My First Experience With My Aunt

Hi zoneforsex Friends. I want to share a real life story with you . Experience With My Aunt I had my Second ever experience with a woman who is in her mid 40’s maybe 45 but still looks good and hard. She is none but my aunt (Fathers cousin’s Wife). Her name is Julekha. My aunt’s husband was most of the time out of the country . She lives in Blackburn in her House. Man she is sexy and anyone would want to fuck her.

I stay in the Uk and went to Blackburn for Holiday.I arrived in Blackburn and went to my Aunts place early in the morning. My aunt answered the door and there I saw her in a pink cotton nightee and in the light I could see her big boobs. She has a sexy body for her age, more like a 34 year old and her Boobs and arse were really big and always use to make my Dick Big. She wasn’t wearing a bra, I suppose and since I could not see her boobs, I peeked into her

Nighties when she bent down to pick up my briefcase and I was all-hard inside my pants. My aunt is well built and still maintains a 38 – 32 – 38.

I went to restroom to take a break and freshen up. There was a bucket full of unwashed cloths, and I immediately went on to search for my aunt’s panties, Bra and her clothes & I found a few of them. I took one of them and smelled it hard on the portion where it rested on my aunt’s pussy. My goodness, what a musk and aroma it had to give me a real hard one and I immediately pulled out my cock to masturbate. As i finished masturbating i filled my Aunts Bra,Panty and clothes with cum. My aunt was calling me from outside to come and pick up the coffee since it was getting cold. I controlled myself in the morning and came out of the bathroom.

She was asking me about my studies in Leicester and wanted me take a rest as she wanted to introduce me to a few Girls in Blackburn. I was not worried about that as i wanted to Have Sex with Her Badly. I knew she would want to have sex with me as she has not had sex for a few months. She noticed the way i use to stare at her for a few moments from head to toe. I could tell she wanted to have sex with me as she tried a few seducive effects on me such as wearing no Bra and leaving her room door open so that i could see her Naked and look at how sexy she Looks especially Naked.

Anyway I told my aunt that I am going to sleep and asked her to wake me up after two hours. After some time I was feeling that somebody was playing with my cock. It started off slowly with rubbing my cock and my balls. My cock grew harder and harder and was oozing out the pre-cum. I felt the licking, from underneath my penis to the top portion. The foreskin was pulled down to expose the head of the penis and the licking continued. I was getting too hot to shoot my load and I woke up all of sudden

I saw my aunt; she was sitting on the bed and facing me and had a smile on her face. I felt embarrassed as hell. I tried to get up and cover up my erection but instead, she leaned back on the bed and pulled up her Sexy redish Dress and spread her legs giving me a view of her Black beautiful panties. I noticed a wet spot had appeared on them. I felt hot and my cock was now throbbing like hell. She told me that she loved teasing me and wanted to know what I was thinking about.

I thought …what the heck…I might as well tell her. So, I told her about seeing her hot panties and bra in the bath with the smell of her pussy got my cock hard. My aunt asked me if I would like a taste and I replied yes. She lay down on her back and faced me and slowly pulled her panties down. While she was doing this, She dropped my trousers and made me move close to her . She was really smiling now. She removed her panties and spread her legs and played with her pussy for a few minutes. Then, she got up and placed her panties over my head and told me to sniff the crotch and tell her what I was thinking about again. I told her the crotch smelled like she had just had some sex but that I loved the scent and the smell was driving me crazy with desire. She told me to lie down on the bed and when I did, she undressed me further and then sat on my face. Her panties were still over my head and I could see her pussy was v ery wet. She had her butt to my head and was looking at me stroking my cock. She told me that I could eat her pussy if I wanted to but nothing else would happen and that I had to leave her panties on my head and that she wanted to watch me cum. I inhaled the musky scent from her panties and her pussy and now my cock started to throb and get stiffer and I felt I was going to cum. I told her as good as I could that I was going to cum and when I started to cum, she began cumming too since my tongue was deep inside her hot wet musky hairy pussy. She enjoyed me cumming that she Drank my cock dry and Enjoyed it.

I liked the taste of her pussy and the smell of her panties. I told her that she was delicious and that her panties smelled great. She allowed me to go to the Bathroom and clean up and she also accompanied me to get herself cleaned. She spread her pussy and cleaned up and asked me to shave her pussy. I wanted to see the baldness of it and started taking off the hair around the pussy.

After resting for a while, I was lying on my aunt’s lap and asked her if I could fuck her since I want to feel my cock inside her. She refused it bluntly and said I can only feel it and lick it, but no fucking. As I was lying on her lap her big boobs were just near my face and I slowly removed her sexy black bra and licked them through’ the blouse. She started playing with my cock again and it shot up instantaneously to 90 degrees. She told me that my cock was very big and the girl who I marry will be a lucky girl. (Any takers story lovers)

As we were getting hot, my aunt immediately took off her clothes and was just wearing Her Black panty, which I had smelled in the morning from the bucket. I tried to remove her panties but she told me to stick my tongue through just by pulling the panty to the side where as she would still be wearing the panty and give me good smell and at the same time lick her clean. The Idea sounded very good and I was lying on the floor and she was lying on top of me with her spread legs on my face and her face on my cock completely sucking and licking. This time I was holding my ego for a longer time and I was completely out of control when she started leaking from inside and was furiously sucking me making me shoot my load right into her mouth. She immediately took her mouth off and started shaking my cock with her hand and completely dried out my cock. Then i pleaded with her to fuck her pussy and she Agreed. I gave her Dogie style and she was screaming Ahh! Harder!Don’t stop beta keep on! Faster beta Faster!I told her i was about to cum and she said i should cum on her Arse.I cummed on her Arse and she enjoyed it. She rubbed my dick on her Arse continuosly until i had Dried Out.

She was very happy and told me that i should come often to Blackburn for holiday to satisfy her. She said she will call a few friends next time.I hope friends you enjoyed my story.

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