My First Sexual Encounter

Hi zoneforsex Fans! I am Amaan and am an ardent reader and fan of zoneforsex stories for last couple of years. My First Sexual Encounter After reading through umpteen stories, I was genuinely coaxed to pen down one of my own. Although it took me some doing to pick up courage to ward off my shyness in doing so. Anyway now that initial hiccup is over I must get on to business. I am 22 year old, student of masters education. I am 5’9”, fair in colour and people say that I am not at all bad looking. In fact in girls’ opinion I wear quite sexy and seductive looks. And live in Lahore, Pakistan. So much for my introduction.

I was exactly 19 years old when I encountered my first sexual encounter. In fact that happened to be my birthday. We were not celebrating my birthday in the classic sense of the word; only the candle lighting and cake cutting ceremony within the family members. The only outsider was my 25 years cousin Shahana who was a divorcee. She had just come for few days to spend winter holidays as she was a teacher in a school. She no doubt was very sexy. I always wondered that who was that silly bastard who divorced her. She was 5’6” tall with lovely upright breasts and great rounded hips. She was stunningly fair in complexion that even her blue blood veins would be seen through the visible parts of her skin.

That night when everyone else must have been sleeping, I was reading the day’s newspaper as I always keep myself abreast with the happenings. I have also been reading porn magazines every now and then. The room was bolted from inside. Suddenly at about midnight the door knocked very lightly. I was a bit surprised as that was quite an unusual thing to have happened. Anyway I got up and opened the door without asking who the knocker was. To my utter surprise, I saw Shahana stood in the door with a lovely smile upon her lovely face. Confused as I had become I even forget to let her in and just stood there dumbfounded. After few moments had elapsed she naughtily asked me Hi Mr. Amaan won’t you let me enter your room? Shall I go back? I was embarrassed suddenly paved way for her. Without my offering her a seat she quite frankly sat on one side of my bed and started flipping through the pile of books and magazines placed on the side table. To my fright she took out one of the porn magazines from the stock. I was totally blushed. To cover up the blunder I said in fact Baji this belongs to one of friends and had left it by mistake. Her ever-smiling lips broadened further as if she had won something precious. She said that Amaan if I didn’t mind she would insist that she should not be addressed as Baji. I in the utter confusion said “sorry”. So you read porn magazines, she said. No it………t was all I could say. Why are you feeling guilty on this, it is quite normal for any young man or a woman to be interested in sex, she continued. Tell me frankly Amaan have you ever been close to any girl? My honest answer was a clear NO. By now I had started feeling fairly relaxed. Why? She asked. I don’t know really, I said. She boldly got up from the bed and came near me. I was still standing besides the door that was still ajar. She quietly shut the door and bolted it from inside. On her act of this my heartbeat went faster, knowing nothing what was going on. She came just next to me and held my both the hands with hers. She looked so much frustrated that was showing from her eyes. I then started understanding the whole game plan. She was obviously sex hungry after a period of lovemaking with her ex husband. Since that moment, I found my shyness fading away and my manhood surmounting by each minute. Till then I was not too sure what my moves will be like in this whole drama. Without talking further she placed her lovely lips upon mine, opening her mouth at the same time. Unwittingly I too opened my mouth into hers. Oh! How can I forget that warm and sultry mouth? My whole body was experiencing the new currents throughout with unbelievable heat into my lions. She and I without noticing had clasped each other into our arms.

She slowly drove me to the bed. I succumbed to her every action, as she seemed to be in total command. Before we could sit on the bed she started undressing me……….first she unbuttoned my sleeping shirt and threw it down. She then opened the knot of my pyjamas that slipped down …all so willingly. The moment my lower dress went down my throbbing cock sprang up that even I was surprised with its unprecedented length and stiffness. I saw my tool red as never before. I think my cock thoroughly deserved that liberty since it was being exposed to a lady for the first time in its nineteen years old history. I wanted to undress her to complement her favour upon me but couldn’t muster the courage to do so. Shyness was still prevailing to some extent. Seeing my inhibition to the inevitable she herself guided my hand to her upright and tight breasts. I obliged by holding and squeezing one of her beautiful mounds. I saw her eyes close as I increased the pressure upon her breasts. My other hand automatically and almost mechanically cupped her other breast. She moaned in a very low tone. I suddenly thought that she was feeling pain and left her both the breasts instantly. What happened? She asked. I said that I was hurting her. She almost laughed upon my naivety and said that in fact she was enjoying that. My memory of reading porn material and watching such movies flashed back I too laughed at my silly act. This brief anecdotal episode had further relaxed me and I pulled her shirt up. She cooperated fully and raised her arms over her shoulders as I slipped her shirt above her head. She was wearing a thin white bra underneath that failed to conceal her gorgeous breasts. The skin, areolas, and the nipples were all clearly visible. The sight thrilled me and the heat and pain in my loins reached to their ultimate height. I felt that I could wait no longer to expose her great body to its fullest. I turned her back and unclasped her bra like an experienced man. When I turned her toward me I was almost aghast at the great sight. The breasts had become further bigger with absolutely taut nipples. All that was left now was her shalwar. Hurriedly I pulled it down. It happened quite easily as her shalwar was having a lastic in it instead of an azarband. The sight was simply unbelievable. Her pure white body was so beautiful that I started thinking it as a dream that how could I be so lucky to have an access to such great possession. I could now thoroughly see the awesome curves of her. The light black hair around her vaginal mound was making the sight look even more captivating and a completed contrast to her complexion.

She seemed to be enjoying my overawed looks but she also seemed pleased watching me take control of the situation. But to her disappointment I was again confused what to do next. She embraced me while repeating the kissing act. This time the kissing from both of us was warmer and much surer than before while we both were rubbing our naked bodies squirming with each other. Her moans failed to unnerve me this time. We were still standing besides the bed. She guided me onto the bed and knelt before me in front of my crotch. My cock was throbbing in anticipation as if knowing what was coming up next. She cupped my testes with one hand and held the great organ into the other. The feeling was intense and quit excruciating. I almost gave myself to her like a slave. She opened her hot mouth and took the tip of my cock in. All I could muster was a big sound of Ahhh. She gave a smile as if amused on my pleasure. Slowly she swallowed almost entire length of my eager phallus. Her tongue was working expertly all along my cock. I was feeling that my cock had started oozing some pre-cum. She seemed to be enjoying the taste of salty liquid. She was an expert indeed. I am not sure where she had learnt all that. My moaning became louder, forgetting that it was my home with my parents not too far away from there. But who cared.

I could wait no longer and stood her up lying beside me on the bed. She obliged. I reached her breasts like a hungry calf and slowly started kissing them both one by one. Now it was her turn to moan mmm mmm. Her sounds encouraged me to give her more and more pleasure and started kissing and licking the nipples more passionately. By now she seemed to have lost totally in a different world. I felt very dominating at that time. It seemed that she could wait no longer and wanted me to fill her lovely pussy with my enlarged adage as she guided me into that. I too had almost lost control and wanted nothing else but to enter her. The moment I pressed against her vagina my cock instantly and effortlessly slipped into her hole. That was so moist as if some slippery cream had been applied into it. She almost cried with pleasure and gratification and produced a loud ahhhhhh sound. I began with slow but sure strokes. She too was moving up and down, synchronizing her pelvis movements with my thrusts almost to perfection. Our sounds went louder and louder disregarding others presence in the house. Probably the party had tired them all except we two lovebirds. Without thinking intentionally our movements started picking up pace. We both were breathing heavy and fast but it was only in hindsight that I came to know about this. My movement turned into jumping with joy and ecstasy. She did not stop me from this and in fact complemented by embracing me close to her. The embrace brought my face upon her breasts once again. I wasted no time in licking them once again. This time frantically. My thrusts meanwhile never slowed down, rather I found myself stroking even further and deeper. Her moans had almost turned into cries of AAAAAAAA & OOOOOOOO that she tried her best to keep low but to little avail. I was wondering at my performance that how naturally everything was happening as if I had been involved in lovemaking all my life. I was lauding myself at seeing the feeling of gratification into the eyes of Shahana. My confidence had peaked even further.

Suddenly I felt her body shudder that I later learnt was called orgasm by the women. Almost simultaneously my own frenzy caught me and I felt close to an explosion. I intended to withdraw but she perhaps noticed and stopped me from that. She asked me to come inside her. It was for the first time that she spoke after initial conversation. Everything had been happening with body language alone. At the time I felt myself totally helpless and with trembling body my cock exploded loads of liquid in her moist vulva. Had I counted, my cock must have shuddered at least twenty times oozing out the white semen into her. We kept lying there for several minutes oblivious of the time that was fast passing. It was already three O’ clock in the night. She wanted to leave but it was my turn to take the lead. I stopped her and repeated the act. She had not objection whatsoever. She stayed with us for about one more week and we wasted no night to gratify each other. She was all tears at the time of leaving, not to mention the great fuck that we had on our departing night.
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