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Hi, I am Taimoor from Karachi. My Colleague Sex I have been great fan of the site. The most exciting part of the site is the erotic story section. I have read almost all of them. They are excellent. After a long time I take courage to narrate my first and till last experience. Let me describe myself first. I am 25, 5’10 solid body. I am a finance guy, in part time I take tutions . The girl name was Moona (absolutely not the real one cause to save her name) we were both colleague in a coaching center. She joined coaching centre just after the two months of mine. Her complexion was fair but her body was marvelous. She normally wore Kameez Shalwar not very loose not tight as well. She was one years younger than me. I am always very much friendly with my colleague and jolly with every-one. As she was very bold, we franked with each other immediately. She was bit weak in her subject, as we were very close friend she often asked me for help.

One hot day of May she came to center wearing a tight white dress. She was perspiring heavily, her kameez was wet. There was black bra and panties become visible because of her so much perspiration (I have always been very much fond of black bra and panties) she was looking damn sexy in white dress with black under-garment. Thanks I was wearing a tight jeans otherwise it would become difficult for me to hide my erection. Fortunately the situation was critical that day so many students were absent. We both give the off to the classes as they were few, then we went to office, office incharge was also absent and other teacher were taking classes so the room was empty

We sat together side by side. Although we usually sit close and did not care about touching any part of the body to other but on that day I made special arrangement. Our arms and legs were touching each other But she did not care about it and I was getting hotter and hotter, that day I decided I would fuck her. After the two months of this incident my family moved to Gulshan. She specially asked me to be in contact as she often needed my help.

It was a nice evening of November when she called me and told me that she has got the job as a teacher in a Cambridge school with a big amount as salary. She was very excited, when I said to her there should be a treat. She readily agreed I asked her what about next Saturday? She said that her family is going to a marriage and they have plan to leave home at 3 o’clock evening. Could it be another day? she asked as she did not want me to be angry after all I was her guide. Due to some problem I have no other Choice so I insist and assured that we would be free by the 3 o’clock she agreed, then I told her ok I would come at 1 o’clock to pick her on bike then drop her back. She hesitated, I asked what happened she said she never sit on bike as in her family no body has bike I calmed her down and requested her to wear white dress.

It was a fine Saturday afternoon of November when I went to her home she was ready and was wearing dress of white color. She sat on bike with great horror and hold me so tightly that her breast were pressing against my back. I started riding bike slowly and gradually increase the speed she was still frightened but I calmed her down by talking on different topics. On the way to restaurant I applied sudden brake several times to enjoy with her big soft boobs which she didn’t realize In the restaurant we sit infront of each other after placing the order we started chatting. During the lunch I touched her hand with mine, her leg by with mine several times but I had to be very careful as it was a public place. On the way back I chose a long way where the road condition was very bad, it was bumpy and broken from many places and on that road I rode the bike bit fast. To save herself she hold me tightly, I was enjoying the ride. When we got to her home we were late (as per my plan). The door was locked.

The neighbor child give her the keys and said to give a call to her mother at relative. It was 3:30 we both entered in the house. She called her mother and got annoying why they didn’t wait for her, her mother explained the reason and told her to stay at home so her father could pick her up at 6 on his way to marriage. We both were tired and sitting on the lounge carpet. She sat next to me and complained that she is hurt and feeling pain on her back because of bumpy road. Here the story begins. I offered her to lay down on the carpet so I can massage on her back. She blushed and said angrily Are you fool, you will massage me after all I am a girl and you are a boy. Don’t be so conservative we are just good friend now you are going in a western atmosphere they don’t care about this and you have to join your family in marriage, you should be fresh there, come on, I replied. She agreed with resistant and laid down on the floor or her breast. Now her beautiful back and pair of ass were infront of me. I order her to spread her hand horizontally (mean she was lying their by making the shape of T). now I put my both palms on shoulders and started pressing them slowly then massage her hands slowly then brought my hand on back and moved down till waist, I repeat the process many times but in a very decent way to vanish her resistant. By this time I have aroused much . She was also shivering when I got success removing her resistance I spread my both palms and started massaging sensationally. This time I cross her waist and make rounds on her ass chicks. She tried to get up saying I am fine now but I stopped her and move my hand to her thighs and carried on this same rhythm. She started moaning softly.

When I was confirm that she has aroused I slipped my hands under her shoulders and manage to touch her boobs with my fingers then moved toward the hips, squeezed them badly and moved my hand to her ass crack then towards her sweet pussy. She shivered badly she was out of control now and moaned loudly. Its time to act. I turned her face towards me and put my lips on her lips. They were damn hot, she respond well I thrust my tong in her mouth she started sucking it then she give her tong in my mouth I sucked it badly, during all the time my hand were in her long black hair . After a long French kiss I started kissing her neck eyes ear every-where on her face and moved my hands on her boobs and squeezed them. then I kissed her boobs from her kameez and moved my hand on the stomach I kissed both boobs one by one then her abdomen than a bit lower and then to her secret place she moaned loudly ooooh OOOohhh aaahhh ohh aaaahhh then her thighs, her calf then I moved my mouth upward with kissing all the way at the same time I started lifting her kameez upward after kissing her hard I took off her kameez completely. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning on end then I loosen up the knot of shalwar string and it was off. Now she was only in black bra and panties of the same color she is gorgeous, I became mad and started kissing every where. First took off my shirt and then unhook her bra.

The pair of world most beautiful boobs are infront of me Ahhhhhh I pressed one with hand and pick another in my mouth. It was tasty. I bit them hard one by one she shouted with pain and pleasure but I kept on biting. Then I took off her panties and put my hand on her clitoris and started massaging that area and on the other side kept one sucking beautiful boobs. Her eyes were closed. I ordered her to open the eyes and take off my paints she nodded negatively with a naughty smile on her face. I bite on her nipples very hard so she shouted with pain and opened her eyes I asked her wont you take off my paints she slapped on chest and take off my paints with underwear. Her eyes become wide open after watching my monster dick It never so big even. I placed her hands on my dick and ordered to stroke on it this time she obey without any objection I started kissing again and put my hand to on boobs and squeezed them. My dick is getting bigger and bigger in her soft hands then I asked her to suck my dick but she didnt agree I did not want to force her in this matter as it would be by mutual understanding so I dont say any thing. It was 4:30 then and I dont have so much time so I put my hand on her pussy and massage it then insert my finger in the hole. ooohhhhh hhhhh aaaahhhhhhh She moaned loudly I inserted another finger and started moving in and out so fast that she become mad and started making pleasure sounds very loudly to stop her shouting I started kissing and squeezing her boobs with the other hand again.

Now we both were hot, So I decided to give the final touch to the scene I searched Vaseline and applied it on my dick on her pussy lips, she was afraid about the next move as she was virgin she only masturbate with finger (which she told me later) and my dick is quiet huge, I calmed her down and assured her that I would do slowly. I put pillow under her waist and put her legs on my shoulders and guided my dick to the pussy hole and put my hands on her boobs and started pressing my dick slowly, she closed her eyes with pain and pleasure to avoid and yell from her I put my lips on hers and give a big thrust to my dick finally inside. She tried to shout but her yell buried in my mouth. I stopped for moment calmed her the started jerking first slowly then increase the speed gradually she was enjoy it immensely I kept on kissing squeezing first her boobs then her ass. After some time her pussy become shirking and clutching on my dick and she released her juice I feel that I am also about to ejaculate so I brought my dick out side and released all my cum on her stomach and lied down beside her. We both were breathing heavily after five minute we get up cleaned ourselves and dressed up. I kissed her last time passionately left her house. After a year I again got an opportunity to fuck her again, then never again. Any girls/women specially in Karachi can become my friend an my email add is

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