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This is a true story about me and my two friends. Let me tell u some of the back ground. I work in private firm. The owner of the company is running two firms in the same premises. One involves advertising.

My name is Masood. I living in Karachi. In the office I found out that our office secretary was very cute and adorable. Her name was Kiran. But what is behind that face I didn’t know. I am good looking. Tall, broad. She really liked me. I always see something in her gaze. But I never had the guts to flirt her. We use to chat. I am a funny man. She always liked my company. After a month or so on lunch, she introduced me one of her friends who was working in the advertising company. She was computer designer. Her name was Faiza. She is a very sexy women. In her mid twenties. Big but firm, and beautiful breasts. As I am computer engineer. She started talking about different software and we found a mutual interest. In couple of days I got friendly with her. (some one told me that she is a very therki (horny) girl with lots of bot friends).
One day I was in my room faiza called that there is some problem with her PC. since it was in the same bungalow. We were on the first floor. I went to her and found that she was very tight shalwar kameez and her busts were facing straight up. She told me the problem and started working on it. She was also present and was standing next to me while I was sitting on the chair. Whenever talk or face her those bust were sticking right in to my face. This was real turn on to me. I worked the problem out and went to my office as a horny person. I did masturbate at home that day.

After that I saw a change in her. She always calls me up. She started talking from little sexy to more. Then started to abuse in front of me. With the same excuse of the computer she called me up to her office during lunch and was telling me about her boy friends and asking me if I have any girl friend. I said no. she smiled and we started talking.(we usually meet during our lunch time). So she asked if had sex and these kind of things. I told her yes. Then started to pick on me. Once she said ” lag TA hai tum to khasi ho” (u r not a man). This really enraged me. She was looking sexy that day. With all the rage I got and grabbed her by the neck and kissed her furiously on the lips. She pushed me. I again kissed her. There was a little response from her side. But she pretend that she didn’t like her. I said “khasi aisy kaam nahin kartay” and left. When I reached I was afraid that she might tell it to my boss and I was afraid. I already knew I did the right thing as I already heard stories about her. In the evening, when I was leaving I saw a little tinge of smile on her face. I knew she is not gonna tell it to anybody.

Next day I went to her and just said sorry that I carried away. She was sitting in front of me and told “agar main maaf na karoon tu”. I told her that I really liked her and wanted to be more then a friend. With that I went near to her and kissed her again. (u know it takes on hell of a strength to do such a thing specially for phatoo person like me). She responded and I know everything will be alright. After that me and Faiza and me use to go after lunch for a dessert of kissing.

It went on for a month before I fucked her. We use to do it once a week. I had a friends flat who’s family lived in hyderabad. His flat was empty on weekends. (sorry folks but the real story begins now).

The real girl I was after was the secretary Kiran. After our sexy adventure I saw Kiran was different she use to look at me and smile that she knows something. What the fuck I said to myself. To hell with her if she knows. Two or three months after our fucking stated Faiza invited me to her house. She said her parents are going out of city and we will enjoy it in her house. I said ok.
That night when I reached there I saw her she was looking fabulous and I know she was little drunk too. When I reached she immediately took me to her room.

“I will give u the fuck of your life tonight”. She said.
” I wont find me left behind” I said.
Then she took her clothes off. She also took my clothes off and then started to do things that she doesn’t use to do. She pushed on the bed and started scratching lightly with her finger nail. First my chest and she went down, scratched my abdomen. She scratched my thighs and was blowing hot breaths on to my things and saying nasty things. “Masood tumharey thighs kitney sexy hain. Would u like me so suck on them”.

My sexual height was at the peak then she started to tongue my inner thighs. This made me wild and my cock was like hot metal rod sticking in the air.

She came near to it started blowing breathes on to it. “Masood your cook is so big and thick. I want to taste it.” She came near to it but take it into her mouth just blowing hot breaths on it.
I was dying with lust. I grabbed her by the hairs and pushed my dick in her mouth. She got out of hold started to suck it. I was sure blow my wad in to her mouth before she took it out.

“fuck me now” she said. sure I will. I was raging will all my sexual desire. I grabbed her and put her in doggie style and fucked her cunt from behind. I was facing the door and pounding hard.
Suddenly I saw door started to open slowly. There was Kiran standing in front of me. I was shocked to her. She was holding sheet over her body. For a moment I was confused count do any thing and I felt my dick was going limp. Then she let her sheets go off. She standing naked in front of me. Then I understood there nasty plans. Seeing her naked my cook went to the highest degree of erection. Kiran sat on the chair in front. She brought her fingers to her mouth then licked her fingers. She guided them toward her pussy and started masturbating. I was furious coudn’t think of anything else but to fuck Faiza’s cunt. I was fucking her with all my strengths and watching Kiran. Kiran moaned and she came near to me
“like to suck my tits” kiran said and stuck one of her tit into my mouth. I tasted her tit. Then she kissed me. She whispered in my ear ” Fuck her Masood. fuck her real good”. I obeyed.
Then she started licking my chest and went down. She licked Faiza’s buns. And was now she was resting on her back looking right into my eyes.

“dont cum in to her pussy. I want see your cock jerk.” Kiran said. this was enough for me. Two more strokes and I took my dick out of her pussy and cumming on to her back. This cumming was so furios that first shot landed right on the kisser of Kiran’s face. She didnt got back. And took my dick in her hand . I was screaming like pig with her touch. That was one hell of a cum. Kiran cleaned her lips with the back of her hand and she also cleaned Faiza. After that I was lying on the bed breathing heavily
I was not through with my fucking yet. This type of sexy situation was on of its kind for me atleast. My cock never went down. It was semi erect. Both the girls now sitting in front of me. They were watching me as I looked bewildered.
faiza cam to me and asked me “how was the surprise”.

“it was a great one. U horny bitches that u really drained me. I can still fuck u both again.”
Kiran laughed and said” ooh no u wont fuck me”.
I asked “why. What was all this about then”.
“because it is not the right time yet. I want to build this passion more” Faiza said. As she saying she ran her fingers to my cock and scratching it lightly. I was hard again immediately.
“but I wanted to fuck kiran now” I said.
“no you wont” said faiza.

I set my mind that I will fuck her and will do it now. “your cunt is mine kiran” and I grabbed her .
I put her down on the bed and was pushed my dick into her cunt. She was fighting back.
“Is she crazy” I thought . with the help of her friend she pushed me back.
“what the hell were u here for if u dont wanna get fucked” I asked.
She looked at me then she smiled. “ok. You do me what I tell you to do then u can fuck me”. Kiran said.
“okie fine” I said.

she parted her legs showing her pussy and said “come to me lover. Lick my pussy. I want to feel your tongue”.
I have never tasted a pussy before. I knelt down and started to lick her pussy. Faiza also came and started to kiss her. Then she went down on my body and started to suck my cock .

kiran held my head by my hairs and started push further and I got a new sensation. I took the whole thing in to my moth and grabbed her by her thighs.

She was moaning “I am cumming now” as I tried to break off but she didnt let me go. She came all over my face. It was turn off for me for the first time.( as I licked her a lot of times after that). She was heavily breathing after breaking off me. She sat in front of me.
said after a while “do u want tit for tat now. I am good cock sucker”.
” I would sure put you on the test” I said.

she joined kiran who was massaging my cock. “your cock is beautiful masood. Do you want to come in my mouth” kiran said.
“yes baby. Do what ever u like” I said with my eyes closed. she is a expert cock sucker. I could never forget that sucking
” I am cumming ” I said.

“thats why iam sucking your cock. Didnt I came in to your mouth”. Kiran said.
with that I shot my load into her mouth. Amazingly she took all the cum into her mouth but didnt swallow it. After I shot all the load , she let go my cock. I can see her cheeks filling with my cum.
She bent over to faiza in a kiss and give her a share of cum.

After half an hour we were eating , laughing in the apartment. We put on a porno movie. I was hard again.
Both girls came to me and asked ” are u ready again”
sure I was I thought. “anytime” I said and went to bed with them
we had sex after that a lot of times. But none matched this night.

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