My Dream Priya

Hi fellows out there. I am one of the passionate readers of Zoneforsex and always thought that I would never be able to submit one story My Dream Priya since I will not have one. But god showered his blessings on me and gave me the opportunity so that I could feel the joy that a man longs for ever since he knows it.

First let me tell you something about myself. My name is Rahul which is my fake name B’coz I don’t want to reveal my identity. I have good features like a height of 5.11″ and a fair colour with a physique that adds a flavour of it’s own to my personality. I reside in Bombay and I am currently a student of 12th standard. Being good at studies I am forced to study as people’s expectations from me are very high. I was very straight-forward until my college days started and used to ignore things like affairs and all…but my friend circle in my college contradicted this and each one of them had their gf’s and so did I. But I never went deeply into things and just believed in the easy-go-theory of life.

I had my girl friend named Ruby. She had nice figures but never attracted me specifically. Infect she was pretty desperate for me but couldn’t openly tell me. I was always wanting someone who would be very sober but have some out of the world looks and hence felt that I would never really fall in love or have a real affair. But I too had my share of luck and did find such a girl. One of my friend whose name was Bony had once taken me to his gf’s house where I found my first real crush of my life…she was Priya.

She was Bony’s gf’s sister and had the seducing look that was enough for me to lose my patience. I was mad after her and was ready to die in her eyes. Large black eyes, milky complexion, brownish silky hair upto her knees and the same sobriety I was searching for. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Looking at her boobs juggle made me hot even of imagining about them as they were such a perfect pair to her striking features. Her ass wasn’t anything to be left behind with her beauty. Believe me I felt as if I had seen an angel. I am not going to make u guys and gals any further bore and I am straight away going to take you to the jist of my story.

After looking at her my visits to priya’s house started increasing on some pretext or the other. I grew my friendship with Priya and her house members gradually and gave them a thoroughly good character-impression of myself. For my studies I had joined some classes in 12th standard and they were now about to open. One the first day it seemed as if God had opened his curtains on me and I came to know priya had joined the same class and what more she was in my batch. After that my friendship with Priya grew in intimate terms and now I needed no excuses to go to her house. Being a little weak in studies she often needed my help and this was where I felt I had my chance.

On one such day in my class I started chatting with priya who used to sit besides me and the professor saw us and we were thrown out of the class. I then dejectedly went to leave her up till her house to discover there was no one at her place. Her niegbour’s informed her that they had to go out urgently somewhere and would return only till night. Priya and I sat in and started chatting casually. I came up with the topic of internet and then I decided to switch gears. I was saying that I liked the names of some sites which I liked of which Zoneforsex slipped out of my tongue. Priya slyishly looked down and said suddenly said that she too liked that site and then started laughing. I was taken aback by that behavior of hers and did not know how to react and just kept quite as I wasn’t used to saying all these things in front of her.

Now it was the time to go berserk told her that we should check out a latest story of that site. she didn’t object and we were on are way to her bedroom where she had a pc. Things looked bright for sex. I knew that in my mind. On reading one of the hot stories priya put her head over my shoulder. I responded by planting a kiss on her plams. She obliged in great terms. kissing me on my cheeks. I was on seventh heaven. She soon was totally under my control and we were engaged in a biggggg french kiss. My tongue tasted the flavour of every part of her mouth & so did she. After that I turned my attention towards her body. It looked so inviting and delicious. I just placed my hand on her boobs and she let out a moan. They were as full and soft like spunge. I slowly removed her top and then her pink laced bra as well. It was the most fascinating sight I had ever seen. Two great boobs ready for me to get devoured.

Her brown nipples stood erect saluting me. I gently sucked them on till my heart’s content. Priya all the while was cuddling my hair and was making all kinds of sexy noises. Suddenly she told she wanted my manhood. She immediately flew open my levis. My 7″ rod sprang up from my underwear and she swallowed it like a whore. The feeling was tantalizing. She was a very good sucker and later I came to know she learnt sucking from blue films. She kept on igniting the volcano in me and I let it go on her face. She swallowed it all up.

Now it was my turn and I made her completely nude and told her to spread her legs. The scene was soooo seducing. I immediately dived into her honey pot. It was streaming wet. She was going wild and her voices became more erotic than ever. She sounded like oooooohhhhhhh ppplllllllzzzzz go on doinggg thatttt. ahhhhhhhh. I knew this was the time for the final act and I readied her for it. I slowly entered her virgin cunt.It was tight. I applied some oil and then again I re-entered. This time it went in much easily. She held her eyes tight shut. I slowly increased the pace of my strokes and so was the sound of her shrieks. The passion between both of us was boiling inside. I was fucking her hard. We both were at the apex of our excitement. Finally after about ten minutes of hard fucking we both came together in an avalanche of ecstasy. We lay their for quite some time. I was sweating profusely and she was having cold sweat. We had both lost our virginity together. She had to shift her residence recently for some reason and so we meet very rare now. But not before we enjoyed with each other ample number of times. I have had the time of my life with her. You can send me your comments on Any girls or ladies in mumbai interested in secure sex can also contact me on my e-mail address. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Bye.

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