My Girl Friends Sister

I am writing my second story i.e. how I fucked My Girl Friends Sister I and shoba is to have regular sex either in office or at her home due to various reasons we could not touch each other for one month even we never had a chance to touch each other hand we both were very horny to fuck each other the chance also came. her parents went to her native place so she came to office and told me that she will take leave and go to her home at 10 am and I can visit her at 12pm I was waiting for chance and I was seeing only watch when it will be 12pm.

I went to her house she came and opened the door only with towel on her waist exposing her boobs which I told her receive me like that immediately I hugged her and stared pressing her boobs and she started moaning in our lust for sex we forgot close the front door. I removed towel from her body I started kissing her body from fore head to her leg in between deep stops at her boobs and pussy.

She asked me insert my tool in her pussy I asked her bend at table so that I cam enter her from back I inserted my tool from back and started pumping her hard I was pressing her boobs and pumping her she was moaning like a bitch we both were in heaven suddenly we heard voice from our back shoba what your doing I removed my tool from shoba’s pussy and turned back I saw shoba’s sister was standing there we could not move because we were in state of shock, her sister should have come at 4pm but she came at 1pm. I was just standing in front of cat (ie shoba’s sister) completely nude but she was seeing my dick which was hard like iron rod I went near her I took her bag from her shoulder and I made her sit in the sofa by that time shoba went and locked the front door shoba came and sat next her sister but even then she( ie shoba’s sister ) was seeing my dick only she touched my dick with her hand and she told me that she has read number of sex stories in the college along with her friends and also she is to finger her pussy while taking bath she started shaking my tool with her hand and her sister shoba thought her how to shake the pennis she did as told by her elder sister. I made cat to stand and started fucking her mouth with my tongue she also responded to my kiss very eagerly. while I was kissing cat lips her sister shoba removed cat’s jeans pant cat lifted her legs one by one shoba removed her jeans pant out I immediately inserted my hand into her panty started finger fucking her pussy cat started moaning then shoba removed her sister panty I went on my knees to suck cat’s pussy when I started sucking her pussy she started moaning loudly ah…ah wow this what I wanted suck me hard while shoba asked her sister to widen her legs she came in between her sister legs shoba lied down started sucking my pennis within 10mins she(cat) exploded her necter in my mouth I shot a huge load in shoba’s mouth she drank every drop of it without wasting a single drop of my sperms.

we took rest for 15 min then we went into bedroom were I removed cat’s T-shirt and I could see her black bra with erect nipple those two boobs were like two tender coconuts I asked shoba to remove the hooks of bra so that I can pull her bra from front side instantly my cock become semi hard by seeing cats boobs size immediately I started pressing her boobs and my lips got entangled with cats lips but shoba protested to me by saying that I am only taking care of sister and I am not bothered about her this made me very un-happy because I had my eye on her from day I met her. Immediately I started sucking boobs of cat and I was pressing other boobs with my left hand and I inserted my right hand in shoba’s cunt started finer fucking her cunt both the sister started moaning very loudly but shoba took my tool in her right hand started shaking my tool even I too started moaning then we exchanged our positions I made shoba to come my left side now I was sucking cat right boobs and I was pressing her left boobs with my right hand I inserted my left hand middle finger in shoba’s cunt started fucking her shoba and cat both had orgasm and their pussy started dripping but tool was in the hand of cat she was shaking my tool. both the sister went to bed when I near the bed cat pulled me on her started kissing me on my lips by this time my tool was completely erect it was touching her pussy she open her leg and inserted my tool inside her pussy slowly I started pumping her cunt with slow thrust she started shouting because of pain but her sister shoba started French kissing her sister so that nobody hears her sister voice I banged her pussy very hardly I was in side her completely now cat started enjoying her fuck she was moaning fuck murali fuck me hard still hard this what I wanted my dream has come true after 10mins I was about come I took my tool out of cat’s pussy immediately she (i.e. cat) took my tool in her mouth started sucking I unloaded my load of sperm in her month.

Now was lying down on my back on the bed cat took my tool in her mouth and shoba came sat on my mouth I started biting her pussy lips and inserted my tongue in pussy fucking her pussy my hand was pressing her both boobs and I was pinching her boobs she came twice on my mouth by that time my tool was ready it was shoba’s turn to get fucked by me I took shoba to the dinning table made her lie on the table and inserted my tool inside her pussy I made her sister cat stand on table widening her leg and shoba was lying in between her sister leg its was so adjusted my tool will be fucking shoba’s cunt and my tongue will fucking cat’s cunt we enjoyed sex that day up to 8 pm I unloaded my load in shoba’s cunt her sister unloaded her necter in my mouth and still their parent came back their native place. I wanted to fuck cat alone once’s and also I induced them into lesbian sex and they both is to fuck each other do fucking act in front of me now both have married and living happily with there husband after shoba’s marriage how I fucked cat till her marriage I will write about this in my next story Any girls aunties in and around bangalore who want to have sex with me can mail me at………….. findout and mail me you will get a reply immediately

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