Lesbian Story

My name is Shailaja Prabhu and I am 25 years old. Lesbian Story I am working as a private secretary in a pvt. ltd. company. I am a lesbian and my best friend of school days Sowmya is my lesbian partner. She is also working in a institute as a receptionist.

My height is 5ft 7inch and fair colour with a dark nipple on my 36D boobs. I shave my pussy at least once in 2 weeks. We stay in a bungalow and I have got a room for myself which I call it as my den. In bangalore we have bungalows with separate rooms for each one sowmya also has a very big bungalow.

Let me tell you about how me and sowmya became lesbians. Sowmya is 5ft 5 inch and has got a wheatish complexion. but she has got great buttocks and 36D boobs with dark nipples.she has got hair till her waist and that is the sexiest part of her which I get aroused by. We were very good friends and almost like sisters since our childhood days. She stays some 3 blocks away from my house. We used to stay in each others house over nights during weekends and holidays and also during our exam times. During our summer vacation we used to stay every night alternatively in each others house at nights. Sowmya has got an elder brother who is very handsome and well built.

We both had our usual girlish talks of admiring some actor and having crush on him. We used to go to the market daily which was near boys college and used to look at handsome boys and we used to give names to a couple pf boys and return back home and used to talk about those boys and behave as if we were their girlfriends and as if we were to marry them. Those were our innocent days and we never had any imaginations and fantasies about sex. During our vacation after giving our 9th std exam during one such stay in sowmyas house when we were in the midst of our usual girlish fantasies we heard something falling down in rajus (sowmyas brother) room we ignored it. One of Rajus friend Sumit had also come to stay with him and they were in college preparing for their exams.

It was those days when both of noticed that our panty used to be wet when we woke up in the morning. After sometime rajus rooms light turned on and now we became more curious and wanted to see what raju is doing at this time of night so we just peeped into his room through the ventilation separating Sowmya and Rajus room. We were astonished and shocked and embarrassed at the site that we saw inside the room. Both Raju and Sumit were naked. That was the first time when we saw grown up boys naked and that too a personality like Raju and Sumit who was equally wel built. They had a very big and strong rod like thing between their legs which we now know is a dick or what you call as penis. they had bushy hair in that area. Both were busy kissing each other like they do in movies and after some time they slept in a position which made raju facing sumits dick area and sumit facing rajus dick area.

This we came to know as 69 position most suitable position for both the partners having sex to suck each others private area. Now both raju and sumit were having each others rod in their mouth and were moving it in and out and making strange noise. Looking at this suddenly I could feel something tingle inside me and my blood running fast inside my veins. My heart started pounding hard and my nipples were becoming erect and as if they will tear my tight t-shirt that I was wearing and will pop out. I could not bear the pain in my boobs and also the itch in my pussy area. I could feel sowmya also going through the same experience. we continued seeing raju and sumit taking each others rod in their mouth after some time both started moving fast and the pace increased rapidly and then after a noise we could see some liquid in both of their mouth and the liquid was falling out also. They got up and started kissing again but this time they were licking that liquid. We could no longer hold on to the scene and we came down on to the bed.

I asked sowmya after a long silence as to what was this that both raju and sumit were doing. To this sowmya said that I used to hear strange noises from rajus room whenever sumit came to stay but never bothered to see as to why that noise was coming. As far as what they were doing sowmya said that she had seen once her cousin Radhika and her husband doing the same thing that these guys were doing. After some discussion we came to a conclusion that this is what people call as having sex but then we were confused as to which is true radhika and her husband or Raju and sumit. Anyway that night we slept with these thoughts and the pains that was still there in our private areas. Morning when we got up we usually have bath together we noticed that both our panties were wet and had a very different fragrance coming out of it. The smell was mind boggling and we felt like smelling our panty more and more. That week we happened to see a magazine in which they had shown girls and boys in the same posture as was radhika and her husband and also like what raju and sumit were doing. This mag gave us the details as to what these positions are and what the characters are doing. It was here we saw for the first time 2 girls doing the same that Raju and sumit were doing. We came to know that 2 guys having sex are called homos and 2 girls having sex are called lesbians. That weekend sumit was to come to stay at sowmyas house so sowmya called me to stay overnight. This time both of us were waiting for the night to fall as we knew we will be in for some fun tonight also. We switched off our rooms light to give an impression that we are sleeping but we clamed the table and were standing near the ventilation. We could see a side table lamp on and both the guys were removing their cloths. Just the view of their dicks (by now we knew all the terms thanks to the mag) made our nipples erect and pussy twitch. Both the boys started smooching first and then they started licking each others body after some time they once again slept in 69 position and started sucking each others dick in an out very fast. This time they took more time than last time to eject their juice and finally they licked the juice from each others mouth and sat for some time. We thought the show is over but no we could see them now holding their dick in their hands and shaking it vigorously that means they were masturbating. immediately their dick which had limped suddenly sprang and became hard rod once again.

Now raju made sumit lie on his knees and hand like a dog and he removed some cream and applied it to the hole from where we shit. Sumit in the mean time had put a cloth in his mouth. We were unable to understand as to what is this and then we saw raju trying to insert his finger inside the ass hole adn make the hole wide and suddenly he held his dick and inserted it inside the hole. sumit was wriggling in pain so was raju. looking at this both me and sowmya became mad and suddenly we could feel our hand squeezing our boobs and another hand inside our panty touching our hot pussy. Raju was ramming his dick in and out and sumit was going mad and after some time raju pour his juice on sumits stomach and licked it. Now sumit did the same to raju. By now we were busy squeezing our boobs and rubbing our pussy. We had seen the pictures of lesbians in the mag and believe me both wanted each other badly but did not have the guts. Finally we were on the bed and silent and busy playing with our own boobs and pussy. I turned and looked at sowmya who had closed her eyes and was moving her hands very fast and was turning on the bed inside her chaddar. That sitre made me mad and I removed my chaddar and my tshirt. we never wore anything inside the tshirt during nights so me with my boobs exposed hugged sowmya and started kissing her without the fear of what will happen. My god she was so hot and I was surprised to see her respond in equal desperation kissing me and rolling her tongue inside my mouth we exchanged our saliva and smooched for may five minutes. Then when we released each other we felt ashamed but when sowmya saw my boobs she also removed her tshirt and now we both a very old school friends were naked in front of each other. We started squeezing each others boobs and sucking the boobs and biting nipples and going mad. We were getting heavenly experience on biting the nipples.

After that we removed our skirt and then the panty and were fully naked. I told sowmya to be careful and not make any noise as this might attract raju and sumit as we were attracted by their noise. then we explored each others pussy by our tongue and then we got onto 69 position and started licking each others pussy and also fingering our ass holes at the same time. After some time I could feel a very strange feeling and as if something is moving very fast towards my pussy area and I told sowmya so , she said that even she is getting that feeling. I said forget it and continued to ram each others pussy with our tongue and finally I could feel my liquid flowing into sowmyas mouth and her liquid flowing into my mouth. At first it tasted very bad but we remembered seeing raju and sumit enjoy this juice so we continued to take the juice in and believe it started tasting great. We were feeling tired and laid down like that for an hour or so. Then I got up and hugged sowmya and told her that darling from today we have become lesbians and we are in love with each other. Sowmya told me that since the day she saw the magazine she wanted to make love to me and that is the reason why she called me tonight when sumit was to come so that she could make love to me after seeing her brother having sex with his friend.

From that day we had sex daily till our schools started adn on weekends when school started. During school also if we get the urge we go to the ladies bathroom and if there is no one around enter the bathroom and finger each other and kiss and relive the urge. After that day we have come home almost daily with our panty wet with our juice. We have been lesbians for almost 7 years now and have promised to keep relation even after our marriage and whenever find time or excuse meet each other and have sex. As of now both are single and enjoying the relationship. We want to have sex with sumit both of us at the same time. Any lesbians want to have relation with me mail me on shaily_pr@yahoo.co.in or can email sowmya on

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