My Hottest Sex Experience

I’m Teena and I’m now going to disclose my hottest sex experience. I had my first experience at 18 with my friend. It was such a good experience that made me have many more such experience with my friends.

I had got some great plans for my hottest sex. I had planned to have it during the day time. My plans were that I should be fucked and fucked over and again during the day. For this I decided on one weekday, when nobody of my family members would be there as they had gone out of town to attend one wedding. I thought this would be my best chance. So then I called upon my friend Pravin, with whom I had sex twice before. I also planned to call one more guy who was my brothers friend.

Pravin had got some other plans, for that he had called his own friend Sachin for the fiesta time. All of my friends had came to my home. The living room was quite big enough for all of us. Now I suggested to have fun with all of 3 at a time. Pravin came near me and kissed me. I responded him with a kiss. He loved it. In the meantime Sachin came near me and kissed me on back of my neck. Now I placed one of my hand on his tool and my other hand on pravin’s chest.

My cousin kisses on my milky thighs. All of them decided to undress me. This was the first time I was nude in front of 3 guys at a time. Looking at my body, all of them were out of their senses. After they immediately undressed themselves. Now pravin looking at my breasts & sequeezed my both hard boobs.He licked them & kissed,afetr it he sucked my half inches hard nipples by taking in his mouth. I felt very good. In the meantime Sachin who was already had a hard on like did Pravin, decided to lick my beautiful pink cousine plays with my round ass by licking it & fucking in by his fingure.While Sachin was kissing my pussy and Pravin was sucking my boobs & cousine fucking fingure in ass,I was getting more and more horny.

Now i feel hard dick of my cousine inside my ass.It is painful,but not first time.Pravin wanted to be inside me.So I told Sachin to come up. Now my cousine laid down on the bed and I laid down on him,at that time Pravin entered me from front hole. So did I took Sachin’s tool in my mouth.Immediately Pravin was jerking in my pussy by full speed & playing with my boob by sucking one nipple in mouth and cousine doing deep thrusty shots from behind & pressing my other boob.

By seeing this sachin stroking in my mouth fast. Wow what a fun it was. As Pravin & my cousine were stroking faster I was moaning louder as well as I had to take care that I don’t bite sachin’s dick.After around 5 min of stroking hard Pravin was about to cum , I told him to hold it for a moment as I also wanted sachin & my cousine to cum at the same time.pravin had to hold it hard enough that he is not unloaded, after around 1 min Sachin & my cousine were also about to cum.

I told all of them to remove their tools from their respective positions and cum over my boobs and face. Wow what a load of semen was unloaded by Pravin over my boobs. While Sachin, unloaded his own inside my mouth & my cousine unloaded his semen on my beautiful face. I drank the whole of their semens oe by one.It was just a great exp. Now I requested my cousin to help me to clean the cum on my breast,he immediately helped me with his fingers. He cleaned and caressed my breast with his finger and put it in my mouth, which I licked it lovingly.

After some time i was fucked by all of them in different positions, and after some time again and again, until they all have to satisfied by my body.In the end I would like to tell that after such violating but great experience I was virtually unable to move freely for 2-3 days. If in future such proposals comes to me from those guys or others, I’II surely accept it & enjoy a new experience of group sex. **** Have u any excited experiences with ur girlfriend or ur wife? or have u any excited fantasy of doing more excited sex with me after enjoying with my sex experience? Then mail me definetly about ur hot experience or fantasy.If i liked it, I can be accessed by u.

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