My Son-in-law

I am Tabu aged 38. I have a daughter named aishwarya (ash). My Son-in-law I got pregnant by my father at age 18 and got ash. I did not marry anyone
after my father’s death. I wanted to get a good life to ash and married her at age 18 to Sam a cement business man. He was living with his father kumar.

I thought my duties were over at age 38. One day I visited my daughter’s house. All seemed well. I was sound asleep when a hand started to caress my navel. I pretended that I was asleep to find out if it was my son-in-law or brother-in-law. That hand then un did my saree and two eyes stared at my 38 inch boobs.

Then I saw that it was my son-in-law Sam. I now knew that I should satisfy Sam to keep my ash in that house. I pretended that I was asleep. Sam slowly pressed my two breasts, I moaned and then sam began to squeeze them hard. I opened my eyes. “tabu dear” said
sam.” I love you. I married your daughter only for you.” I was flattered. To hell with ash. I told sam “son, my breasts are weeping with joy. cajole them”. Sam said “yes mother” and immediately tore off my saree and then crushed my boobs and tore my jacket. My boobs were bulging inside my poor brassiere. Sam hug me like a bear and I followed suit. Sam undressed and I was in my bra and panties. we fell in the bed exploring each other’s mouth. Sam sent his tongue deep inside my mouth. I was trembling with the pleasure and ecstasy.

My chest expanded in joy and my boobs were bulging and “thwack” went my bra hooks. My rabbits were hanging free and Sam put
his lips in my nipples and started sucking. He resembled a little puppy. “tabu, tabu” moaned Sam.” My son, my son ” I moaned . He cupped my breasts and sucked both. He licked and spat on my boobs. He Soon tore of my panties and had me stark naked. He fell on my feet and licked them. he came up and licked my thighs. Inner thighs were my erroneous zone and that licking bought me fond memories of my late father. He licked my hamstrings and came near my cunt. I moaned and shouted.

Without our knowledge ash and sam’s father kumar were watching this. They were angry initially but were fired up themselves. They saw sam sucking the juices out of my cunt and licking it like a dog. I got up, took sam’s organ and put it in my mouth. It was massive. I choked. But still I held it in my mouth and started to suck it. It was painful but my lover adjusted. “mom, mom slow, slow” shouted sam. “no..” I shouted and intensified my suck. I ate it like a lollipop and sam was screaming. He exploded loudly in my mouth and I drank the semen thirstily. Then it was all action. His massive organ entered my vagina and attacked it ferociously. I spread apart my legs and he started to prick me. BANG, BANG, THUD, THUD, THWACK, THWACK went Sam. After what seemed to be an eternity he came off.

Then he turned me upside down and licked my buttocks and asshole. He drank his own semen and my juice again from my cunt, cleaned it and then licked my wet asshole. He then inserted his organ into my ass.My father had already done it to me. It was painful then, but now it was pure music to me. Sam stayed in my ass for ten minutes. it looked like ten centuries to me. Then we saw ash and Kumar. Need to tell what happened? both me and ash are now the wives of sam and Kumar. We both got pregnant by “god knows who”. We both delivered two females. after kumars death We both live happily with Sam. Email comments to “

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