeveless kacket this time with a green sary.she was watching the TV in her bed room. then she came out and said “kya tum kitab nahi chodoge? aa kar jara TV dekho. i went and sat beside her. she sat with one hand raised. its not a hairy arm pit now. she shaved it neatly and ’tis very white. and she also used a perfume. I was smelling her arm pit whenever I get a chance. but she dint observe this. now I dint want to leave the chance. we talked some useless things and she is also very friendly then while talking with her I told her that she looks so beautiful. she was astonished and said thanks. she brought some eatables and while eating, the plate slipped from her hand and she bent to take it. I said “madam u r very sexy”. then she was stunned for this and said “kya tum hosh me ho”.i said I’m saying the truth. now I caught her hand and she tried to take back. but I caught her waist her made her sit on my lap. she said “chhodo na.yeh galat hai “i said that I was dying for her and kissed her lips for 15minutes.she laughed and said that she was fucked last time 2 months back and said that her husband was unable to satisfy because of lack of errections. Now I removed her sari and hugged her. I started to kiss her neck and she started moaning and I unhooked her blouse. her white boobs demanded me to unhook her bra too and I did this. I saw her big boobs with erected reddish brown nipples and started sucking and biting them. she said I’m unable to withstand. “ar dheere se kato na”i was excited and sucked her big nipples so hard. she started moaning saying “maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeh kya kar rahe ho?” some blood too came from her tits. by this time I felt her pussy wet.

I started licking her sweaty arm pits and bit them and pinched. I also bit her tempting navel. we tried 69position for sometime. she saw my 8 inch dick and said “itna bara Lund” and also said that she was fucked by very small dick all these days. I started teasing her cunt with my tongue going in and out. she said “paagal baccha”.her juice gushed out n I drank her juice without leaving a drop to go waste. then I put my dick into her red hole .she screamed with pain and uttered “uuhhhhhhhhhhhhh chodo na”and I started fucking her with great pace and she said “dheere se chodo i’m unable to tolerate” and started screaming “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” and I closed her mouth and cummed in her cunt .I also face fucked her catching her occiput and she laughed .she drank all my cum and sucked my penis dry. then I asked her to turn back to fuck her ass hole. she said “pecche bahut dard hoga”.but I applied some cream to her “chut” and fucked with great pace. now we were satisfied and took a promiscuous bath. It was already 9:30 pm and I left her house giving her a French kiss. I fuck her now and then whenever I get a chance. I bunk the college and go for fucking her. she also does a nude dance before me and I fuck her very hardly with lot of excitement. but the fool (teacher) don’t know our story and his adulteress wife. we try all types of positions and I love her very much.

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