Mehndi Rang Laayee

I m a regular viewer of this site. I am 22 yrs old guy. Mehndi Rang Laayee I live in Rawalpindi. The incident happened to me 2 yrs back. I went to Karachi at my cousin’s marriage. I had some work in college so I went on mehndi night. When I reached there I was very warmly welcome. my cousin jehanara was wearing a sleeveless yellow dress. She was the bride. we had great fun till late night. At round about 2:am we all cousins went into our beds that were arranged for guests. But jehanara aapa [bride] requested me to sleep in her room. she was looking very sad. I thought it was all because of her marriage.

Later I came to know that there was a very solid reason for her sadness. she was very pretty girl and she had really very sexy figure32 24 32.we both went to sleep after some chit chat. I was enjoying a sound sleep when I felt that someone was playing with my cock. It was my dearest jehanara aapa.she was vibrating her figures very gently deep up to my balls. I was taking it as a dream .but I wake up suddenly when she kissed me on my lips. I was very much frightened because I never had such an experience. jehanara aapa convinced me . I kissed her on her lips and started fucking her mouth with my tongue. I was in heaven. she had her hands on my dick. she was constantly playing with my balls. this turned me even more horny. I hugged her tightly and bite her on her arms.

Then we decided to get naked. I put her clothes off & she put off my clothes. I was amazed to see her booobs. I started sucking her booobs very madly. she was really enjoying it very much. Then it was her turn she opened her mouth and started sucking my 7″ dick. It was well cut mushroom capped cock. she gave me a wonderful blowjob .she sucked me deep down my balls . I was in heaven .I put my finger in her pussy which was wet. I fucked her pussy with my finger. she was moaning very slightly. she was very tight as she was virgin. then I licked her she was screaming with pleasure and wanted me to be inside her. my dick was as hot as iron to fuck her . I stretched her legs in v.and put her legs on my shoulders. I rubbed my dick on her boobs first and then started rubbing it on her vagina.she was getting horny.i slightly put my cock in her pussy but it was very tihght.i tried again with a forceful thrust and it was inside her. tears came out of her eyes but she did not cry as I was fucking her mouth with my tongue and my fingers were dancing here and there on her nipples. she was enjoying it all. blood was coming out of vagina so I took out my dick out of her pussy. she was feared to see the blood so she refused to get my cock in her. she was weeping and requesting me to leave. I really wanted to fuck her hard. I gave her slaps on her face to keep silent. I put my hot iron rod in her .I moved my dick to and fro in her. she was now moaning with pleasure. I gave her very fast forceful jerks and she was getting a thing that she wanted. now I was to cum so I cummed in her pussy. after this session we both slept nudely in bed. in morning we together took a bath .while taking bath I got horny so I put soap on my cock and fucked her ass a doggy style. I was enjoying it and she was having a very hard time. I fucked her ass very fiercely .

I was giving her vibrating hard thrusts in her ass. And was slapping her face to shut up. at last I came to drop my load .this time I wanted her to take my cum in breakfast so I cummed in her mouth. jehanara aapa ate it all. We took a bath .hugged each other tightly and left the room. it was a real fun for me. then she went to her susraal in the doli and I came back to Rawalpindi.

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