My Friend Ankur

Hi guys, let me first introduce my self. I am Reena, 19 years My Friend Ankur Mumbai, currently in Delhi and have an amazing body( all guys say that). Well this story is about my friend and myself, his name is Ankur and we met about three months ago. He was tall and fair. The first time we met in a coffee lounge, there was an instant physical attraction. After a week we met at a friends place and started talking . Only then did I realize that he was single and looking for a girl. We got talking and soon became very good friends.

He use to meet me at least once in 2 days, we both started liking each other, but never mentioned our feelings to one another. Gradually we started getting close and we started huggin and pecking each other. I still remember he first kissed me in his car on worli sea face at 2 in the night. that was my first kiss. We were sitting in the car, I was wearing a blue sleeveless top and a denim. he gradually slid his hand over my shoulder and started nursing me, I was aroused by the incidence, but still controlled my self, then he gradually started playing with my hair. and brought his lips closer to my nose and started pecking me (it was an exlaratin feel) slowly and tenderly he reached my lips. all this while his hands were on my back and partly trying to remove my straps on my t-shirt. I never allowed him to remove my t-shirt that day..

We just kissed for a while.. after this we both knew that we needed each other. so after 2 days I invited him over to my place saying that I had some problems in accounts. He was oppose to come at 2 in the noon. I purposely wore a very loose low neck t shirt without a bra and a knee length loose skirt. My hair was messed up and I jus had morning look. He came in half an hour late and when the bell rang I jus asked him to come in n relax,, since I was sleepy (pretending) I was lying on the sofa and he was sitting on the other side. My cleavage was visible to him, and he was staring at my breast. They were half visible, during talk I kept patting him on his thighs.. even he did the same..

After some time I got some soft drink and we started studying.. then after 10 minutes I purposely spilled the cold drink on me.. he immediately took out his hanky and started wiping the place.. the drink had spill all over me, so he was wiping my t-shirt only to realize that in the process he pressed against my breast a couple of times.. I told him I had to change as I was all dirty. I went in the bathroom for a bath, and left the door open, only to see that he was trying to peep. at the very moment I opened the door.. he was caught red handed .. without saying a word I tore his t shirt and hugged him real hard my hard nipples were into him. I could feel his errection.

I was jus in my t shirt n panties. he now took his right hand and opened the top 2 buttons of my shirt. and started pressing my boobs..after few seconds I took of my shirt.. I was standing in front of him naked. jus wearing my undies, which were wet by now. he knew that. he started licking my underwear before taking them off wit his lips. in the mean time I was rubbing his dick and he was butt naked too. at this moment we looked at each other laughed.

We first went to the shower and gave each other a bath. he rubbed and soaped and sucked my pussy in the shower and I gave him my first blowjob. After a moment his sperm came gushing out. and it fell on my vagina and my stomach.. he made me lick it all after the bath I was fucked in the bathroom.. I spread my self on the floor , then I was fucked on the basin and once in the tub we then moved on to the room.. I was lying on the bed and applying cream and ice all over his body;; and licking the ice.. the feeling on the ice brought us even closer together.. we fucked and fucked for about 4 hours. he had to leave. we again had a bath and I he was lying in the tub I wiped off the cream off his body. this was my first sexual experience with my boy friend. I am in Delhi now and I miss not having him around.

Anyone wanna share his experiences mail me .

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