My Neighbour Shireen

Hi !!! to all fans I am a guy from Karachi, Pakistan. My Neighbour Shireen After reading a lot of stories, I am now going to tell you all of my sex secrets. Before reading this story mind this that the story below is not fake. Its real !!!

This story is about eight months ago that I enjoyed sex with my neighbor Shireen. Here’s something about Shireen. She is beautiful and very sexy and has a beautiful body. She was 22 at that time and I was 18. One day I was doing my project work at my home. It was near 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I was busy with my work and all of a sudden, our bell rang. I went outside to see who’s there. I saw a man standing over there. I enquired to him that what he wants. He told me to call Khalid (brother of Shireen). I said OK to him and came inside to call Khalid. I knocked at the door but there was not any response from inside. I knocked again and this time I found the door opened. I went inside the house. I shouted, “Khalid!” “Khalid!” but there was not any response again. I went further inside and I was Shocked to see that. I saw that Shireen was in her Bra and she was tying the laces of her Shalwar. I was seeing her from in front of her. Her face w as down. She suddenly looked up and saw me. I thought she will tell my parents but her smile let me have courage. But at the moment, I turned myself and asked for Khalid. She told me that he is not in the home. I said OK and went outside and told the man standing down.

Now I came inside my home and just remembering that sight of seeing such a beautiful lady in bra, as I was not experienced. One thing I want to tell you is that we neighbors got a joint gallery. So, 5 days later I was standing in the gallery. After a while Shireen joined my company. She was in a good look of having wet hairs. She was wearing brown Shalwar Kurta of such a cloth that everything inside can be seen slightly but her Bra can be seen perfectly. I knew this all but never reacted. We were good friends too. She asked me something about my studies. I replied her. Now she was getting close to me and I was enjoying all that. I too was getting closer to her. Suddenly my phone bell rang and I had got a go to my friend’s home. I told bye to her and went to my friend’s home.

In the way to my friend’s house I was thinking about her. Then after approximately 2 hours, I came back to home. I saw that my parents had left for a Pithi of my cousin. I entered into the home and thought about her. That night I came to know that tomorrow my parents would go in the Nikah of that cousin. They told me to join them but I refused them to do so. My parents said OK. The next day my parents left house near 7 o’clock in the evening. I was completing my project work and all of a sudden the electricity gone. I burned a candle and wind up my all things. Then I went into the gallery where there was Shireen already standing. I was happy to see her. Her whole family went to the picnic at seaside accept her because she was caught by headache. I said her, “Hi.” she replied me in the same manner.

15 minutes passed we were talking in moonlight darkness and we got much closer to each other in such a manner that her backside was touching my backside. I was full with my hopes and my dick was getting harder. After five minutes, the electricity was back and we both came inside into out homes. I was just thinking of her. Suddenly knocked up at my door. I asked, “Who is this?” I heard Shireen’s voice. I opened the door and there standing was Shireen. I said, “Yes?” She said, “I am feeling afraid to be alone in my home. May I sit here for a while?” I replied positively. I was again with my full hopes and my dick was getting erect. I wanted to hide this so that I went to drink water and let my dick to go in its real position. I came back and I saw Shireen looking at my project. I asked, “How is it?” She said, “Its wonderful.” I thanked her and after a while she got up and sat on the sofa on which I was sitting. She was closer to me. After few seconds she put her hand on my thigh and said that this is really wonderful (the project). Her hand was almost at my dick. She again said that this is very nice. I put my both hands on her face and said, “And so you.” We were looking at each other’s face and then I kissed her madly for a while. She was making such a noise that I can’t handle my patience. I took her to my bed and made her nude. Then I kissed on her lips and went down on her. I removed her bra and panty. Now she was totally naked. I removed my clothes too and inserted my dick into her. She was moaning with pain but she was enjoying as well. We did that all for approximately 20-30 minutes. Then we came on kissing each other for about 5 min. Then for about 15 min we were into the bed naked. I was touching her body and her big boobs of about 34 inches. That day I came to know her vital statistics. Her figure was nearly 34,26,36. She was naked in front of me. I was enjoying all that time. After a while she said to me, “I have to go” but I did n o t want her to go. In fact I was touching her ass and boobs and her brown nipples. I replied her to go 5-10 min later. She was agreed. I was touching and playing with her nipples. She was enjoying that all.

Two weeks later I again fucked her in her home. That day was a memorable day that I should remember till my last breath of my life. Is any girl is interested in me and if anyone wants to know about that then email me at:

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