My First Lesson – Desi Sex Stories

i am 5 11″ athletic , with firm body, those were the days when i used to be all robust and clean guy came from college on a vacation my parents place. In hostel we used to enjoy a lot of prono material had a lot of imagination already with me.

My english madam used to be our neighbours in the next building, i used to go to her place now and then , this time i was caught in the middle of her break in the love affair or to affairs she had many and in the shakespearean style always used to have boyfriends oh forget to tell u her figure 5 5′.

Trim body small boobs (did not measure it) black colour , attractive charm in her eyes and she used to have the zing, any way where i was me on a vacation from college,being a sports man i had a sense of discipline in my life and used to keep it also but this time i remember she (teacher) and her little sister had some curiosity in me saying that i have changed a lot grown really well we went on a outing and had some nice ice creams and came back home , her little sis was feelin tired and wanted to relax and get massaged by her she was good at it oh ahh… already thinkin about it my pains are gone.

she said would u like to try i said sure and she started with temple and slowly started going towards my shoulder and my back , i felt the electric sensation and had she was all over me i thought i was insane for a moment but said let it go and her little sister started removing my pants , my dildo was already erect at 90 degrees she started giving it slow jerks in the mean time my teacher removed her salwar kammez wow i saw her small teats for the first time i took them in my hands started squeezing them hard ,her little sis firm in the action of arousing me started harder and harder i said yes.

I like the massage , dick was in her mouth she gave me the loveliest fellin in my life i still remember, my teacher in the mean time wanted more i struck her against wall and fuckin her ass.. she said yes … her little sis was just a thing in between us playing with her and me now and then.. finally i laid her down and gave the fuck of her life then cummed all over her this is where i got my first practical lesson of my life , now both of them are in states teacher with a baby boy at last she got married she used be a bitch , i still remember her small tiny black nipples and her face .oh yeah teacher.

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