My Sweet Cousin – Indian Sex Stories

This is a real story … It happened when i was 17, so and having my summer holidays, my mother side relation came to our place, to have a summer holiday, they are only four members one my mother uncle , auntie their son who is around 18 and their daughter who is 24 at that time.

She was very beautiful and sexy 36-28-34, figure, so i always dreamt about her. One day we went to a beach so we are playing in the water, so wrongly i touched her soft boobs, but she dint notice and took seriously…. So i after sometime i realize, so we went to our hotel so every one has own room, so it was night 11 i was not sleeping, just my light was on and i was seeing the pictures, so i came across a good sexy pictures of her , her name was tina, so i could not control myself then i covered myself in the bedsheet and lower my pant and hold my erect dick and was just began shacking, suddenly i heard a noise in door, it was tina, i forgot to lock the door, i told did what are u doing not gone to sleep , she told me no i just came to take the picture from u. So she came close and sat behind me still i have covered my self in blanket.

So she started seeing the picture, so while seeing her hand wrongly fall above the blanket, she felt my erect rod before i could say anything with a flash of second he removed my blanket now she saw my complexly hard rod. Then she ask, u sleep naked, i told no, then before she said anything i hold her face and put my mouth in her and started kissing deeply, she also respond but after she said pls.

Dont do this because due to year gap and beside u are my cousin, i dint listen to her and continued kissing, then she requested me but i am not listening her , so i removed her t-shirt and tore her bra and started pressing her boobs, and sucking her pink nipple, she was still protesting but i dint listen, i continued kissing her and playing her with her boobs meantime i found door was open, i went and locked it, so now she was helpless, i drag to her in the bed, and and sat above her and put my rod in between her boobs and stated trusting in 15 mins i discharge white liquid, then she was wet so before she could say anything i unzip her jeans and started licking her pussy now she is feeling great. Now slowly i inserted my tip of my cock, she cried with pain, and blood came, then i removed my rod clean her pussy and again inserted again she stated cried with pain but i put my mouth in hers hold her hand tightly, and each time i enters she was crying with pain, she was moaning like pls. For god sake dont do.

Pls. Pls… But i entered completely and now it has entered completely, then i played with her boobs, kissed her and move up and down, she was still, crying with pain and feeling great also iam holding her tightly and kissing her. So in 20 mins i discharge my hot liquid inside her cunt. After that she woke up wore the t-shirt and pant , and move to his room, after that we had many time fun, i will tell u later after that what happened. Till then bye and take care. Amit

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