Kamme My Dream Sex Story

Hi all. I am a fan of zoneforsex and really love to read all the articles and just wait for the new articles to come Kamme My Dream Sex Story. I wish to share my first experience to you so that I feel myself that I contributed too.

This happened to me when I was 18 and in my +2. We used to live in a town with my younger sister and parents, though we have our full family back in my village. My younger sister was 16 and in that apartment one Punjabi family uses to live. We had a very good relationship with this family, they have several kids, one of them is Karamjit (nick Kamme) who was a classmate of my sister and they were very good friends. Kamme uses to come to our family very freely, and I have not discovered he growing like an angel, because I see her from her birth. She was really growing like a gorgeous girl, although her boobs were not full grown at that time, but her skin and overall features had started attracted me since the day I saw her boobs when she was sitting on the floor wearing a low-neck skirt. Also, she had a really sexy juicy lips and I used to masturbate just fantasizing French kissing her!!!! Another thing special in her was her body smell, this was so tempting that I always used to cross her just to have a smell. I was really really hungry and thirty to screw her, but I was not sure how this will happen.

After all, I was lucky, my elder sister who was 24 was going to be married, and Kamme with her family were invited to our village. Due to some problem kamme’s parents could not turn up but Kamme came with her younger brother with us. In the bus kamme was sitting besides me and I could smell her as well as feel the smoothness of her arms pressing against me. I deliberately used to rub my forearm in her chest and feel the spongy area of her chest, she had a pairs of real round and hard boobs. She knew my intentions and probably loving this, but I could not progress more in this.

In the night, when we reached home, I had to engage in the work. The sweet makers had came to prepare the sweets and my dad gave me the job to be awake till the persons making sweet finishes their work, because they might need something. Kamme was there with me for quite late, as my sister was, but they went to sleep at around 2 O’clock in the night. However, I had to stay awake till 3.30 when they finished with everything and went to sleep. It was cold night and I was really feeling tired and sleepy, and went to the room I used to sleep, which was dark, lock it from inside and just find my place and covered myself with the blanket in the bed. Usually my grand mother used to sleep in the bed, and since someone else was sleeping, though far from me, I did not care, because I was feeling sleepy.

Suddenly I could feel the smell of kamme, I felt excited and thought may be she has kept her dresses. I did not turn on the light, but went closer to the person slept close to me and the smell get intense and intense. I was sooooooo excited that for the moment I did not know what to do. But after that I turned the lights on, just to make sure that she is Kamme and no one else is in that room. It was 3.30 and everyone was slept deeply. Kamme was sleeping with her dark hairs open and spread on the pillow, wearing salwar and kameez. She was really deep sleep and I did not know what to do. This was my first experience to get a girl (and my dream girl) sleeping close to me and we are alone, with 2-3 hours of night with us. I did not wish to loose any time and just went close to kamme and kept my right hand in her belly and slept usually.

I did not get any response from her, then I moved my hands above, to her chest to find her small boobs. I rub the boobs from above her dress first slowly and I do not know when I started rubbing hard and massaging them, I still did not get any response. I was getting excited and also getting courage, I then kiss her cheek and then her eyes and forehead. I smell her armpit and that gave me real excitation…..I love her smell. Then I moved to her top and then started kissing her lips…..oh..such a juicy lips she had!!!!!!! I remember, I kissed more than 15 minutes without getting any response from her except she ease herself, but she was totally under my control. Just to make sure, she responds my act I put my ears in her heart (to listen her heart beats) and it was sounding like beating drums and very fast, so I was sure that she is awake and enjoying!!!!

I started the real game without making no further waste of time. Knowing that she is on my full control now, fear has gone from me, only I think of getting the fullest pleasure to both of us. I know she will not co-operate knowingly as she is a very shy girl, and I had to take the lead, which I like to also. I unzipped the zip in her back from the kameez and removed it from the upside. Her hands and body were free for my use, there was sign of any protest. I found only a undergarment and I quickly moved it out. There was no bra inside. Although I could not see, but her naked body was just like a marble, so soft and slippery… I just kissed the whole naked body and started pressing the boobs…..it went on..with my hands working, my tongue was busy is licking her tits.

They were very small and it is hard to get in the teeth to bite. Kame was moaning….ahh…..slowly……but very lightly and in a very sexy voice. Now I wanted to explore her real womanhood and started opening the knot of the salwar. She did not resist, and I could get the salwar out from her body, now she had the panty and when I tried to open it, she resisted and opened her mouth for the first time………no ashis bhaiya….I am a virgin…please…it hurts….and may be you will make me pregnant…. It was my turn as a biology student to get her confident….kamme, I know your whole body physiology and do not worry…just believe me…I would not wish to call the trouble….just tell me the last date of your menstruation cycle. I jumped with joy after I calculate, making sex on that day was under the period of most safe…..

So I convinced her….she used to believe me blindly…. Now that we talked the excitement was a bit gone and I told her not to talk again….and just give yourself to me…..which she did like a obedient school girl….my lovely girl indeed… I started to undress myself….I was full naked and ask kamme to get a feeling of my manhood (cock). She was really hurt to feel the length and breadth…it was 7 inch and a bit thick too…..she was nervous again…but I did not make her feel anything other than enjoyment…I now removed her panty…..and made her legs wider open…..the smell of her inner things are really great….so eathy and so intense…it was different from her body smell…but really really full of excitation…I get my cock jump in air……and now I touched her vagina from the upside…it was hot and was wet…I did not know at that time that girls used to be so wet…..the juice was flowing and I thought to drank them….Kamme resisted…she did not want that I place my mouth there..because she feels it was dirty….but I was in my full flow……..

I started licking….the whole area and the small busy pubic hairs too…then I started licing the labia major….and then the labia monor……Kamme was in the height of ectasy…moaning…and pressing my head deep in her vagina….I was busy in licking and pressing her boobs hard…She got 5 subsequent orgasms during that time (which she told me later). But I did not know all these, I was just loving to lick and press harder and harder in each move. Her clitoris was really really small, and during my process of licking…I had a hrd time to find it, but whenever I tease it with my tongue, Kamme used to jump….and make more loud moans…. My cock was unable to wait anymore, and kamme was really getting wild ( I know now from my experience with sex that women want to get a very hard treatment in the bed) with moaning…aaaaaaaaasssss shhh hhhhhh hiiiiiiii iisssssssssss bahiya………come on……………I want you……………..do not be late..

Fuck me hard……………..come inside me……..I am yours…………………. I got excited in all the sexy voices and now I decided to act. I put her legs in my two shoulders (I knew from some magazines that this eases the process of penetration to a virgin), and placed my head in her virgin cunt. I know that is is going to be really difficult…but this was my aim…my dreamgirl….in my arm…and I am going to get my girl fully……I was excited and get her two legs apart as possible it can and slowing insert my cock..aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..it was really painful for me to…Kamme moaned….aaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhnoooooooo noooooooooo no……..but I did not want to get out, I press slowily, slowly and slowly……but cock was deeply and tightly very tightly grapped by the vaginal sphincter muscles of kamme. For the first time I feel the deep feeling of uniting with a woman…..She was so tight…..so tight…..I cannot imagine….

I got my full cok in now and then started moving out, but Kamme did not want to take it out….she asked me to sleep over her…at this position……oh god…such a romantic moment…I could not feel anywhere…..I obeyed my dream girl…..and sleep over her in inserting my cock in her lovely small cunt, and I could feel the spasm of her muscles enchroaching my cocks tightly……telling NOT to come out…..I was in my best moments of life…I kissed..kissed…kissed..alover her body, her sexy lip…armpit….I bite her whole body….(next day she showed the bittings..they were red!!!)..Then I just moved my cock up and down..up and down…and up and down……ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh cried kamme…I saw tears coming out of her eyes…it was hurting….I licked all the tears continuing my movement…..my hands, my tongue..my teeth were all engaged as my cock…..I did it for another 5 minutes to get kamme easy of this…and suddenly feel that the spasm movement of her vaginal muscles increased…..I knew…she is cumming…..and then I increased the speed, matching to her rhythm of spasm….we exploded…..at the same time….her soft cosy hands embraced my body…so tightly…….and I too….she bite my ear….in ectasy…and we slept like this for again 15-20 minutes before we hear that someone is already awake in our house. I immediately wear my cloths and came out of the room, as if I was awake for the whole night ‘working’. I asked kamme to lock from inside and get al the bedsheets and cloths arranged. The bedsheets had to be thrown (I threw) because there were several patches of blood and smears…..

We never had any chance to have sex again. After my +2, I had to leave for another city for my graduation, and I was infrequently in touch with her. At some point I thought of marrying her, but Kamme told me that her parents cannot wait till I settle. She got married at the age of 22, I also got married…but I am not at all happy with my wife…so, any girl, or wife, unsatidfied, wish to get some good moment in their life, may contact me. Full secrecy is important for me and for you too. Please mail me to: rohan_saxena12@hotmail.com

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