Mehvish Ka Tukoo

Hi! Abrar is back to share his one more sex experience with you. I me regular reader of zoneforsex stories. Before this story Mehvish Ka Tukoo I shared my first sex experience of with you. through your mails I come to know that u liked my story.

First, I will like to introduce myself I m 19 years old now. You will surprise that 19 years old boy has already enjoyed that beautiful moments of love and sex. but believe me it is a real story. so I m 19 year old guy living in Lahore near the Walton road. this incident happened with me before two years. at that time I was only 18 years old. and I was really very hot. this is my introduction and from here I m going to start my experience.

In the beginning of 1999, may be it was the month of march. when my cousin came from Karachi to live with us. actually she had given the papers of matric. and in those days her vacations were going on. her name was mehvish. As my mami was busy in doing different works at home. . so she send me to the to pick my cousin. I had never seen my cousins because I born in the New York and live there since I became 16. my father left the job so we have to come back to the Pakistan. so I took the car and want to the airport. on the way I bought some flowers to welcome her. after 10 or 15 min I reached the Lahore international airport. after waiting the flight from Karachi is check. in. as I had never seen her my mama gave me her photo so that I can identify her. at was about 11.00 a.m.

When she went out from the lounge. I went to her and told her that I m your cousin. I said in pure Pakistani style assalam. o. alakium. but in the reply she shacked hand with me. I presented her the flowers . she smell the flowers and said “thank u”. I had never such a beautiful girl before . she was about 5ft,9 inches long. and have very good figure. I took her luggage and guiding her towards my car. she was smelling the flowers that I gave her . I turn back and looked at her . she said that the flowers are beautiful and said in the heart not beautiful then u. I said her “that u r welcome”.

During the journey to home she asked about my studies, my friends and about the historical city of Lahore. we kept on talking after 15 min we reached the home. My mama welcome her . she was very happy. my mama told her to take bath and do some rest. then she sleep and awake after 2 hours. during this time I was thinking about her . I have never seen such a dame sexy beauty before. she has the fair complexion. and beautiful figure. I was totally mad thinking about her. my dick become strong like iron when I think about her. so I went to the toilet and started masturbing . I was in so hurry so that I forget to lock the door. this toilet was near the room in mehvish was sleeping. when I was masturbating suddenly slightly the door of the toilet open. as I was in the passion I can’t stop my self. there was mehvish on the door. when she saw me she suddenly close the door. I was felling very ashamed because my cousin has seen me masturbating . I went to sleep because I don’t have courage to go in front of mehvish. my mother woke me at 7. 00 pm in the evening . I got up and remains in my room. after one hour she called me for dinner. as I was felling hungry. so I gathered courage to go in front of her. I went outside and sit near the dinning table. my mother was serving the diner. and mehvish was watching t. v. then my mother call her for dinner. she came and sat in front of me.

I was not talking to her. even I m not looking at her because I was felling very ashamed from her. during dinner noticed that she was looking at me. I encouraged myself to look at her and eye contact is established between us. she was smiling while looking at me . I was feeling very ashamed. so I took my dinner and went outside to meet my friend. I came back to home at 10. 00 p. m . at that time I saw that she was watching t. v and my mother was not there. so I asked her “where is mother”. she replied that she was feeling sleepy so she want top bed room. I sat on the sofa. after some time she asked me “app toilet mein kya ker rahe the”. while asking this she was smiling. Without answering I went to the bed room to sleep. I was lying on bed . I was trying to sleep but I can’t sleep. after 15 or 30 min she went in my bed room. I was pretending that I was sleeping. she came near to me and shake me . when I wake she said that “I m felling very cold pls give me something” I was very surprised because it was hot outside and she was saying that she is feeling cold. I opened the cupboard but I can’t find any thing for her. I noticed that she was continuously smiling. suddenly she came near to me and hold my dick in her hand and said “abrar I want ur dick now. I saw ur dick while u were masturbating. I want it pls. I want it”. that was the moment that I was waiting for many centuries. here the real action starts. then with out wasting any time I kissed her on lips. that was my first kiss of the life. her lips were as hot as fire. I was putting my tounge in her moth and she was putting her tounge in my mouth.

I put my hands between her legs in order to find her pussy. her said in very sexy style that abrar u know that ladies r first so I will do first. by saying this she unzip my pant and my 6″inches was now in her sexy hands. that was the golden moment of my life. she started jerking my dick. and after some time I chum out. . Then she put off her clothes and now was wearing only bra and underwear . she was wearing pink underwear and black bra. I m very surprised to see that she was wearing my favorites colour. first I put off her under bra and I m was very surprised to see that she has nicely shaved her pussy . I started licking her pussy. then I put off her lack bra . and suddenly I hold her boobs in my hand . she suddenly shouted “arram se”. I said don’t shout I will do it gently . she said that’s like a good boy. I started sucking her boobs like a mad. her boobs were like sweet melons.

Then she said to me “mamme he pate rahoo gahee kein mujhe choodon ke bhii”. I accepted her request and put my dick in her nicely shaved pussy. as she was never fucked before. So her pussy was very tight. I have to exert a lot of force to fuck her. I fucked her in three different styles. When I fucked her she said “abrar ap ka lun to bohat Bada hamein ne atna bada lun to xxx film mein bahi nahi dekha. “during her stay I fucked her dozens of time and she really enjoyed it. Any girl or women married or unmarried specially of Lahore who wants to have a friendship with me can contact me. I also likes to have a friendship with widows and aunties. u can mail me at my mail address: abrar238@yahoo. com

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