My Little Sister – Sex Story In English

The time i came back from my studies abroad. This is only intended to read by people over 18 adults

Hi people my name is shalikh. And i’m 23 years now The story i’m going to tell you happened 1 year ago i came back from usa completing my studies and it was good time to come back after 5 years in my family my folks got to airport to recieve me. My parents and my younger sis who was 2 years younger than me, about my sis – when i left pakistan she was only 15 and was in 10 th grade i didnt know when i’ll come back she would we so grown up she was 19 when i came back and fully mature now fully grown body and round tits and real nice back wow .

Well i was very surprise to see her like this atthe airport.Then from airport we came back to house back in defence. Had family dinner and talked about 1:00 am in the morning every body was tired now were now heading to there rooms my eyes were all the time at my sis nice body, just couldnt imagine. Mom told her to show to my room which was just beside my sis room i followed her to my room she was looking gorgeous in that tight shalwar kameez . just than “bhai yeh tumahara kamra jaisa tha waisa he hai” i came to my room the scent of it was so nice i said “ok behena tum ja keh so jao main bhi so jata whon” she as usual kissed me on my chick as she used to do when she was 15 but this time i can feel her scent wow. With that she went to her room. About 2:30 as i was just going to sleep i again had strange feeling in my heart thinking about the great body of my sister i couldt hold my shaft was just going to blast i was in struggle to see my sis naked so i made the decision i got up came out of my room slowly and walked to my sis room i couldnt hear any thing from inside i slowly opened the door and got in.

It was dark in except of alittle light coming from the curtains of her room i hold my self and slowly walked to her bed and sat down on the floor near her bed she was fast asleep in the same tight shalwar kameez my hands were trembling but i hold on my self and guarded my hand on the top her body on the tits of her wow were they fluffy and round so soft wow. then i guarded my hand to lower part of her to her pussy touched it the lips were still together she was still a virgin. Then i moved on and move my face over her tits and sucked the top of them the taste with the cloths on them was real nice a small amount of water came out of them as i was busy in the thing she murmered and at once got up .

She got shocked to see me her room at this time “bhai tum mere kamre meh kia karrahai ho is waqat” I just said “Sheeeeesh chup karjao agar tum nai kisi ko bataya to bauhat bura hoga ” with that i got in bed with her and said in her ears “mein tumharyi sath khelna chata whon ” she said “kiya khelna chatey ho bhai” with that i just put my hand over her tits and said “in say khena chahta whon ” she said ” nahin bhai yeh acha nahin” i said “koi baat nahin sirf ajj kai liye” with some struggle i persuaded her and she said ok but dont hurt her with that i just started kissing her lips neck i said “apne kapre utaro ” she resisted but i with in no time teared her cloths and stared tearing her panties and in no time i could see her whole beautiful body i just said” dekho yeh tumhre liye acha hai keh tum chup rehna theek hai”

With that i just started licking her whole body and in no time she was aroused too and helping me in the things i moved her head to my dick and said “is ko chuso ” and she did the same and then she quikly did it. wow – her lips were so smooth on my prick then i got moved back in the dogy position and put my big prick in her pussy that she screamed real loud but i didnt care and i moved back and front and she was moaning “hahahhaha aur aur zor sai” “jaldi karo aur jaldi” this was making me wild and with in no time i filled her pusssy with my thick cum she was bleeding too and was about to faint i stayed there for 5 minutes with my dick in her pussy and after that i said thankyou to her and she said “thankyou kis baat ka mujhe pata tha jab tum aoo gay to main tumhe achi lagoon gi isi liye maine yeh tight kapre pehne thei” i was surprised at that and we did the whole thing again up till 4:00 in the morning. It was great coming back in the family again. any body want to ask any questions email me on every body is welcome


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