Me and my Servant

Hi, I am Komal I am a married women form Mumbai and work in an ad agency. Me and my Servant To describe me…I am 36 yrs old…but I look about 30. I am 5’and 4″inches and am 58 in wt today…which keeps fluctuating. I have heavy breasts-37 inches … I prefer to wear sleeveless Punjabi dresses normally.

I was married to Arvind 13 years ago. He is a marketing manager in a big corporate. From the recent past I had observing that he was not much interested in me. I thought that this is because I was not being able to give him much time because both of us being working. We even don’t have a child even after 13 years of marriage. We do find much less time to have sex many times. Because of this workload we had kept a full time maidservant, Smita.

Smita is like those typical Indian Maid servant who is about 28-30 years old, fair and of about as the same height but a bit more fat. She always used to be in considerable good saris. I used to wonder, from where does she get the money to get those good saris.

Once my work got over soon and hence I thought of spending some time with husband. I phoned at his office but got a reply that he hadn’t come there. So I went home. On opening the door with my keys, I was shocked to see the situation. Arvind was wearing no shirt, and Smita’s sari was down…her black blouse was clearly visible. On seeing me they both hesitated and Smita left the house with some petty reason. I knew there was something wrong, and even I had an idea what could really be wrong…but I didn’t say anything at that time. That weekend my husband was out of station for some business purpose. I thought, “this is the time to ask Smita about that day”.

On Saturday, after lunch I was reading the newspaper. Smita was cleaning the utensils. I asked her about that day “kya chal kya raha tha uus din?”. On this she rudely answered…”jo apne socha” ( we were doing exactly that what you thought.) I couldn’t stand this and just went and slapped her. She didn’t react…but there was anger in her eyes. Then I pulled her hair… and told her to leave my home. But she unexpectedly pushed me on my breasts. Ooohh that was painful. I fell on the ground. She was really strong. Then she jumped on me and while I was trying to scratch her face… she moved back… and accidentally her pink blouse came into my hand. I purposely pulled and tore it off. On this she got wild and pulled my Punjabi. While doing that even my bra was torn. By this time she was nearly off her sari I pushed her and as she fell back, her sari was raised up and I could see her black panties. I now pointed at Smita and said, “You stay away from my Arvind, bitch, or I’ll break your face.”

She ten grabbed me by my hair, pulling me to her feet and hit me in the mouth with her fist. I went down, this time falling on the floor. Smita then jumped on me. I grabbed her bra and began to rip it open. In a matter of seconds, I could see her breasts. I was now caught up in the excitement of this catfight which was taking place in my home. “Randi Sali,” I shouted at her.

Even as she grabbed a handful of her hair, I continued to pull on her pink bra, exposing her left nipple. She then reached up with her other hand and grabbed the front of my bra and ripped it open, revealing my fair big brests. Now, both of us began attacking each other’s tits in earnest. I was feeling an extremely different feeling which was partly of anger and partly of erotic pleasure. She pulled my bra up and both of my tits came into full view. Her nipples were also hard and erect, as were my. Both her pink bra and my black bra now lay on the floor, torn and ripped, as the two topless women began to roll about the floor with their legs locked in combat.

As we rolled about the floor, even her sari and my Punjabi were nearly torn off. She literally tore off my pajamas. I could see Smita had black panties. As we both struggled on the carpet, I raised my right hand and delivered a stinging slap to Smita’s face. Even she scored with a slap to my face. She was trying to fight back, but it was clear that my strength was getting her beat up.

I now asked Smita, “Are you going to stay away from my husband now, bitch?” But she did not answer me. And so I reached down and slipped my hand inside her black panties, grabbing a handful of her black bush. She again let out a moan as I twisted her pussy hair and even inserted my finger inside her cunt. I told her, “Now bitch, I’ll ask you again. Are you going to stay away from my husband?”

“Yes, yes, Memsab… maf kar do memsab,” she yelled. But I gave another tug on her pussy hair before releasing it. Then I stood up quickly and began to remove my panties. She was still on the floor holding her pussy and moaning.

I then reached down and again began to attack her pussy. Both of us were now completely nude. I now pulled her to her feet by her hair and backed her up against the wall.

I then eased herself down onto the face of Smita. That is to say, my pussy was sitting on the face of Smita. She tried to fight back for a few seconds, but then submitted to me and began to lick my pussy.

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