My First Love

I have been reading all the nice stories about all your experiences for quite some time and thought it is now time that I posted my story My First Love as well. This is the story of my first encounter with sex actually this is also the story of my love. Well about myself first, I am a 23 years old guy finished my graduation in commerce and helping my dad now. This happened when I was in my first year of graduation, 18 years old. I had gone to attend the wedding of my cousin. She was about my age and we were good friends from start, hence I went a week in advance. I am a fun loving person and I get along too well with my cousin. We spend all our time together so even during this time I was always with her. Here I met my “jiju’s” cousin. Well the ACTUAL fun starts here. Let me describe her first. Her name is Renu, she was around 21 at that time. She was good-looking and every guy there was interested in her and would always waited for opportunities where they could get a closer look at her. But it was very difficult to get a peek at her because of the way she dressed. She too was a fun loving girl and because I was so close to my cousin, we became friends easily.

Here though I am not describing the actual intercourse, that would be in the next part….

Now you know the marriage means lot of games and masti. I always managed to get myself teamed up with Renu much to the envy of all the other guys. Well I was enjoying her company and often got the pleasure of “touching her”, though unintentional by both of us. But every time I came into contact with her, maybe a slight brush of bodies, or touch of her back, I could feel a wave of blood rush up my body. I began to spend all my time with her and always made a point to sit close to her. I was a virgin and started to pray that whenever I loose my virginity it should be to someone like her. Here I would like to add that though I was a virgin, I had read a lot about sex in all the magazines and books and had watch a few blue movies, so I could say that I knew everything about sex but for experiencing it. But I had always wanted to have a special girl for the first time and Renu just seemed to be the kind of girl I dreamt about. But however all this was limited to my thoughts.

The day before the marriage, I was very busy with the marriage work and could not meet her all morning. In the afternoon I got some spare time and thought about her and wanted to see her badly. I went searching for her, everybody were having their lunch and I was told that they had just finished “Mehandi” and she had gone to her room to relax. I was happy that this would give me some time with her. I went upstairs, the whole floor was empty and all the rooms were closed. I tiptoed to her room thinking of giving her a sudden scare. To checked what she was doing I peeped in by opening the window. GOD I got the sight of my life. Renu was standing in front of the mirror in just her bra and panty. I was just amazed by her body. She had very soft and silky skin. I could for the first time see the actual size of her boobs, she had a thin waist, round and firm butts, and very very beautiful legs. She had the body of a supermodel. I had never seen anyone with a better body in all the nude photographs of supermodels I had seen in magazines. I wished that I could make her mine. Renu was doing her hair. My blood pressure was soaring high and my heart had never beated faster. My dick was filled with all the excitement and I had this great urge of kissing her immediately. I watched her for about a minute (I wished that time stopped) I closed the window in the fear that someone my come up. I controlled myself and knocked on her door. She asked whom it was, I said, “It is me” and asked, “what are you doing”. She said, “I am changing” I said, “okay, I will come later” to which she said, “no, wait a minute”. I was just going wild thinking what I had just seen. Within a minute she opened her door. She had put on a pink sleeveless nightie that was upto her knees. She was looking like an angel from heaven. I could now see all her curves through the nightie. I said you are looking very beautiful in this nightie, she blushed and then I teased who is the lucky man who would get to marry her, has she already found someone. Her face had become red and she said that normally she does not come in nightie in front of guys but felt comfortable with me. God I thanked my stars. We sat down to talk. I started asking her about college, boyfriends etc. She asked me to stop the topic because she is not comfortable talking all this with guys. In fact she had never talked like this with guys. I said “I am different from all other guys and am your friend so you can talk” She blushed again and said “I don’t know why, but I feel comfortable in your company” I was enjoying her sight in the nightie, looking at her great legs and soft skin of her shoulders and arms.

I then asked “do you love someone” to which she said “I did not find anyone good like you to love” my heart started racing but I knew this was innocent talk, so I then calmed myself. She said “anyway I will never go against my parents wishes and will marry the guy they select for me” I told her “Renu you have an excellent body and you can get any man on earth you want” She was just looking at me because she hadn’t expected this king of comment then she said smiling “You are joking, you want to please me”. I said “No Renu, this is no joke and I am not saying it just to please you but I am saying this on the basis of what I saw half an hour ago. You are very beautiful and I wish I have a wife just like you” I don’t know from where I had got the courage from to tell it and became very afraid of her reaction, but I had already told this. I looked at her she was in a shock, realizing that I had seen her changing, she did not say a thing and was looking at the floor all the time. She started to cry and I felt very bad for having told her. But then I held her hand and said, “please don’t cry, it was my mistake and I am ready for any punishment you give” She stopped crying and told me that nobody had seen her before. I don’t know how I said but then I told her “Renu I would’ve want to marry you but I know that this is not possible but I am really in love with you.” She was looking at me then suddenly she hugged me. She said “I too have fallen in love with you” I hugged her tight and was feeling the joy of being loved. I then took her face in my hands and kissed her on the lips. It was not a passionate kiss but an emotional one. I was kissing her for about ten minutes. This was happening for the first time for both of us. She was shaking terribly and gave herself totally to me. We were in each other’s arms for about half and hour then there was a call for her. She asked me to leave immediately so that she could change and go downstairs. I didn’t want to leave her but then I had no other choice and was forced to go.

Well what happened after that, and how did I have my physical interaction with her is my next story. Sorry to disappoint you guys but then our relationship was not just physical but it was love and love blossoms slowly. But I will tell you what you want in my next story. Meanwhile please tell my your views about this, here I would like to add that she got married after a year and I haven’t seen her since then. But I still love her and will always do. Though I have had many other relationships but then those were just for fun and nothing serious. Mail me your views at (I am called smarty by my friends). But I have a lot of stuff to tell you about my experiences with various other girls after that.

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