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Hi fellow readers. I recently came across this site, and I must say that it has quite a number of good stories and real life experiences. Karate Girl Since this grows in popularity mainly because people contribute, I would like to continue to trend and share an experience that happened not so long ago.

My name is Sidharth and I live in Mumbai. For those interested, I am 21, 5’7 with an athletic build. I am of above average looks though I am not a movie star material. My favorite activity is practicing Karate at my Karate school, and have had a black belt for many years. This story begins when a girl named Sejal came to the school and joined for lessons. She was very good looking girl about 5’4, with a good figure and flexibility. She did not have any experience but had a strong desire to learn.

Sejal came for her lessons regularly, and we became friends over time. Since I was a black belt, I often teach classes when my master is busy or otherwise occupied. I usually had 20-30 ppl so I would have to distribute my time between all of them to make sure everyone was learning. I also made it a point to help anyone who needed my attention. Sejal was self sufficient and I learned that she was determined to learn Karate, so along with my friendship she also gained my respect. As she was progressing through the ranks, she would occasionally ask for help, and while teaching her the varying moves and techniques associated with karate, we would sometimes get very close as in our bodies would touch, and we would get in awkward physical positions. Although I have always dealt with such situation very professionally and comfortably till then, I would always have to work ward to maintain my concentration when working out and practicing
with Sejal.

this went on for a while and I continued to work hard to maintain my position as her senior because she had become a good friend. As testing time for her black belt was nearing, I noticed that Sejal was working harder than usual and one day asked me if I would be willing to help her outside of the school. I agreed and she told me that we would practice at her home. That weekend I went to her place, and after meeting her parents, we went to her room, moved a furniture a little to make place we got started. After 30 minutes of warm-ups and simple stretching, we started the self defense section. I would play her attacker and she would defend herself. At time I would have to grab her hard, and other times she would have to tackle me to the ground and pin me on the floor. After an hour of this we were really sweating so both of us took off the shirts of our uniform and continued in out T-shirts. Sejal then left the room, to change her pants and came back in her figure hugging slacks. for the first time, I noticed what Sejal had the figure of a model. It also happened when she came back she said that her parents were going to a party and we would be alone. Since her parents knew me, they did not mind us being alone.

WE continued out training, and while working on the fighting skills I would get a feel for her breasts. At times her T-shirt would lift a little and I could see her flat stomach. She was really arousing me by now and I could no longer control myself. I lost my concentration and she threw my flat on the ground, got on top of me and had me pinned. I told her that if she stayed on on me any longer than I would probably end up doing something that could hurt our friendship. to my surprise, she said anything I do she would totally welcome. so I reached up, held her face, and brought her lips to mine and we shared our first kiss. Her lips so the softest things I had ever felt, and as I broke our kiss, she kissed back with vigor I had never seen in her before.

WE embraced and kissed for a long time. I kissed her face, neck, shoulders, and slipped my hand under her T-shirt to feel her breasts. I asked if it was ok, and she simply nodded and moaned to my touch, Encouraged, I took off her T-shirt and killed her bare shoulder and all the way down to her cleavage. Her breathing was getting heavier and I was getting bolder. I took her nipple into my mouth over the bra. I blow on the wet nipple and she hugged me hard in return. She then whispered to don’t stop. I reach back and after some fumbling, undid her hooks and took off her bra. I will admit that I have seen nude photos before, but these breasts were simple the best I had ever seen. They were 34 and very full. The nipples were hard and were about half an inch long. they were light brown in color, and very full. Sejal was sweating and beads on sweat were forming on her chest and trickling down her breasts. I lifted her up and laid her on her bed. I told her that she was the most beautiful girl I had every been such good friends with and I meant it. She hugged me again, and I kissed her neck, shoulders, and down to her nipples. I took her nipples in my mouth and started to suck. I sucked slowly at first, and massaged her other breasts. Sejal started to rub her fingers through my hair and I started to suck even harder. I flicked my tongue on her nipple then took as much breasts as I could into my mouth and pulled my head back as I continued to suck. The friction of the breast in my mouth drove her crazy. I nibbled gently on her nipples and she almost screamed the first time.

Before I could go to the other breast, she made me take of my T-shirts so she could hug my bare skin. I suck her other breasts with full vigor and my fingers started to roam to her flat stomach and then between her legs. At first she kept her legs closed, but as I continued to suck on her nipple she opened her legs and I could feel that her slacks had become very wet at that time. I looked into her eyes for permission, and again she just nodded. Got between her legs, and started to take off her slacks. He lifted her butt to help me and soon she was laying naked on the bed, wearing on her white cotton panties which were very wet. I could not hold back any longer and started to kiss her pussy over her panties and rub it with my fingers. She seemed to shiver at my ever touch and for the first time I heard her use foul language when she said “Please take off my panties and lick me!” I was in shock for a second but with renewed arousal I almost ripped her panties apart and start to lick her pussy. She had a fair amount of pussy hair, not too much. Just enough for her juices to spread all over her pussy.

I started to lick up and down first with the tip of my tongue and then with all of it. Sejal wrapped her legs around me and pulled my head even closer. I spread her pussy open with my fingers and licked her for atleast 10 –15 minutes till she begged me to stop as she had become to sensitive and had already cum. She told me that it was my turn and took my pants and underwear down. She was amazed at my dick. It’s not very big, (6 inches) but she said that she had never seen a real one before. I just laid down and she started to play with it using her finger. I asked her is she would use her mouth and she totally obliged. She started to take all of it in her mouth but as I got harder, and she could only take half in. She started lick my balls and dick and I was getting very close to cumming. She started to suck and use her hand at the same time, and when I told her I was cumming, she said that was wanted to taste it. Sejal took my whole dick in her mouth and sucked and used her tongue at the same time. I couldn’t hold any longer and came in her mouth. It must been too much for her as some of it leaked from her mouth. I couldn’t believe that she swallowed most of it. She climbed on top and me and we hugged and kissed.

Sejal told me that she loved every second of our practice, and that she was looking forward to our next time when we continue our lesson. She said that she was willing to learn everything I wanted to teach her. I told her that for future lessons we will require to take care and use protections if she was interested. She kissed me for being so concerned for her, and said that she would trust me to bring the required protection next time we have our practice lessons.

Sejal and I did continue out practices and I did provide the protection required for us to go to the next level. That however is another story. for now, I’ll say that Sejal got her black belt, and unfortuntely moved away. She now stays abroad and is well settled. I am still practice my Karate and enjoy every moment of it for more reasons than one.

Please feel free to email me at yesitsmesm@hotmail.com if you want to comment or correspond. I would especially welcome comments from the female readers and I would love to hear their opinion of my experience.

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