My Good Old Days – Sex Story In English

Hi people…I am going to tell you my true past exp. with my cousin Tina
and my students to whom i used to take tutions.

I am hiding my name for obvious reasons as many of my family and friends
are internet literate, here my name is Tarun ( and my
age is 22, all these exp. with my cousin and students were at age of 18-20.
At that time my cousin Tina was 14 years old and we use to live in same
building , I on 2nd floor and she on 4th floor and at that time my
computer course in NIIT was also going on and I use to take tutions for
teaching Windows and Msoffice.

As at that age I was crazy for sex…..I use to look out for girls whoever
maybe. Tina was very fond of playing computer games and she always use to
ask me to give her my computer. I use to make her sit in my lap and play
her games and in that time I use to rub her chest as she was 14 she had
flat chest but I use to enjoy rubbing her chest and stretching her
nipples. She use to hesitate sometimes but I use to tell her that if she
wants to play games then she has to obey me! Sometimes I also use to tell
her to shake my penis and stretch it and she use to do it very nicely…I
never went for intercourse or do any wild things as I was afraid of
aftermath effects. Every Sunday afternoon we use to do all these stuff but
then after a year or so her family shifted to other place and I didn’t got
that chance again but I wonder she now of 17 years might be remembering
that incidence of Sunday afternoon!.

Now about that students ….i had 4 students at that time, 3 male and 1
female those 3 males were in age of 16-18 and the other female was of 18
years she was in college and was from middle class family, she was doing
some part-time job and she wanted to learn MSOffice as it was required in
her job. She was ok looking girl but slightly fat with figure of something
like……32-34-36 . She use to give me hints but I was so foolish that I
never thought that way…

She use to always put hands on my shoulder while
I was teaching her or sometimes she also put her hands on my thighs
etc….but I never took that way. But she really had guts I should say,
once while teaching her on my computer she came forward and began typing
and in that process my elbow was not just touching but was pressing hard
her boobs. I was just shocked and didn’t move an inch as I was enjoying
then she said ” soft hai na mera ball” ( my boobs are soft ?) I was
shocked at this question and the language she was speaking as I was
enjoying her Hindi lines. (I was thrilled but also afraid because my mom
was also at home but she was busy in kitchen.)

I told her that indeed her boobs are soft. She told further ” daba na
mere ball ko ander se”
(press my boobs from inside..i mean inside her t-shirt) I simply did that
and took care that my mom is not there. I was horney by this time and then
just put my hand inside her skirt and then in panty and started rubbing
her clit hard…she had lots of hair and I enjoyed such vagina.

I continued rubbing and inserting my finger in her vagina and she just use
to keep on telling…” aur dal ander meri chut mai” this use to make me
more horney and I use to do that harder and harder , but then I stopped
doing as I heard my mom coming in our room, after that my tutions were not
of MSOffice but of pressing, rubbing and kissing. I told her once that
lets do intercourse but she refused and was not ready for it.
After a month or so….my luck struck again she too change her place and
went another place to live and we were no more in contact.
Now at 22 since I left tutions and my cousin being not with me…I
remember those OLD GOOD DAYS.

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