My first experience with hani

Hi friends this is My first experience with hani when I was 20 years old, Iam tall average body and not much experienced about sex at that age. This story is from 2007 I had huge crush on my junior and we started hanging very often in college hours ( when ever we find enough time), then message started and phone calls.. hope you remember reliance to reliance free calls only at night after 11 to morning 6..

We spent much time talking and I was not concentrating on exams and got many backlogs in 2nd year so I thought to avoid her and concentrate on 3rd year and clear backlogs asap.

After 3-1 exams I had to stay in Hyderabad for supplies and she too had to.. all my friends left and I was alone in my room. Suddenly got a msg from her stating “ exam ela rasav (how’s ur exams going)” .. I said only 1 left and hope this go smoothly. Again the msgs and calls cycle started.
After I finished final supli I messaged her (it was her birthday after 2 day)..

What’s plan, when you are going home town for which she said, I’ve joined some course in Dil’suknagar and staying with granny’s house

Me: Then I asked what’s bda plan
Hani: nothing much as usual
Me: let’s meet on bda
Hani : no reply for 1 day
Me: what happened no msg
Hani: granny had to attend some wedding in Guntur, so I’ll be alone no party nothing – I’m sad 😢

Me: can I come for sleepover and we can have small celebration
Hani: not much interested
Me: I know things are not same as before but I want make sure we are good, let me make your day special
Hani : Okies

After I ordered some takeovers and cake and drinks and went to her granny’s flat as pizza delivery boy.. door was open and I entered

We saw each other for a moment with happiness in eyes.. I wished her advance birthday and we spent some good time chatting.. and time ran and it was 11:45 and I arrange cake and she was very happy. After celebration I was about to leave then she asked me to stay as she is alone and afraid.

I thought It is good time to have some fun.. we were discussing college and past ( same repeat telecast) and got emotional, she slides beside and we both were soo cozy.. and with momentum we kissed for long even I didn’t believe ( it was more than 10 mins).. then suddenly stopped

I was having weird thoughts and hope she too.. She left to other room and I stayed in living room but I couldn’t sleep due to kiss ( by the way that was my first special kiss).. after an hour she came to me and asked ..
Hani: what happened you’re unable to sleep
Me: what about you.. you even didn’t sleep

We discussed the consequences after kiss and didn’t want to take that step. For which we mutually agreed to cuddle and sleep for night ( I know it unbelievable- but it happened) ..

Both of us were uneasy but atleast we enjoyed sleeping together, morning she found leakage on my pants ( May be I was stroking her from behind and automatically I came)..

That was my first experience which lead to great sex experiences in future with her. If you like my experience, kindly leave you comments

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