Lovely Shilpy

Hi all you zoneforsex fans. Lovely Shilpy I am Amit from Calcutta and I am a regular reader of zoneforsex Erotic stories. This has given me courage to post one of my own real experience. Well I am 32 yrs old, well built and with a thick and long cock. I had a girlfriend before marriage and she was extremely beautiful. We used to chat on the phone regularly but never met. She used to love me like anything but never expressed her feelings. I was also very naïve at that time and could not understand her. Her name is Shilpy. Then we both got married to different persons and I thought that it was the end of all of it. . But, no there was a surprise in store for me.

It all began like this.

One day in the evening I was in the house and suddenly the phone rang and I could hear somebody laugh on the phone and then disconnect. I thought that it was a crank call, but then again the phone rang and somebody said hello! Her voice was so sweet and I immediately recognized it to be that of Shilpy. I was rather surprised to receive her call but in one way I was also happy because somewhere in my heart I still longed for her. She said that she could not forget me and even though she has got a good and caring husband she still longed for me. First time in life I also told her about my feelings for her and she turned bitter and said that why did you keep quiet for such a long time. I said nothing and then told her to makeup for the lost opportunity. She told me that she and her husband were living alone and her husband has gone abroad for some business purpose. She invited me to her house and told me that she will give the maid the leave for the day. My heart skipped a beat or two as I could not believe my luck. I went to her house and she opened the door. I could not believe my eyes. She had become even more beautiful after marriage and her figure could force anyone to shag in their pants. She was wearing a black sheer see through nightie and I could see her nipples through it. She gave me a smile when see saw me looking at her so intently and held my hands and drew me inside. I sat on the sofa and she went to get a cold drink for me. I could see her beautiful ass swaying inside her nightie. She came and sat near me on the sofa and asked me how I was. Before I could even answer she put her arms around me and gave me a tight hug and said ‘Oh Amit I cannot say how much I missed you and how much I crave for you. ‘ I was rather surprised with her sudden touch and I must tell you that it was the most scintillating touch I had ever felt. I said that I had the same feelings for her but could not gather enough courage to tell her. Let me know describe her to you all. She is about 28 yrs and extremely fair with a 37-24-34 figure. She is not very tall and stands at 5″2 inches.

I took her in my arms and kissed her on her lips. Her tongue greedily explored into my mouth and I could taste her beautiful smell. My hands started moving down and slipped on to her boobs. I cannot narrate the beautiful feeling I had when I touched them. They were the softest thing I had ever laid hands on even though I was touching them through her nightie. I opened the buttons of her nightie and she held her hands up so that it fell on the floor. Now she only in her panties which was very very wet in the front and I could see her mound jutting out through the thin fabric. Her boobs were like two pieces of overripe apples ready to be plucked and her nipples were erect and pink. I saw a bite mark on her left boob and she said that it was what her husband her given her to remember him while he was away. I immediately took her right boob in my mouth and started sucking like a baby. All this while she was moaning and screaming and pressing my mouth harder against her boob. Suddenly I bit her on the right boob and she let out a scream and I could see a red mark appearing on her boob. She understood my intentions and smiled. Her hands reached for my shirt buttons and in a second it was on the floor besides her nightie. Then she reached for my trousers and it was also lying besides her nightie. I was not wearing any underwear and my cock was like a lion coming free. It sprang and immediately lashed against my stomach. She hold it in both her hands and I could see the twinkle in her eyes at the sight of my cock. She gave me the best blowjob I had ever had and she licked like a child licking lollypop. My hands reached for her panties and I inserted my fingers inside from the side of her panties. It was very wet and soft and I could feel the immense heat emerging from her mound. I slipped down her panties and there she was all naked in front of me and what a figure. I fingered her cunt for some time and then laid her on the sofa and laid on top of her. I entered her love triangle and pumped for sometime. Then we reversed position and she came on the top. Her boobs were jiggling and I had a difficult time holding them to keep them in control. We had sex five times that day in various positions and under the shower details of which I will let you know next time. I have lost touch with Shilpy now but I cannot forget what she had given me.

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