My best friend Maria

I am Uzma studying in 12th grade.5.6″ 32-21-33. We live in a big house & I was left as my bro & sis got married. My best friend Maria who lives just near my house usually spent nights with me. Her faience Asif was very handsome boy. One day We made a plan to meet with him in my house on Maria s request. As on that day we were alone at house. As soon as he entered Maria rushed towards him there he gave her a kiss on her cheek. Then we served him a lot. He had much conversation with him. Then he left. I admired her choice. From then it became a routine whenever we got a chance Maria called him. After some days Maria said I want to be with him whole night.1st I resisted then allowed.

It was Saturday evening when he came we hide him in my room as it was on first floor and it was not possible for grand mother as she had week eye sight closed to come in my room. We started a movie. He & Maria was on the bed and I was on floor watching movie. Sometime I heard some conversation from up. But when movie ended and was going to sleep with a zero light on. After 10-15 min I heard a sound of Maria saying Asif nahin mat kara na pls nahin oooh nahin aaah bus nahin pls oooh nahin
ooooh chora. Pls uzma kha khya gi nahin oooh mat Asif pls shadi k baad jo gee ma haya karna pls ooh. nahin uzma ha aaah.

Maria jan uzma is ur best friend don’t worry we had full confident on her. Don’t worry. Nahin bus nahin pls Asif ma aap ki hi tou hou shadi k baad jasa dil kara karna pls. At there I just lifted up to see what is going on. there I saw Asif s hand was over marias shoulder holding her right boob. Maria was just resisting to remove his hand from her boob which he was holding while Asif s second hand was on her mouth bending towards her mouth and was kissing there she screamed uhhh ahhhhh aouchhhhhhh no plz dont do this plzzzzzz dont do itttttttttt noooooooooo andhe was kissing her lips. On seeing that an electricity passed through whole of my body. There was some different feeling in my body with so much pleasure.

After that I saw that Maria was not resisting but screaming Asif aram sa dabowo oooh aaaah and there he removed her kamiz bra then finally shalwar there he shouted woooooo, beautiful. wonderful and he started pressing her boobs and with a jerk he took her boob in his mouth turn by tern he was pressing licking eating my friends apple sized boobs. My friend was moaning ooooooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaah mar gayi. Aaaaaaaasif but he was fondling each part of her body. Asif bus tum mara ho. Maria too was giving good response .there Asif stood up and removed her cloths. Ooh I was shocked to see a real penis fully erect first time ever it was about 8″ and as thick as a cucumber. And Maria shouted Naaaahiiiiiiin Asif nahin booooot bara ha jano mar joyou gi ooooooh jano I am virgin boot bara ha nahin jaya ga oof.maria kuch nahin hota aaram sa karou ga nahin plz muja dar lagta ha kha na kuch nahin ho ga,acha Vaseline ha nahin. There he stood up and put his huge dick near her mouth Maria was just to say a word he put in her mouth she started licking after 2/3 licks he stopped. Again he was on her and separated her legs ,jano I am virgin aaram sa .jano I am so tight .aaaaaaahooooouch tora sa dalo bus aaaaaah nikalo aaaaah he was forching in ,Maria started crying ooooh and then finally shouted aaaaaaaaaaaasif. There almost we all exhausted.asif felt on him restlessly. Onwards this became the routine on every weekend.

One day Maria said uzma tuma bi aab maza dou gi .muja pata ha janab hum choudai karta ha tum soo nahin sakti. jan kaya karou itna maza hata ha dil chata ha bus choudta hi raha. Na baba muja maf hi rakho.janab ko mafi tab hi mila gi jab lay gi.Wo donkey size cock na baba na Maria tuma to pata ha my cunt is more tight than urs.on her words I was becoming wet.Then the day came.uzma aaj ma nahin tum.Then the time came ooooh marvelous. Uzma aaj tuma jo bi ho chikni chouroo ga nahin.This is order of my beloved Maria which cannot be disobeyed, he was just behind me with his hand on my shoulder. Half of my body was on him he start kissing me.There he put his hand on my boob. Plz Asif choro ooh ooh oooooh pls muja kuch ho raha ha mat dabou oooh meri jan nikil rahi ha pls . Saat hi hus na kha uzma kapra utaro.nahin nahin plz. Saat hi hus na mara mumma zoor zoor sa dabana shuru kar dayia. I was resisting but to no avail, maria was helping him meri kameez shamiz bra tenohi utar diya. Meri body mumme dakhta hi oof uzma ya moon tum na chupa kar rakha tha.maria uzma k hath pakrohot mara apple size mumme,pink nipple dakhta raha phir aakdam hus na mara mumme mough ma la liya hor chusna laga hor dosra hath sa kabi mara mumme dabata kabi gaand par parta.muja pata bi nahin chala kab hus na meri shalwar bi utar di.hur phuddi dakhta bola jan lajawab phuddi hasa jasa kisi na blade sa chouta sa cut ligaya ho.And laid me on bed. Phir hus na meri aak leg shoulder par & put his tongue between my legs. I enjoyed it so much that I came immediately. Asif sucked all the water out of my vagina, I was so hot that I was turning here & there and shouting. There he removed his cloths. There Maria said touch it first , I was very much afraid but getting pleasure. And he put my hand around it, an electricity passed through my whole body it was so warm and soft, I closed my eyes with pleasure and suddenly felt that it was becoming hard & hard I opened my eyes to see it ooh I could not believe on my eyes it had grown upto at least 9″. There Maria put my both hands around it and still could hold only half of it.

There he stopped me. Asif pls nahin Maria nahin boot bara mota ha ooh ooh plz nahin aaaaasif ooooooh Maria ma mar jayou gi nahin ja sakta . I start resisting crying but he tighten his grip and he was forcing in his donkey sized cock in my small cunt plz pls nahin nahin ooh ooh ooooooooooooooohaaaaaaaaaah nakalo.There he re adjusted his position & tighten his grip over with spreading more wider my legs & Maria put a pillow beneath my hips .My cunt was up& his cock was aiming my little virgin cunt. Maria was pressing my boobs harder & harder. I was shouting screaming crying with unknown pleaeure. I was totally in there tight grip there he gave a very powerful stoke I fainted with a loud shout. I felt someone throughing water on my face licking kissing and calling me, I felt pain and some thing very hard in my body. I saw Asif on top of me and stroking hard & hard my vagina with his 8″ penis ignoring my shouts & heavy tears.

I fainted with again soon I felt sooooooooo much pleasure which I cannot put in words and suddenly Asif got up. Hold me from my hairs and put his penis in my mouth. I felt warm thick water in my mouth. oooh how great Asif fucked us from behind it is another story. Special thanks to Asif & Maria. Plz if you like my story, rate it or wish to make any comments plz mail me at

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