My Mom

I am 18 and have lived as a single child with my single mother. My Mom Being a senior correspondent with a foreign publication, my mom has ensured a fairly upper middle class upbringing in case of her only son – me. She moves around a lot and has been used to a pretty social lifestyle that includes lavish parties and the social circuit.

As a child I grew up pretty normal tended by our maid, who has been with us since I was 5. Ever since a child, I remember my mom adequately playing the master of the house. In fact, all those fatherly mannerisms have been pretty apparent in her. Be it the manner of her ensuring the right decorum and discipline in the house or her style in rolling a cigarette or a drink. I grew up without ever having missed the second parent.

Mom has been a pretty lady with extremely attractive looks and personality. Transparency is the best way her approach to life can be described. I never recall she having ever been tentative, apprehensive or doubtful about anything at all. Even her social gatherings have been laced with due class and aplomb. My attitude towards her or the perspective however gradually changed as I grew. By the time I was 12, I realized something changing in my outlook towards her. My instincts towards her changed as I began realizing how unlike other mothers she was. She would get up early each morning for a walk to return for a ritual massage each morning. My maid would be the masseuse religiously easing those bodily strains. This would go on for about half hour till she proceeded for her bath. Her bath would be succeeded by a session of dressing up. She would walk from her bath into her room, drying her body there. Seeing her rub herself with a towel in the nude was nothing unusual to me as a child. I could walk in without ever having felt anything despite her nudity. She too would be pretty oblivious about that. It took me to turn about 12 when I began getting discerned about that outlook. For the first time, I realized a nude woman standing in front of me, with those stately breasts, hairy armpits and an equally hairy crotch vigorously rubbing with the towel. Around the same time I began taking greater interest in her massage sessions each morning. She would lie bare on the floor for our maid to oil every contour of that attractive frame. It took me time to realize that the maid in that act actually aroused sexual pleasures for mom. She would rub mom’s vagina in a manner that aroused fantasy. This entire realization drove that change in my perception. I could now see that wholesome cleavage she flaunted, those thin-strapped sleeveless clothes that projected those armpit treasures and the blatant exhibition of a large navel seeking attention.

It was one of those days when mom was at home for over a week. Our maid too was on leave then. I got home from school at noon to be introduced to two of her colleagues, a gent and a lady. They apparently had been guzzling a beer too many. I finished lunch to head for my room. I was too tired and crashed amid those noises of the party happening outside. I got up after an hour to realize the noises having faded. As I made my way to the kitchen, I heard some uncanny groans and moans from mom’s room. The rising frequency in them arose those devilish spirits in me. I took the room vent to explore the happenings inside. My body, all of 16 years then sank after what I was to see. The other lady lay there nude, the guy stroking her and my mom fully dressed then, kissing the stroked vagina. After that orgasm, the man began kissing mom. As I thought that the other lady lay tired, she sprang up to begin undressing mom.

Amid that vigorous kissing, she was totally shorn of her clothes. The lady started eating her. I could see her brushing the vaginal hair occasionally slapping her buttocks hard. The man was getting his penis fed into mom. When she was reasonably charged, she was laid. This point I got back to my room, till I heard these guys depart a couple of hours later. After they left, mom called for me and got chatting or rather mumbling in that intoxicated state. I realized she was drunk. She continued drinking for another hour till she passed out there itself. She was wearing a short sleeveless pinafore. It took me some moments to realize that, that was all she was wearing. As she rolled over on the sofa, I got a generous glimpse of her buttocks. I sat there watching not wanting to loose the stiffness in me. She showed her armpits that were flowing with thick black hair. As she rolled again, I could see her vagina though shaved clean this time, apparently by her friends. That was the time I felt my blood rush. I immediately bolted the front door and embarked on an experience that I had longed for. Having made sure that she was indeed high to wake up, I got down to realizing my nefarious fantasies.

For the first time I actually felt those hairy thighs and the vagina sans that bush. My science classes bore fruit when I could distinguish between the labia and the clitoris. The acidic taste was however beyond them. After fondling those parts, my heart longed for those breasts. In that state, I realized that overdoing that strip-act would only give me in. So I decided to wake her up in that inebriated state to lead her to her room. After a lot of effort I was able to persuade her to let me her into her room. Capitalizing on her smashed state, I volunteered to change her dress to which she whisperingly agreed. That was my chance. Rather a liberty to consented stripping. Those breasts were indeed good. The pit hair was longer and thicker than I had ever realized. Having achieved summit an hour later, I retired. The next morning, mom was up earlier totally blind to the happenings the previous night. I now long for the times when she gets smashed for me to exploit my incestuous instincts.

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