My Kaam Wali

This is rocky (nickname) here. I happened to visit zoneforsex a week ago and after reading your experiences I decided to write my experience. My Kaam Wali We have a kaamwali from the past 3 years. Her name is Deepa. She is dark skinned, but has got a good figure. Within a week of her working with us I was lusting for her. She had large boobs and a large gand. I used to watch her shaking boobs when she used to wipe the floor and some times I would get a nice view of her cleavage. I was trying desperately to bed her. soon I got the golden opportunity to fuck her.

It so happened that one of my cousins was getting married in Goa and the whole of my family was planning to go to Goa for a week. I saw the chance and refused saying I had to attend my classes. My parents agreed to this. I dropped them at the station early in the morning and came back. I then decided how to trap deepa.

I knew she would refuse at first. So I hit upon an idea. Deepa comes at 7. 30 a. m. As she rang the bell I opened the door and went to sleep. I was wearing a lungi. I had removed my underwear and was sleeping with my legs spread wide. She completed washing the utensils and started sweeping the floors. She completed the hall and the master bedroom and then came to my room. I had purposely kept some Debonair magazines on the table. She picked them up and looked at me just to confirm I was asleep. Then she kept the broom and started looking at the pictures. I was watching her while pretending to be asleep. She then noticed my legs and slowly came forward. She was looking at my lund intently and was not able to decide whether it was just a mere chance or I was awake. She quietly started sweeping again. I watched her as she was struggling to fight her conscience.

After some time she again came near and started peeping in my lungi. To give her a better view I spread my legs fully so that my lungi rode up and my lund was exposed to her. She hurriedly went away. I knew I could get her . when she came in the evening I told her I would not lock the door in the morning so that she can come in without disturbing me. She said okay. In the morning when she came I was awake but tried the same trick again. I saw that she did not respond at first and started wiping the floor. I saw that she had not worn a bra and the sweat had made her blouse transparent. Her boobs were visible. But this time she could not control herself and she and she came near again and this time tried to raise my lungi so that she could get clear view of my lund. slowly she started touching it . I decided it was now or never and got up and caught her hand. she was frightened.

I asked her what she was doing. She said nothing. I pulled her towards me and gave her a kiss. she started to protest saying this was not proper. I lifted her and threw her on the bed. I slowly moved my hands over her body from her face to her legs. I moved my hands under her sari and moved her sari upto her thighs. She was sweating. I removed her sari and also my t-shirt. I then started kissing her from her lips. Slowly I moved down to her boobs and kissed them over the blouse. Then I kissed her stomach and licked her navel. She gave a soft sigh. I knew she was getting hot. Slowly I moved my tongue over her thighs and started licking the sweat on her thighs. It was salty. Moving down to her feet I sucked her thumb. She was moaning. I removed her blouse and pressed her boobs. She gave a little smile. I then started sucking her boobs and biting her nipples which had grown hard by now. She was thrashing legs. I then stopped and she opened her eyes. I asked her to dress up and leave. She shouted at me “madarchod adha kaam karke bhej raha hai, Mujhe chodo please.

Mera pati mujhe aise sab nahi karta. ” Now I removed my lungi and showed my lund to her. She was shocked at the size of it. She asked me whether it will be able to enter her pussy. I removed her petticoat and made her sit at the edge of the bed and parted her legs. then I brought my face near her pussy and smealt it. It was heavenly. I gave a kiss on her choot and she bent her head backwards sighing. I inserted my tongue into her choot and started rotating it. she started moaning with delight. I started moving my tongue in and out. she was holding my head and pushing it towards her choot. I was pressing her gand. Suddenly she started shouting and cumming. I drank all he salty cum. then I asked her to suck my cock. She refused as she had not done it before.

I caught her head and brought it near my lund. I inserted my lund into her mouth and started pushing it in. It almost chocked her mouth. Then I started moving in and out slowly. I increased my pace and cummed into her mouth. She couldn’t drink the whole of it and some of my cum fell down. she started licking it. I lifted her and put her on the bed and parted her legs and brought my lund towards her choot. I held it above the choot and slowly entered her. But her pussy was tight like a virgin. I brought it out again and pushed it in with a force. At this she screamed and told me to go slow. I started to fuck her slowly and increased speed slightly. She had never been fucked like this before as she had an orgasm soon.

I continued pumping her fast and she was shouting faster. She had crossed her legs behind my back. I told her I was cumming and she told me to cum right inside her. I erupted inside her at the same time she had another orgasm. Our juices were flowing on the bed and both of us were exhausted. We lay there for a while. I then told her I wantd to fuck her ass at which she refused. I told her she would enjoy it. but she told me that she had to go to other houses to work and she promised she will return in the afternoon and we can have more fun. We had fun for the whole week and she also introduced me to other housewives who were looking out for some satisfaction.

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