My Sexy Dream

Hello friends. I m regular reader of zoneforsex stories. My Sexy Dream I wanted to share one of my sexy story. I m 24 years old from LAHORE PAKISTAN. I always loved to watch naked women. for this purpose I made many small holes in bathrooms and bed room. you will surprise to know I also made few wholes in my relatives toilet and wash room. in some of my relatives I use the place of exhaust fan to see in side bathrooms. in short I know all the secret holes through which I see all beautiful women in my near relations. I tell you there is no woman in my near relation to whom I did no see naked. I am actually fond of watching woman’s chootar. the cheeks of chootar always made me horny. five years ago when my newly wedded my cousin Saima came to my house first time with her father, I started to pray to come her to toilet so that I could see her naked.

Saima was really a beautiful woman of 23 years old. she was very white and innocent. I had become bored to see her beautiful face .I want to see her chootar . after long wait I saw sherine going towards bathroom. I hurriedly went to back side and kept my one eye in one of my secret holes. Sherine took off her dupata and then she put off her qameez. now I saw her putting off her shalwar… now she was standing in bra and pantee. She was looking very beautiful. her gaund was very pretty. I never seen a gand like Saima in my whole life. she put off panties and bra and started to take shower. my lund came into full swing. sherine was really fantastic. in bad language she was looking very maderchod. this is my first sight which turned my thoughts and I wanted to fuck her. before this moment I never thought about fucking.i was satisfied with masturbation looking girls naked. Saima tummy was well cleaned and aline of hairs was leading towards her choot right from her naval. I was making me horney. she was slim and her tummy was solid. her gand was wide . her boobs were small but slid. nipples were brown and erect. while she was taking bath I masturbated. but this time I was not satisfied .I badly wanted to fuck my Saima. in the nighte her father gone to office . he had job in airlines and he had to go for duties in different shifts. Saima and my mother kept talking till 2 in the night. when Saima came to her room which was set for her stay and mother went to her room I started my work. I tell u I m brave man in sex activity. I have lot of ideas to motivate a girl having sex showing my self innocent. one of the idea I applied that night. I linked the TV of sherines room with my vcr which was kept in my room. I started a blue film on it from 10.p.m in the night. I left my house saying mother I will perhaps not come home in the night as I had to look after one of my friend who had an accident and is admitted in hospital. I never gone hospital and came to back side of my room and started to wait to come Saima in her room. in back of my house there are two windows., one of my room which I kept a little opened and the other was in Saima room. it was closed but secret holes were enough to see in side. I did not forget remote control of vcr to bring with me. after a long long time when I saw Saima came to her room I started blue film on through remote control from outside window. Saima relaxed on bed and started to read newspaper . I did my whole possible arrangement. now all was up to my luck. I had to wait when Saima switch on TV. It was confirm as soon as she switch on TV she will see sexy scene. I did all this to show that it is coming from cable not vcr.

After long wait she lifted remote. my breath became fast. she switch on TV. oh it was horrible scene. two girl was sucking a big lund. I saw Saima . she switched off but after confirming that door and windows are closed. she again started TV. now man was discharging his cum over mouth of both the girls. I saw Saima rubbing her choot. she opened her shalwar and started fingering. now the time was to hit. as per my plan I rang with my mobile in Saima room. we had to telephone. I intentionally rang in her room. I saw she became little confused when telephone rang in her room. she muted TV and lifted phone.

I said ” Saima…. I m sorry to disturb you. I have come back from hospital and I m standing out side gate. I did not rang call bell because I did not want mother to get up as she is patient of blood pressure. so plz you open the gate.” I felt she was little confused. she eventually managed her self and came to main gate and open the door. I was standing like innocent boy. when I was passing near to her room I asked Saima intentionally are you watching TV. my question was unexpected for her and she could not deny. then I said Saima you must not watch cable channel. in the night it shows dirty things. I saw last night a very dirty film over it. I was telling all this to bring her to the topic of sex. Saima bow down her head and said nothing. I bravely came in her room and like a angry person I touched the back side of TV and said it is quite hot. it means you were watching. it is not a work of a sharif aurat.

Saima half heartedly said I was watching other channels. I suddenly switched in TV and saw the blue film was moving. I saw towards her and said you switched off TV but forgot to change channel. now the Saima was full in my control. she was about to weep. then I turned my self in little soft and draw here near to me and started kissing her. I knew now she is my slave and she can not do any thing. movie was still moving. I forced her to watch. a man was sucking choot of a lady. Saima was looking that scene. I ordered her to my lund out of my pant. I stood on floor. Saima did I asked her to suck. like slave she sat down on the floor started sucking it. Saima was nice sucker. she was taking my whole lund right to the dead end of her throat. it was my first experience but believe me I was doing like an expert. then I lifted her and put off all her dress . she was looking like a sexy model. I was also dress less now. I was surprised to see my lund. it was in full length. I never seen my lund so hard and big.i turned Saima and started kissing over her gand. I separated both the cheeks of her gand, there was a brown tight hole. I used my toung over her asshole. it was my dream.

I wanted to make atmosphere more horny , I lay down on bed and asked her ‘ what is it’ pointing towards my lund ‘mujhay naheen maloom’ Saima boli ‘ yeh lund hay…… keya hay … bolo’ I forced her Saima said with shiness ‘LUND’ ;

ok, it is nice’
‘lund ko lura bhi kahtay hain’ I told her
I forced her to say LURA
Saima said LURA
I inserted my fingure in her pussy and said ‘ it is choot’
what is it? inserting another fingure in her choot
she said ‘choot’
I then lit a cigarette which I brought a per my plan. i forced Saima to take puff. she hesitated but I forced her. then I saw Saima smoking cigarette holding in her two fingures.i was really a scene of that night. she was lying spreading her legs and smoking like a randi.
I then decided to fuck her ass as randi.

I bent her like a horse .her white gand was just in front of me. I stared to below THAPER over her cheeks. when I give thaper.she cried. the cheeks of her gand became red. now I applied oil over my lund and give a hard push in SaimaS gand. land ka topa jasay hee Saima ke gand mai gaya. she cried,oooh ama may margaie….ama ooooouuuu. I did not care a kept my force in the gand.half of my lund was in now. I was also feeling trouble to insert. it was really untouched gand. it was tight too. for full penetration I drew my lund little out and then pushed with great force and jerk. now Saima started weeping… mujhay maff kardo MEHBOOB…mere jan nekal jayae gee…..hooo buhat darad horaha,,,.ama ha ama ha hoi merchan lagrahee hain….

This type of Saima langugage was making me more horny. my lund was completely burried in her gand. I was surprised to see my lund disappear in her small gand. I was feeling some bad smell of shit but all was ok. ever thing was perfeat. Saima was apologising me but I was not ready to give her any conession. when she looked towards me turing her head . I pulled her hairs and said may tanga challa raha hoon. tum mere ghori hoo orr tumharay ball lagam ke tarha hain. I really pulled her hairs very hard. then I forced her to walk like horse in the bed room. she was crawling in bes room . my lund was in the gand and her hair was in me hand and she was walking. it was really beautiful sight. when she came near to dressing table I ordered her to stop and said look yourself in mirror. when she saw her self like a horse, I said with laughing’Saima yeh hay aurat kee ouqat’
suddenly I discharged my cum and I loaded full in her gand.

After this incident I never fucked Saima as she is frightened to me and never gave me chance. she smiles to see me but never stayed alone in my house. I fucked lot of gands but SaimaS gand taste was super.

Any woman or girl I of any age from LAHORE wanted to fuck her ass like Saima, do no hesitate.

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