My Birthday Gift

My name is jaya. I am 35 yrs old housewife. My Birthday Gift Having loving husband with 2 kids. My hb is very nice person, but due to his work don’t have enough time and energy to satisfy me. I used to fight with him sometimes for not fucking me enough. Once during our argument he said go out and get yr self fucked till u satisfied. I said u know if I want I will do it. He said he is serious and don’t mind at all. I said then u only arrange for me. He said why not and left. I thought he was joking, as we never discussed about it later for a month or so. Then one weekend my husband told me that he would give me a special treat for my birthday. On Saturday he said ur present is coming this evening. I was guessing. He gave no idea only said u will find. Evening at 7 he went out and said I am bringing ur present. He came around 7.30 evening with him were 3 young boys, around 22-23. I asked myself what is this? And till then I had no idea.

Then I asked my husband who are they, he said they are here to fuck u. I don’t know what to say? I told him don’t joke. He said he got them thru inet and got all the confirmation and as u asked for it I have arranged for u. so prepare ur self for fucking. After some time I told him u should have arrange one, to that he said I know 1 cannot satisfy u and as they were three and want to come together I said ok.

It was awkward for me as I was not prepared. I served them tea, my husband said no formalities give them beer and sit with us. Then we talked in general about our self, as and when they get chance they were glaring my body from top to bottom. I was wondering how this would start? Who will start and what to expect? After some time they were relaxed I went to prepare food and while prepare one of them raj came and asked me whether I am also happy with this arrangement, I was happy for him to ask like that and said yes. He told me that I am beautiful and sexy. And as described by my husband to them very good for fucking as he is fucking me for last 10 yrs. Then he told me to show my breast if u don’t mind. I was cooking but did nothing on his request and gave smile, he understood he came and opened few buttons of my maxi and played with my breast. I was feeling very nice. Then from behind my husband came and raj stopped. I don’t know what to say. But my husband came opened both the breast sucked one nipple and told raj to suck another. I was in heaven. After some time husband told raj lets have food and then u can eat her as much as u can.

After that we had food. While serving also I was thinking about the pleasure I am going to have afterwards. Around 11 we had few beer and when I was having some my husband started to play with my body in front of them. They were enjoying. My husband said she is today for all of us and do whatever u want. Mahesh who was sitting next to me told my husband she is sitting with u always tell her to sit on my lap. Hus band said go, I sat on his lap, his tool was already big. He started playing with my body. And kissing me as never before. I also cooperated as after long time I was feeling young. Mahesh told kumar that I have nice and big breast. Kumar came forward and started sucking my nipples. Raj told wait to them and started to remove my maxi I looked to my husband he was smiling , they made me naked and made me sleep on sofa and started to play with my whole body. Raj took my hand and gave his dick in one hand kumar turned my face forcibly and forced his dick in my mouth I could not take in as it was big but after some time he was fucking my mouth as raj went down and was thinking to put his dick in my hole my husband stopped him and said first my turn and came and fucked me for some time.

Then told others to fuck her hard. All of them one by one were fucking me, I was enjoying. Husband started fucking in mouth and filled me with all juices and said to others keep fucking her and went to sleep. They kept fucking me for hours I exhausted but did not told them to stop. They were doing anything they like, some one putting his fingers in hole, putting dick in my mouth again putting in my pussy, I was in half sleep and feeling jerks in my body. Morning when I got up at 8 I was in sofa fully naked my body was feeling some pain.

My husband came and asked my did u enjoy I said yes. He went to the market to purchase and I went to take bath. Then I went to our fucking guests room they were sleeping in bed. I told them to get up for tea. Raj pulled me in bed and said ur body smells good after bath and I was in bed with all of them. They lifted my maxi and again one by one fucked me. They left afternoon. Since then my husband is fucking me daily. I am also very happy with the experience. Three days after they left I was feeling pain on my whole body but it was pleasure pain.

With this experience I am excited for more and ask anybody want to fuck me please email me on Do write in details how u will fuck me, any ladies want advice also can write me, or if you can please my husband. Do write

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