Me And My Neighbor – Desi Sex Stories

My name is Ali and I am 20 years old. I am from Pindi Pakistan. I am doing B.C.S. My father is very old and I am the only child of my parents so I have to look after my whole business.

My story is about me and my neighbor. Her name is sadaf. I know her from about 9 years. She live with her parents. She is about 25 years old. Her body is very well shaped. She is really very beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her big boobs. She is fair in colour. She is my fantasy girl. Most of masturbation session I think about her only.

Once it’s so happened my parents were gone to Karachi and one night I went to my back terrace for smoking. She was taking a bath. I kept peeping from toilet window. As she put soap on her body touched her tits and rubbed her pussy. I was having a great time, but my foot lost a grip and I shouted OUCH! and she recognized my voice. As after taking a bath she came to my house and gave a bell but I don’t went out. after some time she went back to her house.

Next day she call me to her house to set V.C.R with T.V for the recording I went to her house and there was no one in her house. She is wearing a thin clothes and she don’t wear any bra so I see her nipples clearly and it turn me on. She asked me to set V.C.R with I started with my work. she went to another room and after 5 min she call me and I went to her room and knocked at the door she said “door is open” and when I entered the room I was shocked to see that she is fully naked. She asked me to lock the door and lie beside her. I did as she wished. And she said to me “would you lick to fuck me”. I answered “yes”.

I look in to her eyes and kiss her on her lips. she then take my tongue in to her mouth and begins sucking on it .After some time I kiss her on her neck and squeezing her boobs. There is the a glass of juice I pour it on her breast and start sucking her nipple. My cock was getting harder and harder. she start unbutton my jeans and shirt. I put my underwear off she took my cock in her hand and said “TUMHARA IS LUN SA PHODI PHATA GE TO MAZA AYA GA”. She start jacking my cock and asked “if I enjoyed what she is doing. sure I did.

After some time I put her down gently on a table place a wet kiss in her soft area b/w her tits. she start kissing my cock And then she took my cock in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it was felling great. then we started rolling around in bed and then she started whispering in my ear, “FUCK ME FUCK ME.. She got her legs in the air and wild open she again whispered in my ear “get in side me and fuck me I want your whole dick inside me. I got on top of her and with very slow force I pushed my 10 inch cock in her pussy and she got the first dick inside of her. Then I started stroking my cock inside her pussy.. Her hole was hot and after some time she started shouting “AAAHH STOP….STOP IT AIL ITS HURTING .But I don’t care and after some time I start fucking her gently and she start responding to my strokes.

After some time I turn her around and open her ass and I slowly push my cock in her ass. I start fucking her in the faster speed I could. She told me… to stop it slow down but she never stopped responding to my strokes. It was a wonderful experience.

After 7 min she laid on her back and told me to fuck her boobs. I sat on her stomach. She pressed her boobs together I put my cock in it it was very close to her mouth. I did it for 3 min. After it I put my cock in her mouth she suck it for3min and then the biggest cum of my life wave after wave in to her mouth and she drank every drop of my cum.

We again have a sex in bath while we were taking a bath. I fuck her in bath and she shoot half a gallon of cum in her mouth and she swallowed it all. After that we have a sex 2-3 times in a weak.

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