My Aunt Raped Me – Indian Sex Stories

I am Vijay. This happened when I am in my 12th class. I went to my mama’s house after writing my 11th class. My mama is a big(old 45) landlord and my aunty(mama’s wife) is a nice almost perfect (35 with firm boobs) figure.

One fine morning I woke up at 5 and heard the voice of the milkman. I answered the door and went to my mama’s bedroom to ask how much milk my aunt wants. The door was opened and I without thinking anything went in and there saw the lady I described topless. What? I couldn’t take my eyes off her round boobs. I heard my mama coming out of the bathroom and went out sadly telling her about the milkman. It seemed that they just got of from bed(sex?) and he went to wash his while she was covering her golden figure.

I was very ashamed and I didn’t talk to her the whole day. The next day my mama left to town to get fertilizers and also to get a good bargain for the crop,etc..and won’t be back 2 days. What am I gonna do in this house all alone? I wasn’t able to face my aunt. I thought lets have a bath and think about it. As its a village the bathroom is not attached and they go to the bathroom with a towel around them. So I am also going to the bathroom in a towel. Just then my aunt came and stopped me.

She pushed me onto my bed and said “How dare u saw me naked? No one except ur uncle saw me like that. U have to pay the price for seeing me naked”. With this she plucked my towel and I was standing there all naked in front of her.She jumped on me and caught my dick and said “I’ll cut this thing if u don’t do what I say”. As it is obvious that I don’t have a choice I nodded to whatever she said.

She opened my legs a little and started stroking my balls and licking them. It sent a high voltage current into my body and I held her face in my hands and pressed her head over my balls.

My dick became rock hard after sometime and she stood up said u sob u want to see my boobs and cunt come u sob help urself. The next second I was working on her blouse and pressing the silken boobs while she was taking off her saree. I was so eager to suck her boobs that I tore her blouse and pinched her right nipple so hard that she gave me a kiss and ate my lower lip. She was pinching my butt all the time. She sat on top of me and showed my dick the way into her pussy and rocked me up and down. I moved my butt in harmony while holding her boobs in both hands and pressing them so hard that she was screaming out.

I came into her pussy after a few minutes and then my dick was down She gave me a blowjob and made my dick happy. When I was about to enter her pussy again she made me fuck her ass. As I am still fond of her pussy I fingered while I was fucking her tight ass. I entered my 7 fingers into her pussy and she cummed so much She made me suck my hand full of her pussy honey. She fucked me like this whenever my uncle was out for the entire holidays.

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