My Dream Girl

I am Vikash from Calcutta. Today I want to share my first real life sex experience My Dream Girl with you. I am used to read sex stories from last two years and I must say It helped me a lot to gather the courage for my first sex encounter with Sangita. Let me describe Sangita. She was my classmate in college. Even a whole dictionary is not sufficient to describe her beauty, but let me try.

She is very sexy, medium height, medium fair complex and most charming. After six months after starting college, I found she leaves in the apartment just behind us. This made our friendship more deep. We started to come and go each other residence very often both for time pass and study. She lives in the flat with her mom and young brother who reads in class V. Her mother was a Central Govt. Officer and Father stays at Singapore. One day It was College Election so we were enjoying our leaves at home. Suddenly at 2.30 P.M I received a phone call from Sangita, and she told me to go to her home in the afternoon and do some practice of business math with her as next week was our class test.

I went there at 3.00P.M. When I went there I saw she was all alone in the flat just with her maid servant with her. She was wearing a blue T-Shirt and knee length skirt. Any way we started our study and did it for 1 hour. After that we felt urge for some tea or coffee. The maid servant served it to us and took 1 hour leave to go to her home for some marketing. We were sitting on the bed as her flat had no drawing room and it was so small. Suddenly the entire coffee spilled onto her skirt and she tried to remove this hot stuff by spreading her legs apart, and for few moments she forgot my presence there. I can easily saw her white panty and beautiful vaginal hairs hanging beside it. After a few moments she went to the bathroom to take the clothing’s off and get some fresh one.

But in hurry she forgot to take the fresh dresses into the bathroom. So finally she had to come out just in a towel. She was very shy before me that time. When she was taking out some clothing’s out of the war drone I could easily saw part of her boobs arousing side from her towel. Just that time I felt very horny and the wish to fuck her came into my mind. I just lost myself and forgot my relationship with her. I Pressed her from her back and started rubbing her belly while kissing her neck from her back. In the first impact sangita jumped and stepped away from me. But as I continued to tease her slowly she lost herself and came near to me. We started kissing very deeply. Both of us were not talking a single word, but the room was full of sound of our kissing and moaning. In 3-4 minutes the knot of her towel loosened and we let it fell down to the floor and she was completely naked in cross of my arm.

I opened my T-Shirt. Sangita started sucking my nipples and rubbing my tool. She opened my trouser and my brief thereafter and we were completely naked before each other. I threw her onto the bed and jumped over her and started to explore every corner of her body. I was kissing her so hard she even having problem to breath. My left hand was in her vagina and suddenly I felt hot and creamy juice coming out of it. I tried to insert my tool inside of her. Oh my Goodness !!! What a tight cunt she had. I was feeling burning irritation at the tip of my dick, but any way i inserted it fully and stated to pump hardly. In the beginning I continued in a slow motion and sangita was moaning like Aaaah..Aaaah..Aaaah..Aaaah… Suddenly i doubled my speed and the room was full of sangita’s Aaaah..Aaaah..Aaaah..Aaaah… and the magical khup.. khup.. khup.. khup.. sound.

The bed sheet was floating with sangita’s juice. After some time I was about to cum and came out of her. She took the entire of my fall in her mouth. Surprising to both of us she cant take the whole thing in her mouth and some of my juice came out side from her lips. After that she licked my dick and made it clean. We was so tired we slept in the arms of each other. After half an hour we re-gained our energy and started kissing each other again. But this time we didn’t got the chance again as the doorbell rang we have to stop our activity at once.

Sangita went into the toilet and I opened the door after having my clothing. After this we met so many time in the next three months, specially on the Saturdays. After three months they were shifted to bangalore permanently, but I am still in touch with her in phone and email, and both of us have the desire to met at least once again if god gives us a chance. Any girls, bhabies, or women from calcutta or howrah want similar experience, or any one wants to suggest or share secrets with me can mail me at: Love All…

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