My Sexy Maid

Hi my name is Ravi. I am 19 years old. I want to share my experience with you guys and gals My Sexy Maid. I’ve had the strangest sex with my maid (Rekha). There is also a third character. Read on and you’ll find out who it is. But mind you it could be disgusting for some…

I stay with my uncle and aunty and they don’t let me use the internet. So I have to do it with out their knowledge. Every night after all have gone to sleep I get connected and start chatting with somebody who shares my interests. One night as usual I was chatting at night . I had been chatting for about one hour and decided to stop. I had downloaded a lot of picture and I was going to look at them an shag. But before that I wanted to take a leak, so I got out of my room and went to the bathroom.

After I pissed I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. But when I got there I found that the kitchen door was not closed, but I was sure I had locked it. So I grabbed a knife and went out side. I looked around but I didn’t see any body. Just as I was about to go back inside I saw a faint light in our outhouse. I proceeded very cautiously, ready for a fight. slowly I looked in snuck closer and peeped in through the window. What I saw inside completely startled me.

My jaw fell open. What I saw inside was my maid being screwed and that too by my dog. I couldn’t believe it my, dog (Rocky) was fucking our maid. I got an instant hard on. My cock was painfully erect. Watching her getting fucked by our dog was all too much for me. I started to rub my cock and within minutes I shot my cum in my pajamas. I’ve never cum so fast. I guess all this was too much for me. I was also shivering with excitement and I was also scared of getting caught, so I slowly crept away. At night I couldn’t sleep. I shagged 4 times. Then I fell asleep.

I woke up at about 9 in the morning. My uncle and aunty had left for work. I was thinking how I was going to face the maid. When I looked around I saw that she had gone to the market. Relieved I looked around for the newspaper. I stepped outside and I saw the dog chained in the car porch. I thought about the previous night and instantly got a hard on. I thought how it’ll be to get fucked by an animal. so I went near him and squatted next to him. My dog got up. For the first time I noticed his huge cock and big balls. I split my legs and just motioned to him. Immediately he began to lick my cock through my shorts.

oooo the feeling was just too much, and I wanted more. So I unhooked his chain and took him inside the house. I took off my clothes and sat down on the sofa and split my legs. He immediately began to lick my balls and cock. ohh the feel of his long rough tongue on my hard cock was just great. Then I got down from the sofa and started to stroke his cock and balls. His huge red cock came out of it’s sheath and a bulge started to form. His cock was thick, red and kind of slimy. I turned around and Rocky started to lick my asshole and balls, then he climbed on me to fuck me. but when he put his cock in my ass it hurt like hell. It was too painful so I made him stop, and climbed back on the sofa. Rocky continued to lick my cock. I put my head back and was enjoying when all of a sudden the door flew open and there stood my maid. I couldn’t move, we just looked at each other.

I quickly grabbed my shorts and covered my cock. She looked at the dogs cock and then at me. my heart was beating so damn loudly. She slowly came towards me and sat next to me. then she looked at me and asked me ” did you like it?” I managed to say yes somehow. then she asked me “do you want some more?” my pulse was racing, but still I managed to say a shivirish yes. On hearing this she put her hand on my chest and started to circle my nipples and pinch them. with in no time they were hard. then she put her lips on them and started to suck them. slowly, real slowly she slid her hand down until she reached my hard stiff cock. she began to stroke it gently. it was great.

She grabbed my head and shoved it to her breasts and told me to suck them. I tore her blouse open and started to suck and bite her nipples. She then pulled my head away and told me it was time to get fucked. She told me to take off her clothes. I did as I was commanded. ohhhhh she had a wonderful figure. she made me get down on my knees and made me suck her cunt. mmmmmmmmmm it was sweet. She then asked me ” do you want to see me get fucked by rocky?” the dog was called and at once the dog mounted her and started to work on her sweet ass. it was banging her like a jack hammer. I went around and knelt down I front of her. she sucked my cock all the while the dog was fucking her. then she made it stop and said it was my turn.

I told her that it hurts but she told me that it only hurts at first then it becomes good. Then she got up and went and got some vaseline and put lots of it in my asshole and around it. Then the dog mounted me. She guided the dogs cock slowly in to my asshole. The whole thing went in with one big push. I screamed with pain. Rekha told me it was ok and that the pain will slowly go away. slowly she made the dog fuck me. she was right, soon the pain became pleasure. she bent down and began sucking my cock.

mmmmmmmm soon I was screaming “faster, faster, make it fuck me faster” and that’s just what rocky did. He kept on fucking my tight ass until finally he dug his claws in to my back and shot his hot sticky sperm in to my asshole. I could feel the hot sperm in my ass. I turned around and started to suck his cock to get the remaining cum. Dog cum tasted different from human sperm. Dog sperm had a metallic taste to it. The cum in my asshole was beginning to flow and drip out. Rekha started to suck and lick my asshole and drink all the sperm. She put her tongue deep in to my ass hole while stroking my balls and cock. Then she got up told me” now it’s your turn”. she made me sit on the sofa and took my penis in to her mouth and began to suck it. I started moaning louder and louder. She liked my balls and sucked hard on my cock. With in minutes , with a loud aaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I shot my whole load in to her mouth. mmmmmmm. She drank it all. she didn’t even miss a drop. liking my penis clean she got up and said that there’s more that she can teach me. She made me get up and I had a bath . But soon I was aroused and we fucked again but this time we left the dog out. Now a days after everyone has gone to sleep she comes over to my room and we fuck and browse the web together.

I hope you guys and gals liked my experience. I know it’s disgusting for some of you, but I’m sure there are some of you who like it ( at least in secret). So if there is any body who shares my likes and ‘TASTES’, please mail me as soon ass possible. my e-mail ID is I’m can’t wait to meet you guys and gals. So please mail me and I’ll be sure and fast to reply.

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