My Lovely Maid Shazia

Hello, my name is Ali, and I am a regular reader and fan of the erotic stories. I live in Karachi, Pakistan. The story My Lovely Maid Shazia is a true story, and this incident took place only a few weeks ago.

My family lives in a big house, which we have accommodated for well over 20 years. It also has large servant quarters, and a family of servants lives in it. One of their daughter’s name is shazia, and she is only three years elder to me, but when I was young, she used to look after me when my parents had to go somewhere. Now I am 18 and she is 21. Both of us are sexually active young people. After reaching puberty, I had always loved her, and used to masturbate while thinking of her. Her mother and other sisters too gave me an erection, but she was the best of them all. I used to masturbate whenever she used to bend down to do the laundry or cleaning, because I would always catch a glimpse of her lovely breasts.

A few weeks ago, my whole family had to leave for vacations but I did not go because of my examinations. However, after my exams ere over, I was free and had the whole house to myself. Shazia used to come in everyday to do the cleaning. My friendship with her had built over the last couple of years, and we were quite free with each other, but only to some extent. One day, I was watching a XXX video CD on my computer, when suddenly shazia came in to clean the room. I tried to close the movie in time, but was unsuccessful. Shazia saw the movie, and looked at me, then she gave me a smile. I at once understood that she too wants to see the movie.

I asked he to sit down and enjoy the movie. I started to rub my dick, unaware that she was still there. When I looked at her, I was stunned! Shazia had taken her cloths of and was masturbating. She invited me to come and have her. I could not resist, looking at her size 40-D breasts, and her black bra. I went up to her and took of her bra as she took of my clothes. I started to lick her tits, and she moaned as I caressed her, again and again. She put my dick in her mouth and gave me a blowjob. Aaahhhhh it was sooo good. I was getting hotter & hotter and she kept on sucking. I finally blew my entire load into her mouth, which she gulped down with ease. Now it was time to pay her back. I took of her underwear, which was already wet by now, and smelled heavenly. I started to lick her pussy and finger her clit. I had the time of my life eating up all her juices…yum!

Now it was time for the big job. Shazia asked me to have intercourse with her. She was a virgin, and I had the pleasure of being the first one to fuck that heavenly body. I put her legs on my shoulder and inserted my 9 inch penis into her as she was screaming: “aaahhh…tum bohot zoor saii choodtay hou “!!! After banging her for like 15 minutes and then I ejaculated me cum into her, some of which even came on to her thighs. She sucked my dick one more time, and then we both were tired and at the same time, the movie finished.

I have many other stories I would like to share with you, but that’s all for now!!!

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